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Halco Max Lure For Sale 110mm / 130mm / 190mm or 220mm

Representing one of our biggest sellers in the Halco fishing lure range for sale sits the Halco Max Lure, and we’re pretty sure we know why.

The biggest stand out is that they priced to sell. You won’t find any Halco lure for sale at a high price. Halco keeps fishing affordable. Price aside though the Halco Max is such a versatile lure. You can troll it behind the boat for large tuna, mackerel, kingfish and other game fish, or you can cast or jig it. The options are wide.

Designed with a slender tail, it provides hook exposure at the maximum potential for when the fish strike. It’s built durable and can handle out a fair bit of rough and tough from some of the oceans most powerful.

The Halco Max Lure is a rapid sinking bibles minnow bait sporting a fantastic vibrating bait action. A few sizes are available for sale from a small 110mm model through to a sizeable 220mm Model. Check out our features and specifications below, and our buyer's guides then make your purchase.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in successful fish catching colours
  • Quality split rings
  • Can be jigged, cast or trolled
  • Designed in Australia, Made in Indonesia
  • Can be worked at high or slow speeds
  • Sinks Rapidly
  • Ideal for a huge range of saltwater fishing applications

Note: Images for illustration only. Prices are for one lure only and vary depending on which size you choose to purchase from our order menu.

Halco Max Fishing Lure Buyers Guide

Getting down to business here, you will learn all about the available sizes for sale. We stock all sizes, which include the following size models. 110mm 130mm, 190mm and our newest addition the Halco Max 220mm model for targeting the oceans varieties of tuna and other game fish.

Halco Max 110

  • Size: 110mm
  • Weight: 30 Grams
  • Hooks: 2x Size 2 Tripple strength Mustad Trebles
  • Troll range of 2 to 12 knots
  • Trolling depth dives to 2 meters +

It’s Mini-me. I am the son of the big daddy 220, daughter of the 190 and the brother of the max 130. I am that annoying little twerp that catches more fish than my older rivals! Why do you ask? I am smaller, versatile, and I open doors to a much more comprehensive range of fish species.

My smaller size offers fish versatility compared to max 220, 190 and 130, which is aimed more at just larger Bluewater targets.

I will be responsible for targeting species like small tuna, kingfish, bonito, Australian salmon, trevally, tailor, cobia, coral trout, queenfish, mahi-mahi, samson fish, snapper, amberjack, mackerel and so much more. Hey, I’ll even be suitable for targeting jewfish and large flathead in lakes and rivers when worked at slow speeds.

I cast well off the rocks, beaches or river banks, cast from a boat, jigged or even trolled at around 2 metres depth from 2-12 knots and I have also been known to troll at speeds up to a blistering 19+ knots in both calm to rough sea conditions.

I am the Halco Max 110 Lure. The newest member of the Halco Max family. Get one of me into your lure box and start targeting a wide range of saltwater fish the next time you are out on the water.

Capable of catching a list of fish longer than your arm it now boils down to which colour to choose.

If your budget allows for it we suggest going all out and purchasing a range of colours to cover all your bases. However, for those who’s wallets may be a little conservative perhaps due to the other half looking over your shoulder just now observing with keen eyes, if we were to pick a couple of colours from our range for sale it would be hard to beat our best sellers.

H50 Pilchard which mimics one of the most prevalent baitfish in the ocean, H79 Stripey a hot little blue water colour, H51 Chrome gold or H53 White redhead which a bit unusual in colour has always been one of our best sellers and proven fish magnet.

Halco Max 130 Lure

  • Size: 130mm
  • Weight: 80 Grams
  • Hooks: 2x 2/0 Tripple strength Mustad Trebles
  • Troll range of 3 to 12 knots
  • Trolling depth dives to 2 meters +

The 130 mm model has an incredibly streamlined design that gives this lure its winning edge, allowing unbeatable casting distance, super fast trolling speeds and irresistible shimmering action when jigging.

This ripper of lure can troll at speeds of up to 12 knots with minor resistance.

Fishing Tips: When casting the Halco Max 130 into deep water, vary the sink time you allow the lure to sink to varying depths before starting the retrieve this way your lure covers more water where fish could be holding. To gain the best results wind hard and fast working the lure back at speed.

The Halco Max 130 is an excellent lure due to its high-speed characteristics to use on the troll, especially useful when you’re travelling from spot to spot.

Halco Max 190

  • Size: 190mm
  • Weight: 163 grams
  • Hooks: 2x Mustad brand Single 7/0 Hooks
  • Troll range of 2 to 12 knots but can exceed speeds of over 20 knots in the right conditions
  • Trolling depth dives to 2 meters +
  • Main Species targets: Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish and other game fish

At 190mm and around 163 grams, the Halco Max 190 is a formidable weapon for chasing the oceans most significant just beneath the surface. Running at about 2 metres your Halco Max will prove invaluable in your quest for Marlin, Southern Blue Fin and Yellow Fin Tuna.

Complete with two single 7/0 Mustard hooks, hookups will be as secure as releases are clean — a better game fishing lure for catch and release.

While most will troll with a lure of this size, it is also highly suited to jigging and cast and retrieves. Those who chase game from the rocks will find the weight ideal for casting long distances so long as balanced rig used.

Rockhoppers on a mission to find the biggest of Yellowtail Kingfish or tuna from the rocks will find the Halco Max 190 lure perfect for the hunt.

Halco Max 220

  • Size: 220mm
  • Weight: 180 grams
  • Hooks: 2x Mustad brand Single 9/0 Hooks
  • Troll range of 4 to 14 knots
  • Trolling depth dives to 2 meters +

The Halco Max 220 for sale now is big, and it’s beautiful and designed for trolling up big beautiful fish. While it’s a big heavy lure, it’s also ideal for casting from the boat or rocks. It’s a special for big Tuna and big Wahoo, but any pelagic in the general vicinity of your troll zone will attack it with relish.

At 220mm the Halco Max 220 is big. It weighs in at a hefty 180 grams, but it’s sleek and slender lines will see it cut through the toughest breeze if you're casting up a storm from a remote rock platform or way offshore on your favourite vessel.

The sleek profile delivers maximum hook exposure, ensuring the 9/0 twin single inline hooks give every chance to perform. The sleek design also ensures that you can troll your Max consistently in the subsurface with speed, even when the seas are less than forgiving.

Body strength is achieved via high-tech polymer materials, helping to ensure that your investment is more likely to stack up against angry pelagic species with destructive teeth. The large mustard hooks are supported by heavy duty rings, every bit as strong as the Mustad hooks.

Target Kingfish, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo or Mackerel and more. The Halco Max 220 will deliver outstanding results Jigging, Casting and Trolling for your favourite predator.

The Halco Max 220 is a big lure for big fish. Build as strong as an Ox yet as elegant in the water as the most streamlined fish. The Halco Max 220 is a confirmed path to tackling the most aggressive pelagic species from the rocks and from outside the heads.


  • Built tough with strong hooks means there is no need to upgrade your hooks, they are already good enough to tackle most saltwater fish that will eat this bait.
  • Rapid sinking for getting down to the strike zone fast makes this lure ideal for those that wish to do a bit of jigging.
  • Can be worked at a wide range of speeds from blistering fast to slow making it an ideal lure from pelagic through to mulloway.
  • Excellent build quality. Super strong hardware is attached to a body constructed from advanced, high tech polymers. The side walls are reinforced for maximum strength.
  • The heavyweight delivers outstanding casting performance and exceptional stability, even in the roughest of conditions.

Want a fantastic lure for your tackle box? Make it a Halco Max Lure. For sale now at a price that will not break the bank. We deliver worldwide.


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