Surecatch Knight Lures

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Surecatch Knight Lures For Sale

Surecatch Knight fishing lures are a fashionable take on a classic metal spinning lure design which you may be familiar with (but we can't mention due to brand name protection). Surecatch took concepts from this classic lure design and crafted their own with a better range of colours stickered on a chrome plated metal slice.

Surecatch Knight lures are a highly regarded spinner among the land-based high-speed spinning brigade as a proven fish catcher.

Knight lures are a phenomenal metal spinning lure for all saltwater fishes. The unique design imitates a baitfish fleeing, and the knight lure will catch a vast array of pelagic fish including Striped tuna, amberjack, Spanish mackerel, kingfish, tailor, queenfish, trevally, mack tuna, cobia, dolphin fish, salmon and much, much more.

Surecatch Knight fishing lures make a great general-purpose medium to high-speed spinning lure with a distinctive fluttering action when on the drop.

While the Surecatch Knight Lures are excellent for the angler that spins the beach or rock platforms they also make a fantastic lure for deep water jigging or for trolling behind the back of your boat. Surecatch Knights have accounted for many great trolled lure captures. (We suggest the larger sizes for trolling for better performance).

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Surecatch Knight
  • Type: Metal Spinning Lure
  • Weight: We sell either 20 gram (60mm), 40 gram (80mm), 65 gram (100mm) or 85-gram sizes (120mm)
  • Construction – Chrome plated metal construction with quality treble hooks
  • Suitable for casting from the beach or rocks, or for trolling or spinning from a boat, offshore.
  • Target Species - Amberjack, spotted mackerel, kings, queenies, various trevally, tailor, cobia, various tuna species, salmon, bonito, wahoo etcetera.

Notes: Please be advised that the price is for one single knight lure only. Choose the size/colour you require when ordering. Multiple images are for reference only. The cost will vary upon selection of size from the order menu.

Also please take note that the weights are approximate (weight of lure might differ slightly).


  • Surecatch Knight Lures are the perfect size to use in various saltwater fishing situations. They mimic a variety of small to mid-sized saltwater baitfish that it makes knights an ideal all-rounder for beach, rock or offshore fishing.
  • The chrome plated metal construction makes sure you have a rock-solid lure while the sharp hooks create a better hook up rate. It also provides reassurance in knowing that these lures will withstand some severe punishment.
  • When fished at high speeds the lure design portrays a fleeing baitfish while on the drop the lure imitates a wounded fluttering baitfish in its last fleeting moments of life. It is making the Surecatch Knight an easy meal for a ravenous predatory fish.

Surecatch Knight fishing lures are great to use whether you’re on a boat or fishing off the rocks, jetties, break walls or even the beach. They imitate a baitfish scurrying away. Now’s the time to start having fun and spin up some wicked fish! Add Surecatch Knight Lures to your shopping cart today.


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