Z Man Jerk Shadz 5 inch Soft Lures

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Zman Jerk Shadz 5 inch (Jerk Shad Packet of Lures)

So you want to hit the surf side gutter and hunt for Tailor and Salmon. The traditionalist is getting prepped by ganging some 4/0 hooks into 3 and 4 gangs and defrosting the Pilchards. It’s a simple rig, the simplest. The hooks just clip on to the swivel on the end of your main line. Bait up your Pilli and away you go. This is all well and good and great fun, not to mention the fact that this rig is ancient and proven. There are a few drawbacks however that you can avoid if you adjust your thinking a little. Instead of ganghooks and pillies, rig up a Zman Jerk Shad 5 inch and watch the scales fly as you tear into a ravenous school of green backs and Aussie Salmon.

The benefits of using your Zman Jerk Shad 5 inch are clear. Firstly, you avoid the incredible mess, smell and ridiculous expense of pilchards. Secondly, you don’t have to spend half an hour trying to remove a set of 4/0 hooks from a very agitated fish that has managed to get a couple of these hooks well down its throat. Third, is that by using gangs you totally limit your ability to release your catch unharmed, because as we all know, gang hooks don’t play nicely in the mouth of a fish. Many anglers don’t keep Aussie Salmon, so protecting them for a clean release is simply sound practice. Fourth, you are not having to constantly re-bait as choppers mince you pilchard. And fifth, Salmon and Tailor will go nuts for your Zman Jerk Shad 5 inch, providing unrivalled action.

The super strong Elaztech construction of the Zman Jerk Shad 5 inch will handle the teeth of your Tailor much better than other brands of Soft Plastic Lures. You will keep the same lure longer, well and possibly after you have exceeded your bag limit. When you’re finished at the beach you can use the same lure again hunting big Reds out on the Blue water reefs. The Zman Jerk Shad 5 inch with its natural scent impregnation and alluring split tail are total fish magnet. Get a selection of Zman Jerk Shad 5 inch lures for your tackle box before your next session. They’re outstanding value in generous packs of 5.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 5 Inch
  • Packet size: 5 lures
  • 10X Tough Elaztech construction
  • Super-soft & Flexible
  • Buoyant
  • Jerk shad bait fish pattern design
  • Scented with natural scent

Note: Price is for 1 packet only. Choose colour when ordering.

Fishing Applications and Fish Species Targets

Zman Jerk Shadz 5 Inch size fishing lures are soft lures ideal for beach, boat, rock, lake and river fishing. Ideal for those chasing species such as snapper, salmon, kingfish, mulloway and more.


  • Proven brilliant for everything from Aussie Salmon, Snapper, jewfish, to super size Flathead
  • 10X Tough Elaztech construction will see your lure outlast many rumbles with sharp teeth ensuring your lure last longer saving you money.
  • The scent infused into every lure will attract fish from well outside the zone you are working lifting the odds of inquiry in your favour.
  • The soft and flexible construction provides an fantastic action and enticing feel for the fish inviting a more aggressive bite.

Jerk Shad lures simply don’t get better than the Zman Jerk Shadz 5 inch. From bay to beach from rocks to reef your Zman Jerk Shad 5 inch will increase your haul of bigger fish. They are for sale now and demand a spot in your tackle box.


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