Chasebaits Ultimate Squid Lure

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Chasebaits Ultimate Squid lure (formally known as Smash Squid)

The boffins at designers at Chasebaits were determined to develop the perfect squid profile lure. After 18 months of sweat and labour in the design phase, the final Chasebaits Ultimate Squid design was off the production line ready to be launched at AFTA 2017 Fishing Tackle Trade show in Australia. Demonstrations in the viewing tank were certainly turning heads, and for good reason. The action of the Ultimate Squid lure is so realistic, you’d be forgiven for grabbing it and chopping it into Calamari rings. The key to the design is the astonishing lifelike action of the wings either side of the squid’s head. The supple and fluid roll of the wings, reproduced in the Chasebaits Squid lure, needs to be seen to be believed.

The full length of the 2017 released model is 150mm, with the head size a handsome and versatile 65mm. The size makes it an ideal utility suitable for offshore use as well as fishing inshore grounds. While designed for the salt water, the designers at Chasebaits insist the creative angler will get plenty of success in the fresh stuff as well. Typically, the Smash Squid will be deployed to target Snapper, Mulloway, Kingfish, Flathead, trevally and a host of predatory fish inshore and offshore saltwater species.

2018 however, saw this amazing success of a lure made in a new additional size option. So, not only do we have the 150mm Squid (pack of 5 lures) We now also sell a 200mm (pack or 3 lures) model.

You can twitch it, roll it, or put it on a drop rig and let the current do the work. Get creative and entice fish from everywhere. The realistic 3D eye plus the contracting, lifelike legs, add to the head wings in creating the perfect squid replication. Even when the legs have been lost to hungry fish, the Chasebaits Squid still performs, such is the perfect action of the wings.

The Chasebaits Ultimate Squid fishing lure is available in brilliant colours and each packet is sold as a pack of 5 lures for the 150mm size or pack of 3 in the 200mm size. (all you need to do is select which colour you wish to order). Chasebaits report that the Smash Squid for sale now is the most adaptable soft plastic squid replica lure ever made.

Features and Specifications

  • Packet of 5 Lures if you choose the 150mm model (or 3 lures if you choose 200mm size)
  • Model name: Ultimate Squid (Formally named Smash Squid but was re-named due to international marketing requirements)
  • Profile: Squid replica fishing lure
  • Size:  Full length, 150mm (body length approx. 65mm)  OR 200mm full length size now available (body length 85mm)
  • Eyes:  glowing 3D
  • Retrieve: Twitch, roll or let the current do the work on a drop rig. Add to a jig head (sold separate)
  • Ideal for inshore or offshore fishing. Fantastic lure for targeting snapper, morwong, trevally and other reef fish species, mulloway, kingfish, flathead and a whole lot of other saltwater fish that will readily eat a squid for breakfast.

Our Squid Rig size recommendations are as follows:

150mm - (Use 3/0 hook size/ Jig head)

200mm - (4/0-5/0 hook size Jig Head)


  • Outstanding Squid likeness and action – Real moving squid wings upon a fast rip of the lure.
  • Works brilliantly even after legs have been bitten off due to the action the wings emit.
  • Arguably the best Squid action on the market Ideal for the inshore and offshore waters and Ideal for a broad range of species.
  • Easy to work, even for the novice angler and kids. Next time you are out offshore on the local snapper grounds and you have a child on board rig them up with an ultimate squid lure they are that easy to use.
  • Adaptable for matching to varied conditions.

The Chasebaits Ultimate Squid is set to change the way you approach squid baits. Save your time, save the environment and leave the live real squid to the ecosystem. The Chasebaits Ultimate Squid Lure will perform better than the real thing on a huge number of sought after species.


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