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Bite Science Lures - New Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

Here is a new brand that will create a storm amongst the competitors in the market. Bite science lures are created with the latest technology and materials to ensure they are as effective as possible. So you are probably wondering why Bite Science will disrupt the status quo?

The answer is the price! Bite Science lures are much cheaper than the current market leaders, yet they still maintain high quality.

If you compare other brands of soft plastic jerk shads, grub tails, minnows, critters, and worm fishing lures with what Bite Science offers, the other brands are somewhat overpriced. However, Bite Science offers the same quality for a fraction of the price.

Bite Science lures are revolutionising fishing with their superior quality, low prices, and attractive designs, a combination that has not been available in soft plastics for years. These lures will surely take the Australian fishing world by storm! We're interested to see if the competition can keep up and if they will retaliate with lower prices or better products. One thing is for sure Bite Science will keep innovating to give the angler the best possible value for their hard-earned dollar.

Features and Specifications

  • High-quality soft plastics lure brand
  • Super affordable
  • XT Ultra-tough, stretchy construction
  • Bio-tech design with maximum action
  • Scented

Models For Sale

Over an 18-month period of gruelling testing, Bite science has developed several amazing models, now available for sale here at the fishing tackle shop. Let's take a detailed look at each one:

Bite Science Dirty Grub

Based on the traditional grub tail design, the Bite Science Dirty Grub has been enhanced with an ultra-jittery tail and Max Action formula for an irresistible action that will have fish hooked from the first bite. The Bite Science Dirty Grub lure is perfect for targeting bream, flathead, bass, and trout in the 2.5-inch size, and then there is the 4-inch size for targeting larger fish such as snapper, cod, and jewfish. There are 8 lures in the packet, and each lure is infused with a squid scent for added attraction.

The colours available are:

Bloodworm and Motor oil. Both have been proven repeatedly to be highly effective colours for freshwater and saltwater fishing, respectively.

Bite Science Bunker Buster

To really get the fish biting, try the Bunker Buster! This model has been designed with a ribbed belly that creates a unique pulsing action that fish just can't resist. Merge this with the lengthy tail design; you've got a lure that will drive fish wild! The Bunker Buster is available in three sizes:

-3 inches (Pack Size: 10 lures) Ideal size for saltwater estuary and freshwater fishing.

-4 Inches (Pack size 7 lures) for targeting larger fish in the same environments or offshore.

-6 Inches (Pack Size: 6 lures) for those big pelagics such as tuna, kingfish, then snapper, barra, queenfish, fingermark, mangrove jack and murray cod.

The colours available are:

Pumpkin and Camo have been selected as they are colours that work well in both clear and murky water conditions. Each lure is coated with a trigger scent designed to attract fish and trigger them to bite.

Bait Science Jerk Minnow

With the presentation of a wounded baitfish, the Bait Science Jerk Minnow is the perfect lure for targeting predators such as snapper, barra, kingfish, queenfish, big flathead, jewfish, tuna and other offshore pelagics. Its easy-to-use design means that even the novice angler can fish it with great success. Cast the Jerk Minnow out, let it sink to the desired depth, and then start jerking the rod tip as you retrieve the lure to make it swim erratically like a wounded baitfish. This action will trigger a predatory response from most fish within an eyeshot of the lure.

Bite Science Jerk Minnow is available in either a 5-inch (5pc pack) or a 7-inch (4pc pack) with highly productive colours, blue shad, and radioactive. Like the Bunker buster, the Jerk minnow is coated with a trigger scent for added attraction.

Bite Science Mad Minnow

Any angler who targets flathead would be mad not to try the Mad Minnow! This lure has been designed specifically for targeting flathead and does a fantastic job. The slim body design and unique forked tail create an impressive action that will trigger a response from any flathead within range. However, other species that will also hit the Mad Minnow include bass, estuary perch, bream and many other fish types.

The 3-inch size has 15 lures, and the 4-inch has 8pcs in the pack. The colours available are Watermelon and UV Purple Pearl. With an added squid scent, the Mad Minnow is sure to attract plenty of attention from estuarine fish.

Bite Science Kick Minnow

You may very well kick yourself when you see the results you get with the Kick Minnow, and in contrast, you may kick yourself if you don't give them a go. The Kick Minnow has been designed to target fish such as flathead, bream, estuary perch, bass, and many others. It features a slim body design with a paddle tail that delivers a vigorous swimming action, even at slow retrieve speeds. That makes it the perfect lure for those days when the fish are sluggish.

The Kick Minnow is available in:

-2 inch (14pc pack) in colours UV Smelt and Watermelon. This size will have bream, estuary perch and bass busting a gut to get to this lure.

-3 inch (10pc pack) in colours Watermelon and UV Smelt. At 3 inches, this lure is the perfect size for a string of fish species in lakes and rivers.

-4 inch (6pc Pack) is the flathead special. Available in UV Smelt and Purple Pearl.

-5 inch (5pc Pack) in colours UV smelt and Purple pearl are ideal for offshore and inshore anglers. Species that will strike at the 5-inch Kick Minnow include snapper, mulloway, barramundi, golden snapper and murray cod.

All Kick Minnows are coated with a squid scent.

Bite Science Thump Shad

This series thumps the competing brands right in the shads! No other rigged soft plastic swimbait on the market can match the quality, action and value for money that the Thump Shad offers. There is no guesswork on which size jighead to use, as each lure is pre-rigged and ready to fish with the correct-sized hook. Cast it out, let it sink to the desired depth, and start slowly rolling or twitching it back towards you. The thumping action of the shad tail is irresistible to most fish, and they will often hit the lure even when they are not particularly hungry.

In the 3-inch size, there are 5pcs in the pack and will have flathead taking each one to the cleaners. For a little bigger fish, try the 4-inch size, which comes in a 4pc pack. For barra, murray cod, jewfish, and other big fish go up to the 5-inch size, which comes in a 3pc pack.

The colours available are Bling Bait and Greenback Herring. The 3 inch is rigged with a 7/16oz #1/0 jig hook, the 4 inch is rigged with 3/4oz #3/0 jig hook and the 5 inch with 1 & 1/4oz #5/0 jig hook.

Bite Science Creepy Critter

Don't be fooled just because the name insinuates that it's creepy. The Creepy Critter is effective in saltwater as it is in freshwater. Anglers often overlook this unassuming little creature, but those who have tried it know just how effective it can be. It mimics a host of possible prey, including small crabs, yabbies, and insects. The body design and tantalising legs create a realistic action that will get the attention of bream, bass, trout, redfin, flathead or anything else that lurks beneath the surface.

The Creepy Critter is available in:

- 2 inch (10pc pack) in UV Motor Oil or Camo colours. This size is most effective for targeting bream, bass and trout.

- 3 inch (8pc pack) also in UV Motor Oil or Camo. The extra length of the profile and legs on this size makes it irresistible to flathead and other larger predators.

Bite Science Twitch Worm

Put your faith in a trusty Twitch Worm when nothing else will do. This lure will excel anywhere where worms are a common food source. The slim profile gives the twitch worm a natural action that will entice fish whether fished from the beach, river mouth or lake.

At 2.5 inches in size, we believe it will be special for bream, luderick, bass, redfin, whiting or anything else that would make a meal of a small worm. The Twitch Worm comes in a 15pc pack and is available in the following colours: UV Bloodworm and Motor oil. Squid scent is included on all worm lures.

Mixed Packets For Sale

We have a solution for those who can't decide on style or colour: Bite Science Multi-Pack varieties are for sale.

Critter Multi-Pack - A Top Pick for Light Tackle Estuary Species

Perfect for bream, flathead, whiting and bass, the Critter Multi-pack bundles small sized soft plastic Bite Science lures ideal for targeting fish in estuaries and inland waters. Creepy critters, twitch worms, dirty grubs and paddle tails tempt timid biters with irresistible action. Two jigheads round out an unbeatable mix for calm water finesse missions. 

Minnow Mix Multi-Pack - Lively Action for Rivers and Lakes

A lively soft plastic lure selection starts here. Seven minnow baits flaunt flickering tails and turbulent trails sure to grab attention below the surface—curly tails, paddle tails flick tails all will trigger fish strikes. Rig them up with included jigheads and cover water to lure strikes from lurking natives.

Predator Multi-Pack - Ready to Ambush Inshore Flatties

Flathead can’t refuse subtle shimmies and kicks from the six minnows in this pack, rig to tantalize through the strike zone. Four-inch bodies are sized just right for inshore ‘flatties. The Predator Multi-pack has everything needed to tempt sand-flat predators. 

Inshore Multi-Pack - Big Profile Baits for Reef Dwellers

Don’t be afraid to throw some mass in the strike zone with four five-inch curl tails pumping with action on retrieve. One four-inch bunker buster rounds out the selection with a wide curl tail action that snapper can’t ignore. Now you’re ready to do battle inshore and on the reefs!

Beast Buster Multi-Pack - Serious Gear for Saltwater Bruisers

The beasts of the deep stand no chance against the ultimate big lure assortment. Two seven-inch jerk minnows flare action and kick hard on the drop to trigger explosive attacks from below. A pair of six-inch curl tails for extra mayhem provide a mesmerizing action sure to drive pelagics into a frenzy. Beefy 5/0 jigheads handle the heaviest offshore strikes. This is bluewater gear built for battle!

Does Fishing Tackle Shop Sell Jig Heads?

Yes, we do! We have a range of jig heads designed to work with all soft plastic lures, including Bite Science Jig heads.

How does Bite Science compare to other similar lure brands on the market?

In our opinion, Bite Science offers better value for money than any similar lure brand on the market. All lures are made from high-quality materials and have been rigorously tested during the design process to ensure they perform to the highest standards.

Are Bite science freshwater or Saltwater Lures?

All lures in the range can be used in freshwater and saltwater angling.

Buying Bite Science Soft Plastic Lures Online

You can buy Bite Science soft plastic lures online from our website at our best online pricing. We are an authorised Australian stockist of all Bite Science products, so you can buy with confidence, knowing you are getting a genuine product.


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