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Profishent Vixen Vibe Lure

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Profishent Vixen Vibe Lure

Yellowbelly fisherman take note, a new lure has hit our shelves and is creating a storm. A tournament quality vibe that will awaken shutdown sleepy yellow giants. We introduce the Vixen Vibe Lure by Profishent Tackle.

Vixen Vibe lures are versatile in design at 65mm and weighing in at around 11 grams (18.5g on heavy model( they are not only ideal for freshwater on yellowbelly but will also be slayers on big bass or redfin, murray cod and you will even entice a barra or mangrove jack out of its snag to take a swipe. Flathead are another fish that will also take a fancy to the Vixen as its designed to sit in the water with its nose down and tail up when stationary on the bottom. Fish the Profishent Vixen Vibe lure around weed beds, around structure or snags for the best performance and chance of awakening a sleepy giant.

For sale, we have many great colours to choose from when ordering with some of those colours sporting extreme UV factor enhancements. These colours being MPP, MGG, GB and MBOC.

The vibe style lure, crossing multiple decades now has been amongst the biggest selling tournament lures in Australia. Profishent Vixen Vibe lures biggest difference compared to other competitor vibe brands on the market is that vixens are priced to sell. Profishent Tackle do not want these lures to sit on our shelves and collect dust, they want them sold, they want you using them, and they want to see you catch a fish of a lifetime. Being accessibly priced make sure you add one or a couple to your cart and enhance your lure collection.

Features and Specifications

  • Model Profishent Vixen Vibe
  • Size: 65mm
  • Weight 11 grams  (Or heavy version 18.5g)
  • Lipless crank vibration Lure
  • Internal rattle system
  • BKK treble hooks
  • Quality split rings
  • Tournament quality build
  • Fine tuned and balanced delivering maximum casting and swimming performance
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater
  • Ideal for targeting Yellowbelly perch, Refin, Big Australian bass, cod, saratoga, mangrove jack, grunter, flathead and even barra.

Note: Multiple images for illustration only. Price is for one Vixen vibe only, select the colour you like when ordering.

Profishent Vixen Vibe Buyers Guide

There is no doubt that if you can afford it, you are best to stock up on multiple colours covering you for a wide range of fishing applications and scenarios. However, for a bit of a break down and hone in on choice these are our top selling picks here at fishing tackle shop for a couple of popular and well represented fish species in Australia.

Yellowbelly Perch - Best selling colours: MPP, MBOC, MBP, LBO or MB

Redfin Perch - MB, RB, MGG or MBOC

Murray Cod - MPP, GB, NAT, MBOC, RB

Barramundi - MGG, GB, NAT, GBG

Mangrove Jack - MGG, MBOC, NAT, MB, RB

As me mentioned earlier, if it can be helped it is best to have a variety and realistically you can use any of the multiple colours we sell here at Fishing Tackle Shop. They will all work in certain conditions. The above recommendations are simply amongst our biggest sellers for specific species, so treat this as a guide only. The purchasing decision is up to you and we do recommend a variety of colours to cover different conditions and scenarios if your budget will allow.


  • Versatile in design allows the Profishent Vixen Vibe lure can be fished in both freshwater and saltwater to catch a multitude of species. At 65mm It’s not too small or too large opening up multiple possibilities.
  • Designed to sit with nose down and tail up on the bottom when stationary will encourage strikes from bottom dwellers such as flathead.
  • Can be fished in multiple styles such as continuous slow rolled, trolled or with a hop and pause technique along the bottom.
  • Internal rattle system incorporated to wake the sleepiest of shut down fish.
  • Tournament quality built – if you’re fishing a flathead or yellowbelly tournament make sure you give one a go! For the average punter it means you get a lure that is built for results.

A lure box isn’t a lure box without a vibe in it, but don’t just settle for any old vibe, buy one with bells and whistles, that doesn’t cost the earth and designed for tournament results. Buy a Profishent Vixen Vibe Lure, for sale now at hot online pricing.


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