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Halco Streaker Fishing Lure

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Halco Streaker Fishing Lure For Sale

If there’s an Australian favourite when it comes to metal spinning lures one at the top of the charts has to be the Halco Streaker lure.

Suitable for a wide range of fishing scenarios from the surf and rock platforms with all sizes through to certain freshwater situations like streams and impoundments using the lightweight models for trout and salmon. There is a Halco Streaker in a weight to suit your needs. The list of species targeted with the Halco Streaker is nearly endless.

For Saltwater fishing, when it comes to pelagic fish, nothing turns them on like a bubble trail! The Halco Streaker has a hole in the centre that creates an attractive bubble trail when retrieved with speed through the water.

Halco Streaker fishing lures sports eight highly reflective sides putting off a flash that will only further attract fish from a distance.

When you combine both flash and bubble trail in which we mention above, you have a metal spinning lure that any pelagic fish species would find irresistible.

It doesn't stop with flash and bubbles. For even further additional fish attraction the Halco Streaker fishing lure also has a small red plastic flap on the rear split ring. This red plastic piece flaps around behind the spinner giving even more movement, which helps produce even more strikes.

When retrieved with speed the Halco Streaker fishing lure appears as a fleeing baitfish to the predators who classify it as a tasty meal about to get away. It is sure to put any angler onto some explosive strikes and exciting fishing.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Metal Spinning Lure
  • Uses: Mostly used for saltwater fishing; however, some lighter models are ok for certain types of freshwater
  • Eight highly reflective sides
  • A plastic flap on the rear split ring adds extra movement and attraction
  • Centre hole produces exciting bubble trail
  • Quality trebles and split rings
  • A unique combination of flash, action and bubble trail
  • A proven Australian favourite
  • Sturdy metal material – a good option for toothy fish like tailor or mackerel

Note: Pricing is for one single streaker only. The price also changes depending on the size you select. Multiple images of the streakers are for reference only.

Halco Streaker Lure Size Buying Guide

Here at the Fishing Tackle Shop, we sell Halco Streaker Fishing Lure models in 10 gram, 20 gram, 30 gram, 40 gram and 55-gram sizes. Predominantly, streakers are a saltwater metal spinning lure, but in the smaller sizes, there are certain circumstances where you could use them in freshwater. See our detailed buying guide below.

Ideally, if you don’t have a restricted budget, we suggest purchasing a wide range of sizes preparing you for a broader range of casting distance abilities and the ability to target a more comprehensive range of fish.

10 grams Streaker

The 10 gram size Is the smallest streaker in our array for sale. This little spinner suits both freshwater and saltwater style fishing. Excellent for trolling for trout through to saltwater casting targeting bonito, tailor, salmon, small mackerel, trevally and frigates.

20 grams Streaker

Designed to toss off the beach or rocks on light gear for all the above saltwater fish species mentioned for 10 grams.

30 grams Streaker

A saltwater size that fishes well through the wash both from rocks and beach. Ideally suited for spinning on around 6-10kg line class for a vast array of saltwater fish.

40 grams Streaker

If you want to know which size is our best seller, this is it. The 40 gram Halco Streaker lure is by far our best selling size spinner, not just in this brand but all brands.

It’s a size that just about does everything. Universal for fishing the rocks, beach or offshore on a boat. 40g size casts well, especially on braid line classes 6-15kg.

An excellent choice for tossing at a wide range of saltwater fish including tailor, salmon, kingfish, cobia, amberjack, spotted, Spanish or school mackerel, dolphin fish, bonito, cobia and an extensive list of others.

55 grams Streaker

Makes the best choice for anglers chasing distance. Fish it on a wide range of braid line classes from 12lb – 50lb or mono 12lb-30lb. Ideal for all species mentioned in 40 grams as well as for some smaller types of tuna like striped or long tail.

The 55 gram Halco Streaker Fishing Lure for sale is also the best size if you intend to try your hand at trolling metal lures offshore around the heads.


  • The unique combination of bubble trail and flash gives the Halco Streaker Fishing Lure its second to none fish-luring success.
  • Metal materials offer this lure excellent casting distance and durability, especially when fish with teeth like tailor and mackerel are around in numbers.
  • With the added red tag at the bottom of the spinner only adds extra fish attraction to entice fish from a distance though extra movement and vibration.

Streakers have a long-standing proven reputation as a highly productive lure for all pelagic species and are a must for any anglers lure collection. Add to cart a Halco Streaker fishing lure today and get set for some explosive results.


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