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Nomad Squidtrex, the World's First Squid Vibe Fishing Lure

The innovative Nomad Squidtrex uses patented technology to combine a soft plastic squid shape with an internal vibration mechanism, creating a lure with an irresistible swimming action that drives fish wild.

As seasoned fishos and weekend anglers know, squid is a favourite food source for many popular sportfish species along the Australian coast. By mimicking their movement and appearance, the Squidtrex triggers savage strikes from predators accustomed to feasting on live squid, especially when fished with a slow-pitch jigging technique.

Sizes Available

Available at the fishing tackle shop in sizes from 55mm to 150mm and weights from 5g up to 135g, there's a Nomad Squidtrex lure for sale to match your target species. The smallest models are dynamite on bream, flathead and other inshore species when twitched over shallow flats or rocky drop-offs. Step up to the mid-sizes for big flathead, snapper and kingfish. The largest Squidtrex sizes take the fight offshore, tantalising mulloway, samson fish, snapper, fingermark, nannygai, trevally and other demersal or pelagic thrill-seekers.

Built tough for saltwater fishing

Constructed from heavy-duty TPE plastic for maximum toughness, plus fitted with BKK assist hooks, these lures are in a great position to stand up to the crushing jaws of the heaviest reef donkeys. The through-wire design resists flexing while an infused squid scent drives fish into a heightened feeding frenzy.

What our customers say

Whether you're a seasoned bluewater warrior or just looking to spice up your local flathead session, the Nomad Squidtrex fishing lure range has a model ready to deliver trophy fish thrills for anglers throughout Australia! Check out the rave Squidtrex reviews by our customers as they populate below. Add a couple of Squidtrex to your cart and try them yourself.

Features and Specifications

  • Squid Vibe Fishing Lure
  • Vibrating action on the retrieve
  • Saltwater Lure
  • Ideal for offshore and coastal inshore fishing
  • Patent Pending Technology
  • Made from Heavy duty TPE material for maximum resistance to damage
  • Rigged with BKK assist hooks
  • Through wire construction for durability against crushing jaws
  • Enhanced with real squid scent
  • Fast sinking design to get down to the strike zone quickly

Squidtrex Sizes we sell

  • 55mm/5g
  • 75mm/14g
  • 95mm/32g
  • 110mm/52g
  • 130mm/92g
  • 150mm/135g

Please Note: The price is for a single lure only and will vary depending on the size you choose to order.

Squidtrex Lure FAQ

How does the action of the Squidtrex lure differ from a standard soft plastic squid lure?

On the retrieve, the Nomad Squidtrex lure contains a patent-pending internal vibration feature that creates constant movement, unlike any other squid-shaped lure on the market. This steady pulsation triggers savage reaction strikes from a huge range of Australian sportfish. A regular soft squid lure has no inherent action and must be constantly jigged by the angler to impart any movement.

What is the best way to fish the Squidtrex?

While the Squidtrex can be retrieved in several manners, the key to the best-performing success, according to team Nomad, is working them back with a slow pitch technique, allowing the Squidtrex to flutter down through the water column while transmitting irresistible vibrations and then letting your reel do all the work on the retrieve instead of your rod. There is no need to constantly sweep your fishing rod up and down in a slow-pitch retrieve. This vertical jigging style takes full advantage of the Squidtrex’s innovative action.

How durable is the TPE plastic used in Squidtrex construction?

Nomad’s TPE formula is extremely resistant to nicks, tears and piercings from fish. The through-wire design provides incredible strength for their soft plastic body, enabling them to withstand multiple captures from sizeable reef predators with a low risk of damage. We are confident Squidtrex will outlast many other soft plastic lures on the market.

What size Squidtrex should I buy?

This depends on the species you are targeting. As a general guide:

  • 55mm & 75mm models are ideal for bream, flathead, whiting and small snapper in shallow coastal areas and estuaries.
  • 95mm & 110mm sizes are the most versatile for catching snapper, mulloway, morwong and other reef species offshore and inshore.
  • 130mm and 150mm sizes are best suited to large pelagic fish like kingfish, trevally and mahi mahi as well as demersal fish such as big snapper, nannygai, coral trout, emperor and other brutes of the reefs.

Ready to join the Squidtrex movement?

It's time to ditch the tired tactics and old lures and unlock the new potential of the deep! Nomad Squidtrex lures are tantalising fish from snapper to mulloway right now. Limited stock is available, so add one or as many as you like to your cart here at the Fishing Tackle Shop before they disappear like squid in the strike zone!


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