Gillies Baitfish Metal Spinning Lures

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Gillies Baitfish Metal Spinning Lures – Saltwater

The Gillies Saltwater Baitfish spinning lures are a gnarly metal baitfish profile that screams hook-up! Gillies Baitfish metal spinning lures are uniquely designed to resemble a fleeing baitfish, and they have a knack of turning on the action.

Available for sale in either Blue mackerel of Silver White Bait colours, the high-quality laser finish on the Gillies metal Baitfish spinning lures reflect light at all angles, making them eye-catching to any scaley predator in the area.

Extremely versatile, from the shore you can cast them off the beach and rocks, or if boat fishing out wide is more your style, you can throw them into fish schools you may encounter when out bluewater or around FADS. It’s also not impossible to jig or light troll the baitfish lures either.

A few general fish species targets include Aussie salmon, queenfish, coral trout, amberjack, cobia, tailor, bonito, kingfish, mackerel and on the larger sizes even some smaller species of tuna.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Metal spinning lure
  • Brand: Gillies Fishing Tackle
  • Primary Use: Saltwater fishing from beach, rocks and offshore boat.
  • High-quality split rings and treble hooks
  • Small enough to resemble a small baitfish that a wide range of saltwater fish feed on
  • Great value for money – Gillies metal lures are affordable

Note: Price is for one single lure only, and the price will vary depending on which size you choose to purchase. Multiple images of the baitfish are for illustration only.

Gillies Baitfish Lure Buying Guide

Here at Fishing Tackle Shop, we sell a few different sizes of Gillies baitfish lures. Options include either a 10 gram, 25 gram, 40 gram or 60-gram size. We suggest buying a mix of sizes and colours if you have the means and budget. It’s always best to have a mix of sizes and colours to suit the conditions you will fish.

10 Grams Baitfish - are ideal for extreme light line classes or for targeting fish that are fixated on super tiny baitfish and turn their noses away from any presentation too large. You won’t find a better lure for slimy or Frigate Mackerel.

25 Grams Baitfish - are ideal for light to medium line classes and are the masters at fooling fish that are fixated on small baitfish and which also turn their noses away from any presentation to large or unrealistic. The Gillies Saltwater Baitfish spinning lures are fantastic from the rocks as they cast a mile and resemble most bait species found in the wash zone.

40 Grams Baitfish - are our best selling universal size for rock, beach and boat fishing. They cast well on most moderate line classes and appeal to a broad level of saltwater fish. 40 Grams is just that happy medium size. Hence, it is by far our most significant selling size in the entire line up of size options.

60 Grams Baitfish – Is the weightiest option in the series. It suits anglers that wish to cast further or target a more significant fish size classification from both beach and rock platforms. It’s also the best size if you’re going to do a little light trolling offshore or are retrofitting it for light jigging.


  • Gillies Saltwater Baitfish spinning lures are available in sizes to match any size baitfish, that will fool any piscatorial predator looking for a feed.
  • The high quality split rings and trebles on the Gillies Baitfish spinning lures will impress. High strength and extremely sharp hooks have a higher chance of ensuring when the fish takes a bite; they’re hooked.
  • Gillies Baitfish are suitable to target an impressive line-up of pelagic species Australia wide.

The extremely flashy finish and successful colour patterns give you a metal spinning lure that will be hard to disappoint. If you need to match the hatch, add some Gillies Baitfish spinning lures to your cart.


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