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Zerek Fish Trap Lures Curl Tail Vibe Fishing Lure

If you were given the option of having only one lure type in your kit, the Zerek Fish Trap Lures for sale now would have to be in the final selection cut. They’re the epitome of versatility, with an exceptional lipless crankbait design, build quality and action. There are a few perfect size options from which to choose when ordering in exceptional colour options.

With the recent addition of 160mm fish trap lure, the arsenal is now complete. With the 65mm, 95mm standard or weedless, 110, and now the 160mm, the range of fish you have at the beck and call your rod tip is truly phenomenal. From Bream, to meter Barra, all you need are the Zerek Fish Trap Lures.

Zerek Fish Trap Lures are super tough. Constructed with durable TPE plastic, extra strong split rings and the deadly Mustad 4x Saltism trebles (excludes weedless), your fish trap will stand up to the harshest attacks from Australia’s most aggressive scaly predators. A through wire connects all points, which is also moulded into the weight creates one very tough lure perfect for targeting the toughest of fish.

It’s difficult to isolate a particular species to target. Everything you can imagine will have an almighty chew on your Zerek Fish Trap Lures. Fresh or saltwater, it doesn’t matter. Tackle massive Barra from every location. Murray cod will inhale them.

Go big and target meter Flathead next to rock bars and shallow weed beds. Target Mulloway with the 160 model for a class of fish over the 15Kg mark. If your fishing the reef offshore, be prepared for anything from a Coral trout to a Trevally, and Snapper with huge bumps on their heads are a certainty.

The colour range covers all conditions and water types, muddy and clear. There are natural baitfish designs, as well as the colours that are designed to attract.

Working the lure is simple; A simple lift and drop creates all the action you need, with that beautiful curl tail ever enticing with just the current alone.

Zerek Fish Trap Lures are for sale now. If it’s the only lure you buy this year, it’ll be a great year.

Features and Specifications

  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Tackle: Strong split rings combining Mustad Saltism trebles (Excluded weedless model - Weedless has single weedless hook internally in lure)
  • Construction: Constructed with durable TPE plastic
  • Through wire construction connecting all tow points
  • Internal weighting system.
  • Curl tail design
  • Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Soft plastic but the lure is tough built to tackle the toughest of fish

Note: Price is for one lure only and pricing will vary depending on which size you choose to purchase. We have multiple images on our page for illustration only.

Zerek Fish Trap Lure Buyers Guide

We’ve discussed there is a couple of different sizes for sale in the trap range and we will detail a little on each below to assist you picking the right one.

Fish Trap 65 – is a 10 gram 65mm soft plastic curl tail lure designed specifically for Australia’s rivers and lakes. With a 65mm you’re going to be targeting a massive range of fish species both freshwater and saltwater. Big trout will take them as will perch and sooty grunter. Expect flathead, snapper and a whole lot more to have a go at the 65mm size. It’s one of our better selling sizes due to its versatility. Even anglers targeting Australian bass and bream have had amazing success on the 65mm size.

Fish Trap 95 – is 95mm in length and 23 grams weight gives extra security at reaching better distances. Internal lead weight gives extra oomph in your cast allowing you to cover more ground. If your fishing lakes and rivers that are quite wide for bigger than pan size flathead this is the ideal lure. At 95mm were still in freshwater territory for perch and cod and for saltwater it is the ideal size for snapper, trevally, threadfin salmon, mangrove jack and a host of other mid-class fish.

Weedless Fish Trap 95 – In 2019 we saw the addition of the Zerek Fish Trap Weedless lure 95mm size added to this ever-popular line up of soft vibes. This innovative design means now you can cast right into the snags with less fear of lure loss when targeting barra, yellowbelly and any other fish that hides deep within the structure of a fishy habitat.

At 95mm in Size, the weedless fish trap lure is undoubtedly a versatile soft vibe for so many species both freshwater or saltwater.

The worm hook in the weedless vibe is hidden within the body of the plastic which assists you to avoid snagging; however, the hook is exposed easily when a fish engulfs the vibe providing exceptional bottom jaw hooking ability.

Fish Trap 110 – Is for the toughest of fish. At 110mm and 34 grams in weight this size fish trap has been designed to handle barramundi, murray cod, fingermark, queenfish, mangrove jack and a class of bigger reef fish. Don’t doubt this lure, it’s been frequently discussed on social media and in fishing forums. Anglers are swearing by them, especially anglers in northern parts of Australia targeting barramundi and other northern species of fish.

Fish Trap 160 – is the latest addition of the renowned Zerk range. At 160mm and 50 grams in weight a bigger class of fish is what the 160 is designed for. It’s for the angler that doesn’t muck around and wants the meter barra (or close enough to it). Forget small pan sized snapper, try and target a 10kg+ model on this 160mm curl tail vibe. Or take it straight to the freshwater and cross your fingers at hooking a monster murray cod. Let’s not forget about mulloway though, 160cm is the ideal size for anglers all over the coastlines targeting the illusive silver ghost.


  • Incredible versatility. Attracts a diverse range of fish from the salt to the fresh.
  • Made from tough soft plastic the fish trap lure is super robust and can take punishing treatment from larger predators yet has the all the supple movement and action of a real bait fish. Wire connecting all tow points combining with the addition of extra strong split rings and tackle further cement in place just how well made this lure is.
  • The lure has a steady sink rate. As the curl tail action will commence immediately as it hits the current, your lure goes live the moment it hits the water. You can be struck hard anywhere in the water column from touching the surface through to sitting on the bottom.
  • Heavy duty rings, a through wire connecting all points and the Mustad 4x strength Saltism trebles (single hook on weedless) deliver superb strength.

The Zerek Fish Trap Lures for sale now are already on the hot list with a triple bullet. They’re blasting off the shelves, and for one obvious reason; They’re working out-a-site and have already attracted a devout and loyal following in the lure angler fraternity.


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