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Halco Twisty Fishing Lures Chrome Or Gold

The Halco Twisty Fishing Lure is one of the all-time Australian favourites when it comes to metal Spinning lures, standing the test of time and challenges of tough Australian fish for decades.

The Halco Twisty Fishing Lure can be cast and retrieved, trolled or jigged and is a must for the rocks, beach, rivers and offshore, especially in the larger size models. In the smaller model twisty lures, they perform brilliantly inshore and even for particular freshwater fishing styles, which we will touch on further below.

The Halco Twisty Lure has curved ends which give the Twisty its unique irresistible action and has an outstanding wobble action when retrieved slowly. Pelagics can’t hold back when they see the Halco Twisty splashing on the surface on a faster retrieve.

The Halco Twisty metal lure comes in both Chrome or Gold finish options and is made even more enticing with holographic sides, which produce a ridiculous amount of flash when used in daylight hours.

Features and Specifications

  • Halco Twisty Fishing Lures are a perfect baitfish profile
  • Chrome or Gold finish
  • Ideal for Spinning, Slow cast and retrieve, trolling or jigging
  • Holographic sides for added flash
  • Quality trebles and split rings (single hook on 1.5g size and assist singles on the jig models)
  • Curved ends creating its unique and popular action
  • Can be used for freshwater or saltwater fishing (see our buying guide)

Note: Multiple images are for illustration only. Price is for one lure, select the model of choice from our order menu when ready and the price will display for that particular size/model.

Halco Twisty Fishing Lures Buying Guide

The range of twisty metal lures for sale is quite extensive from a micro jig 1.5-gram size through to a whopping 120-gram jigging lure, and many sizes in between. Here at Fishing Tackle Shop, we’re now going to break this all down for you and let you know more about the colour and size options available as well as where to use Halco twisty lures.

Chrome Or Gold

First of all, let us get colour out of the way. Is one colour better than the other? The simple answer is not particularly, but sometimes they do have their place on the day, occasionally gold will work better than silver and vice versa. We, therefore, suggest where your budget allows to purchase a mix.

In saying the above in terms of anglers choice and if our sales figures were anything to go by, Chrome is the best selling colour by far out of the two colour options we sell.

Halco Twisty Chrome sales ring true for the larger saltwater sizes (20 grams and up). However, for the smaller sizes below 20 grams, it seems the freshwater anglers do seem to favour the gold colour slightly more. We guess this is due to the dirty or murky nature of freshwater in many cases.

Halco Twisty Gold generally is priced slightly higher than chrome colour, and the reason for this is Halco tackle uses 24 Karat gold plating during the manufacturing process to help eliminate problems with colour damage or fade.

Best Freshwater Sellers

While the twisty is marketed mostly towards the saltwater angler in the larger sizes, freshwater anglers have not been forgotten with size weights now available in 1.5 grams, 3 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams and 15 grams.

These smaller sizes are excellent for trout fishing by the method of slow trolling on lakes and dams or by casting and retrieving from the bank. The micro sizes will also do well for a few other freshwater species too.

Best Saltwater Sellers From the Rocks and Beach

The Halco Twisty 40g size by far is our biggest seller for rock and beach anglers. It’s a size that is highly suited for targeting southern species such as Australian Salmon, Tailor, Bonito, Kingfish or small tuna and northern species such as Queenfish, Mackerel, Trevally and almost anything with an appetite and attitude!

We believe the 40 gram twisty is our best seller as it’s a middle road size. It’s the all-around most versatile size that we sell here at Fishing Tackle Shop and suits most cast weight ranges of fishing rods. This size scenario rings true not only for twisty lures but all metal spinning lures we sell in other brands too.

20g and 30g have their place also. Especially when the fish are feeding on smaller profile baitfish, and you need to control your casting distance.

55g and 70g sizes are fantastic for a larger class of fish. Big kingfish, tuna and other larger pelagics that can be caught off the rocks generally take to these larger sizes better. You’ll also cast further distances with heavier lures.

Best Offshore Sizes

Boat anglers have an infinite number of options. Generally, you don’t need to worry as much about cast distance. You could have some fun on light gear and use the smaller twisty sizes, 3 to 15 grams for spinning up slimies or other surface feeders. Cast 30-55 gram sizes at mahi-mahi around the traps or FAD’s or troll the 70g Twisty size for whatever takes a swipe.

Now For sale, we also sell the Halco Twisty Jig at Fishing Tackle Shop. The Twisty Jig is fitted with single assist hooks and designed for offshore jigging. Halco Twisty Jig Lures come in 55g, 70g, 95g or 120g sizes.


  • Halco Twisty Fishing lures are unlike any other metal lure due to its unique curved ends which provides an enticing action.
  • The Halco Twisty emit more flash than other metal fishing lures due to its highly reflective chrome and gold finishes, made even more attractive with its holographic sides.
  • The Halco Twisty fishing lures are metal construction and finished with only quality hooks and rigs.

Halco Twisty fishing lures have a spectacular reputation amongst Australian anglers that has grown over many years. We deliver all our Halco product for sale worldwide. So, add one or a few twisty lures to your cart and give them a go.


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