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Strike Pro Slinky Minnow Bent Lure

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Product Description

Strike Pro Slinky Minnow Bent Minnow Lure 75mm size

Hungry fish out on the hunt have a keen eye for bait fish that are struggling. Injured baitfish are like a magnet to the predator and the Strike Pro Slinky Bent Minnow Fishing Lure is an awesome surface slide-bait that mimics the action of an injured or fleeing Baitfish or Prawn. Use the rod to create an erratic swimming action and you will make your Pro Slinky stand out in a sea of baitfish and encourage an aggressive strike.

Used in fresh and salt water you will be targeting Bream, Perch and Bass. Beware casting at the banks as big fish lurking amongst the snags or structure will find the ‘sick fish’ action nigh on impossible to disregard. Make sure you are rigged accordingly as a specimen bigger than you might be targeting is likely to have a chomp at your Slinky Minnow for example big tailor may be hanging around whilst you are casting over weedy drop-offs for a nice feed of yellowfin bream.

For the most part, you will be working your Strike Pro Slinky to achieve the injured bait fish action but it should be remembered that the lure will swim similarly to a traditional minnow when retrieved appropriately. It is the flexibility of retrieve that adds to the versatility of the Strike Pro Slinky Bent Minnow Lure. You’ll get the best from your Slinky minnow using braid but mono is just as effective for the plastic traditionalist. It will be fabulous on light gear and is designed for such but if you’re heading to a spot where monsters a prone to lurk, you best be prepared.

The Strike Pro Slinky Bent Minnow Lures are for sale now and priced to sell.

Features and Specifications

♦   Length: 75mm

♦   Weight: approx 4.6g

♦   Type: Minnow, Surface injured baitfish action

♦   Hooks: Owner Trebles

♦   Buoyancy: Floating

♦   Ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing for Bream, bass and a range of perch species

Note: Price is for 1 lure only – images only for illustration purpose to display colour. Choose your colour when ordering



♦   Brilliant for fresh and salt water fishing styles.

♦   Tail heavy, so hooks sit well when paused to promote a better hook up.

♦   Flexible action. Can be worked several different ways depending on conditions and target species.

♦   It floats, allowing you to cast and retrieve right on the snags with less chance of foul hooking the bottom and losing your lure.

The Strike Pro Slinky Bent Minnow Lure will prove devastating to all those fish targeting injured and wounded bait fish. Cast it into the school of baitfish and your Pro Slinky will be snapped up as the easy target. Put one in your basket today.

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