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Salmon Lures For Sale – Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we have a large range of lures for sale to chase the popular saltwater sports fish being the Australian Salmon.
Salmon fishing is appealing when you often find yourself angling in low-light. These instances could be at morning or night, or even just on overcast days. Stay prepared by ensuring you have the best lures for salmon before you go on your next trip. To make your search quicker, we have gathered the ultimate range of salmon fishing lures for your consideration.

  • Halco Laser Pro Lures

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco Laser Pro Lures

    Halco Laser Pro Lures (We sell 190 160 or 120 Size) The Halco Laser pro fishing lure is one of the most recognised bluewater trolling lures for sale worldwide bar none. We’re not kidding when we say that laser pro is one of our best selling lure...

    RRP $17.57 - $19.78
    $10.77 - $19.78
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  • Halco Twisty Fishing Lures

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco Twisty Fishing Lures

    Halco Twisty Fishing Lures Chrome Or Gold The Halco Twisty Fishing Lure is one of the all-time Australian favourites when it comes to metal Spinning lures, standing the test of time and challenges of tough Australian fish for decades. The Halco Twisty...

    $8.06 - $22.48
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  • Chasebaits Ultimate Squid Lure Smash Squid


    Chasebaits Ultimate Squid Lure

    Chasebaits Ultimate Squid lure (formally known as Smash Squid) The boffins at designers at Chasebaits were determined to develop the perfect squid profile lure. After 18 months of sweat and labour in the design phase, the final Chasebaits Ultimate Squid...

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  • Halco Roosta Popper Lures

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco Roosta Popper Lures Saltwater Large

    Halco Roosta Popper Lures For Sale 195 Haymaker GT Popper, 160, 135 or 105 saltwater One of our best selling saltwater surface lures here at the Fishing Tackle Shop is the Halco Roosta Popper saltwater range of fishing lures. Why? The prices are amazing,...

    $15.27 - $26.99
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  • Zerek Fish Trap Lure


    Zerek Fish Trap Lures

    Zerek Fish Trap Lures Curl Tail Vibe Fishing Lure If you were given the option of having only one lure type in your kit, the Zerek Fish Trap Lures for sale now would have to be in the final selection cut. They’re the epitome of versatility, with an...

    $17.08 - $19.78
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  • Gillies Baitfish Metal Lures


    Gillies Baitfish Metal Spinning Lures

    Gillies Baitfish Metal Spinning Lures – Saltwater The Gillies Saltwater Baitfish spinning lures are a gnarly metal baitfish profile that screams hook-up! Gillies Baitfish metal spinning lures are uniquely designed to resemble a fleeing baitfish,...

    $4.46 - $8.97
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  • Rapala Long Cast Minnow Lure SXRL Diver X Rap


    Rapala Long Cast Minnow Lure SXRL

    Rapala Long Cast Minnow Lure SXRL Saltwater X Rap Rapala has created a versatile diving lure geared specifically at casting. The new Long Cast Minnow SXRL Saltwater X Rap makes it possible to fish from the rocky shorelines. Tie on this new lure and find...

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  • Storm So-Run Minnow Lure - Heavy Long Cast


    Storm So-Run Heavy Minnow Long Cast Lure

    Storm so Run heavy Long Cast Minnow Lures 42 gram – Ideal for rock fishing and casting longer distances When you are looking for the perfect long casting minnow fishing lure, anglers are confronted with a mind boggling selection. The first thing to...

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  • Surecatch Knight Lures


    Surecatch Knight Lures

    Surecatch Knight Lures For Sale Surecatch Knight fishing lures are a fashionable take on a classic metal spinning lure design which you may be familiar with (but we can't mention due to brand name protection). Surecatch took concepts from this classic...

    $8.56 - $13.47
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  • Squidgy Fish Squidgies Soft Plastic Fishing Lures


    Squidgy Fish Lures Soft Plastics

    Squidgy Fish Lures Soft Plastics For Sale Soft plastics have been around for many decades now; however, it was the famed Squidgy fish in the beginning that put the Squidgies lure brand on the map. The Squidgy Fish fishing lure combines the best of shad,...

    $5.36 - $8.06
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  • Halco Streaker Fishing Lure

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco Streaker Fishing Lure

    Halco Streaker Fishing Lure For Sale If there’s an Australian favourite when it comes to metal spinning lures one at the top of the charts has to be the Halco Streaker lure. Suitable for a wide range of fishing scenarios from the surf and rock...

    $6.98 - $14.28
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  • TT Hardcore Metal Spinner

    TT Lures

    TT Hardcore Metal Spinner

    TT Hardcore Lure Metal spinner – Ideal for saltwater rock, surf and boat fishing Putting new life into old-school, the TT Hardcore Lure Metal Spinner fishing lures are back by popular demand and the classic species we know and love are smashing...

    $6.26 - $7.16
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  • Keitech Easy Shiner Lures


    Keitech Easy Shiner Lures

    Keitech Easy Shiner Lures The Keitech Lures Easy Shiner is a tournament proven, premium soft plastic fishing lure, with a versatility that allows it to be successful pretty well anywhere. With a vast range of colours and sizes, the Keitech Easy Shiner...

    $13.47 - $16.17
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  • Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure

    Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure Weighted Stickbait Lure junkies wrap your listening gear round this. Halco has a new weighted stick bait lure on the market and you don’t have to be a fish to see that these guys look absolutely delicious. Apart from a...

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  • Squidgy Slick Rig Lures


    Squidgy Slick Rig Lures

    Squidgy Slick Rig Lures The Squidgies brand is unstoppable. It’s a brand that represents the pinnacle of soft plastic success and continues to dominate the market. It’s not just smart advertising or shelf position. It’s not just because...

    $10.77 - $13.47
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  • Pro Lure

    Pro Lure Australia

    Pro Lure Ultra Gar Lure

    Pro Lure Ultra Gar Lure For Sale - Garfish CLEARANCE SALE After seeing the very first prototype of the Pro Lure Ultra Gar several years ago, we almost started to think that it would never amount to anything more than a pipe dream. The concept of a lure...

    RRP $26.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Silstar Slapstix Lures


    Silstar Slapstix Lures

    Silstar Slapstix Lures – Soft Plastic Stickbait The Silstar Slapstix soft plastic fishing lures are an exciting soft plastic designed to use on both bottom-dwelling reef species and fast-moving surface pelagics. They’re an ideal lure for...

    $11.26 - $14.87
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  • Berkley Shimma Shad Lure


    Berkley Shimma Shad Lure

    Berkley Shimma Shad Lure (Paddle or Fork Vibe) Every lure angler knows full well that there are times when only a soft vibe lure will do. Vibe fishing is unbelievably exciting and there isn't a fish class that won't attack them violently both inshore and...

    $13.47 - $15.27
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  • Z Man Jerk Shadz Lures 5 Inch


    Z Man Jerk Shadz 5 inch Soft Lures

    Zman Jerk Shadz 5 inch (Jerk Shad Packet of Lures) So you want to hit the surf side gutter and hunt for Tailor and Salmon. The traditionalist is getting prepped by ganging some 4/0 hooks into 3 and 4 gangs and defrosting the Pilchards. It’s a...

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  • Zerek Cavalla Lures


    Zerek Cavalla Lures Long Cast Minnow

    Zerek Cavalla Lures – Long cast fishing lures – great for rock fishing, beach fishing or boating Most saltwater anglers will hunt pretty well any fish in any conditions. For many, fishing is better described as an addiction for which there is...

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  • Zerek Live Mullet Lures


    Zerek Live Mullet Lures

    Zerek Live Mullet Lures Clip on a Zerek Live Mullet Fishing Lure and get casting for a bigger class of fish. Whether you fish the saltwater or the fresh stuff, and especially if you frequent both, the Zerek Live Mullet Lures are begging for a prime...

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