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Watersnake Electric Motor SXW 54/36

How many times have you been out on the lake enjoying the warm sunshine, sitting in your boat, casually casting your line into the water, and not catching a thing? You look across the water and there just a few metres away is someone slowly trolling and casting amongst the snags whilst in stealth mode. You watch as they pull in one fish after another and can’t quite believe your eyes. What could be the trick? That’s when you see it, the Watersnake Electric Motor SXW 54/36.

With the Watersnake Electric Motor SXW 54/36 you’ll be able to glide through the water tempting all the nearby fish out of the snags. The Watersnake’s 12-volt motor packs an impressive punch offering up to 54 pounds of thrust and 7 variable speed controls.

One of the features that makes this motor so great is its universal usage. The Watersnake Electric Motor SXW 54/36 is also suitable for saltwater which means that one day you can putter around a freshwater lake and the very next take it into saltwater. To create a heavy duty system that is suitable for saltwater the motor features electric circuits and connections that are completely sealed, a composite main shaft as well as a stainless steel propeller shaft. Regardless of where you’re fishing you’ll be able to feel secure in your choice of motor.

Features and Specifications

  • Up to 54lbs of thrust
  • 12-volt motor
  • 7 variable speed controls (Forward – Reverse)
  • Alloy transom mount
  • Adjustable and ergonomic tiller handle
  • Tri-blade weedless propeller
  • Voltage meter
  • Usable in salt and fresh water
  • Enclosed electrical circuits and connectors
  • 36 inch shaft
  • Stainless steel propeller shaft construction
  • Tiller steer
  • Amp Draw approx 13-54 / 12volt.


  • The incredible 54 pounds of thrust can propel your boat (great for boats up to 18ft).
  • With 7 speed controls in combination of forward and backwards directions enable you to move through the water at just the right speed.
  • The adjustable tiller handles allows you to maneuver the handle into the most comfortable position. No more awkward twisting and turning to use the motor.
  • The 3 blade weedless propeller means you can cut through weeds without a problem. Imagine no longer having to cut around problem areas.
  • Capable of fresh and saltwater use. This is a big deal. Now you’ll be able to move effortlessly from one to the other and feel secure in the fact that your Watersnake Electric Motor is built to withstand even the harshest saltwater.
  • The enclosed electrical circuits and connectors make this a sturdy motor that can withstand the complications of saltwater.
  • Equipped with a lengthy 36 inch shaft to ensure plenty of clearance and optimal maneuverability.
  • The alloy transom mount bracket allows the motor to be attached easily and securely to the transom of your boat (rear of boat).

No matter where you’re headed for your next fishing trip be sure to take your Watersnake Electric Motor SXW 54/36. It just isn’t worth spending another day in a single location when you could be trolling the water like a pro.


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