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Dog Life Jackets Water Woofer

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$25.00 - $35.00
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Dog Life Jackets Water Woofer DFDs PFD For Dogs

We take it for granted that dogs can swim, and generally swim well. Like any other person or animal however, unforeseen circumstances can lead to an avoidable tragedy. Dogs are full of reckless abandon and bravado. They won’t pause to consider current, wave height and undertow. They will leap from the boat gunwale without considering there is no way to get back into the boat. Rapids, rips and churning water seem to make the adventure so much more compelling for many a dog.

The Water Woofer DFDs Dog Life Jackets for sale now are the best dog life jackets which provide safety for your dog whilst out on or around the water. So often a dog’s adventure will turn to miss-adventure, and a with a Water Woofer DFDs Dog Life Jacket, there is a significantly better chance, that miss-adventure doesn’t not turn in to tragedy.

Dog life jackets and pet life jackets are not exactly new. They have been around for quite a while, which has allowed for a significant level of innovation and refinement, particularly in overall safety, comfort and convenience. A doggie life vest makes sense. Your dog is a member of your family, and any time you are out playing on the water, be it on a boat, jet ski, canoe or kayak, you ensure your family are protected with a PFD. Now you can protect your dog with the best life jacket for dogs.

Highly durable, comfortable and adjustable, a Water Woofer DFDs Dog Life Jacket is a great solution for the water safety of your dog. There is also a brilliant top mounted handle so you can lift your dog from the water, or simply hold on to them when required.

The Water Woofer DFDs Dog Life Jackets are also a brilliant swimming aid for your dog. If your dog is hindered in their ability to swim, a little long in the tooth an past their swimming prime, the Water Woofer DFDs Dog Life Jackets will allow your dog to continue enjoying a swim in total safety, and with ease.

Now you can take your dog paddle boarding with you and know that if your favourite pooch ends up in the drink, that their safety is covered with a doggie life vest.

Features and Specifications

  • Comfortable fit for Dogs
  • Lightweight construction yet strong and robust
  • Convenient top mounted handle
  • Adjustable clips and Velcro
  • Available in 2 fashionable colours Lilac or Blue (choose the colour you desire when ordering)
  • Extra Small - Chest Size 35-50cm (1-4kg) Body Length 20-25cm
  • Small - Chest Size 45-65cm (3-6kg) Body Length 25-30cm
  • Medium - Chest Size 50-75cm (5-12kg) Body Length 30-35cm
  • Large - Chest Size 60-90cm (10-20kg) Body Length 35-40cm
  • Extra Large - Chest Size 75-115cm (20-30kg) Body Length 45-55cm

Note: Price is for 1 DFD only and price will vary depending on which size option you choose.


  • The comfortable fit ensures your dog will be more than happy to prance around in the life jacket without biting and chewing at it.
  • The lightweight construction allows for extended periods of use without the dog becoming uncomfortable or distressed, and always remaining water safe.
  • The top mounted handle provides an added level of control when your dog starts to get over-excited by the prospect of a swim. It also allows you to pull the dog easily and safely from the water.
  • The adjustable Velcro and plastic clips provide a secure fit but also allows you to refine the fit to suit the unique size and shape of your dog.
  • Ideal for aged and infirm dogs that might require assistance to enjoy playing in the water as they always had.

Water Woofer DFDs Dog Life Jackets are will ensure your dog remains safe and afloat in any water based playground.  From the rivers to the sea to the back-yard pool, your pooch will stay swimming with its head above water, protected from the inevitable miss-adventure. Fit all or your dog’s now, with Water Woofer DFDs Dog Life Jacket.


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