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Waterproof pouches for Smart Phones / Tablets

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Waterproof Smart phone and tablet dry bags - Mirage waterproof pouches range

Looking for the best waterproof phone pouch or waterproof ipad case? See what we have for sale below.

We truly are connected everywhere we go. Even the remotest places, now, in the digital age, have a network somewhere that we can access. With the global coverage as it is I the modern era, our mobile phone and/or tablet never leaves our side. Even without access to a network, our insatiable desire to capture life’s moments on our devices, ensure we never go anywhere without them.

With necessity the mother of invention, it became apparent that we need to protect these gadgets from the damaging elements we now thrust on our electronica. Waterproof Smart phone and tablet dry bags are increasingly visible, strapped to arms and draped around necks, as we enjoy our most favourite play grounds.

Take a swim at your local beach, a resort pool, a mountain river or the back yard pool. There is a strong likelihood you will see somebody wearing a waterproof cell phone pouch. The phone dry bag is not just mere splash protection. It is an underwater phone case. Your phone can swim with you and remain perfectly functional for recording movies and taking photos.  They maintains full touch screen functions and the crystal clear rear panel allows for taking photos or videos.

Imagine taking video of your snorkelling or shallow dive adventure. Recording family moments in the pool, from under the water. You can do it with your phone, safely contained in an underwater phone case. Your own underwater video and photography without the need to spend thousands on underwater video equipment. For what equates to pocket change, you can take photos and video while under water.

While the underwater gig is the obvious, exciting application, there are very practical reasons for owning a phone dry bag. A waterproof cell phone pouch will also protect from dust, sand and mud. This is perfect for fun on the beach, carrying your phone in heavy rain and doing things like setting up camp in the rain, changing a tire in the rain or digging your 4WD out of a bog as it buckets down. They’re ideal for kayaking, kayak fishing and canoeing down the rapids.

The Mirage waterproof pouches for sale now are not just about phones. There are sizes dedicated to you tablet as well. A Waterproof iPad air case or the Tablet dry bag achieves all that mentioned above for the phone dry bag, it is just bigger to handle a larger device. Many people love the screen size of a tablet and therefore will carry them everywhere, as we do with or cell phones. A tablet waterproof case provides foolproof protection from the elements.

Check the specs for each listed below. You can say for certain, this is a piece of kit you absolutely have to own, practical, affordable protection for your expensive digital equipment. Go anywhere and keep your electronics with you, fully functional, safe from the elements, while you record your experiences, having the time of your life.

Features and Specifications


  • Black
  • 10 metre waterproof
  • IPX8 rated
  • Size: 180mm x 105mm
  • Suits phone size up to 5" to 5.8"


  • Black
  • Size: 280mm x 210mm
  • Suits IPad 9.7" to 10.2"
  • iPad (large) - 2 metre waterproof


  • Black
  • Size: 260mm x 170mm
  • Suits Kindle/iPad 7" to 8"
  • Kindle/iPad (small) - 2 metre waterproof

Note: Images for illustration only, they do not include the electronic devices featured. Prices vary depending on which model bag you choose to purchase


  • Perfect for active people that wish to take their phones, tablets and cameras with them everywhere they go, including under the water.
  • The perfect accessory for the avid snorkeler or swimmer.
  • Ideal for storing and carrying any water sensitive electronics of a similar size, such a Kindle or your car keys.
  • Brilliant for travellers looking for an ideal place to carry a passport. Your critically important passport is kept safe from the elements however adventurous, wet and muddy your trek
  • All of your amazing moments of water filled fun can be recorded on your phone, protected and secure in your phone dry bag.
  • Lanyards (on model Mirage A001BLK) provide excellent options for securing the dry bag to your body.

The Mirage waterproof pouches are more or less essential kit for outdoors people that use their phones and tablets to record the moment. Keep wired, stay connected, keep shooting, and protect your kit with the Mirage waterproof pouches for sale now.


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