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TT Hardcore Lure Metal spinner – Ideal for saltwater rock, surf and boat fishing

Putting new life into old-school, the TT Hardcore Lure Metal Spinner fishing lures are back by popular demand and the classic species we know and love are smashing them with relish.

Every angler is familiar with the high-speed action of casting metal slices. Rock and Beach anglers in particular have a special affinity with the technique due to the brilliant casting attributes of the humble metal slice.  There is no better weighted casting system than a well-balanced rod with a perfectly matched hunk of metal at the end of the line. Fish such as Tailor, Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Trevally and Kingfish have long been the target species of spinners since Methuselah was a boy.

The designers at TT have shown us that you can improve on perfect by creating the TT hardcore Lure Metal Spiner Lure. Available in 3 weights, the baitfish profile spinner has a unique glitter scale colour system that transform the perfect lure into perfect plus. The colour system generates a more realistic look and compelling visual attraction for the classic species mentioned above.

Available in brilliant and sparkling colours, you can match up to the local baitfish or if you decide to purchase a few different colours you could try your luck at contrasting to see if standing out in a crowed is a better option for the session. As with most metal slices, they are brilliant to cast and can be hurled the proverbial mile; ideal for the novice angler and a special for the old salt.

It’s time to restock you metal spinning lure box. Go better than perfect and put a selection of TT Hardcore Lure Metal Spinners in your basket and prepare to spin up a storm

Features and Specifications

  • Type:  Metal Spinner Fishing Lures
  • Profile: Bait Fish
  • Weights:  20g, 30g or 40g
  • Hooks: Single Treble
  • Coloured with unique micro glitter scale
  • Ideal for saltwater fishing. Perfect for targeting salmon, kingfish, bonito, tailor, tuna, mackerel and a whole lot more.
  • Best way to fish these metal spinner fishing lures is to cast them out then either let them sink for a few seconds or immediately begin winding once they hit the water, ideally at a very fast pace. Metal spinners will move through the water sub surface through to surface and attract the likes of many of Australia’s favourite table fish.

Note: Images are for illustration only, Price is for 1 lure only and varies depending on which size lure you choose to purchase.


  • The unique colouring system provides a far more attractive presentation than your average metal slice, combining with the styled shaping to better mimic baitfish.
  • The single trailing treble allows for peak action, easy release and the same secure hook-up it has been brilliant for decade after decade

The TT Hardcore Lure Metal Spinner for sale now is far from your average metal slice. It’s shaping and unique colour system will ensure when the schools of ‘whatever’ pass by they will make a B-line for your spinner, and not the bait fish surrounding it.


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