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Squidgy Wriggler Lures

In Australia, the renowned squidgy wriggler lure is one of the all-time favourites of many fresh and saltwater anglers when it comes to soft plastic lure fishing. The curly-tailed grub style design is considered a top finesse lure due to its deadly fish enticing action.

The wrigglers impressive worm or leech-like swimming action works amazingly on many estuary species, both fresh or saltwater. In the saltwater, species that hit the wriggler with fury include the likes of flathead, trevally, bream and estuary perch. In the larger sizes, you’ll even get snapper and other reef fish. If you’re freshwater fishing, expect bass, trout and a wide range of perch species to make a meal of Squidgy Wriggler Lures.

For Sale here at the fishing tackle shop, we stock several sizes for sale including the 65mm, 100mm or 120mm size Squidgy wriggler lures.

Check out all the features and specifications below then decide on which size you should purchase. The Squidgy Wriggler is going to blow your mind with its incredible results, buy a pack today; you won’t be disappointed.


  • Brand: Squidgies
  • Range: Standard
  • Size: 65mm, 100mm or 120mm (Choose size when placing your order)
  • Materiel: Soft plastic
  • Design: Fish profile body with grub style curly tail
  • Ideal for deep or shallow luring, just use suitable weight jig heads
  • Qty in Packet: See or buyer guide below

Note: Images for illustration only. Price is for one packet only - choose colour/size when ordering. Also note due to nature of soft plastics batch to batch can vary so from time to time there can be variance in colour from images shown.

Squidgy Wriggler Buyer Guide

There are several sizes of wrigglers we sell here at the fishing tackle shop and below we will detail more about each size available in either standard range (plastics only – no tube of s-factor) or pro range (which contains a small container of s-factor scent).

Squidgy 65mm Wriggler (Standard Range)

  • Size: 65mm (overall including stretched out tail)
  • Qty in the packet: 6 Lures
  • Ideally suits most jig heads with hook sizes 6 or 4
  • Best Selling Colours: Bloodworm or Silver Fox

65mm wrigglers are available in standard range only. It’s a killer size fishing lure for bream, bass, perch, whiting and other smaller class of fish in lakes and rivers both fresh or saltwater.

Squidgy 100mm Wriggler (Standard Range)

  • Size: 100mm (overall including stretched out tail)
  • Qty in the packet: 4 Lures
  • Ideally suits most jig heads with hook sizes 1 or 1/0
  • Best selling colours: Bloodworm, Gold Glitter, Silver Fox

The Squidgy Wriggler 100mm size plastic is ideal for working estuaries for species such as Flathead, Trevally and Estuary Perch. The 100mm has even accounted for some impressive Mulloway as an unexpected bi-catch.

The 100mm Wriggler is also an excellent freshwater lure for Bass and Perch species. In the tropics, almost anything with a tail will climb all over the 100mm Wriggler.

Squidgy 120mm Wriggler (Standard Range)

  • Size: 120mm (overall including stretched out tail)
  • Qty in the packet: 5 Lures
  • Ideally suits most jig heads with hook sizes 1/0 or 2/0
  • Best selling colours: Silver Fox, Bloodworm, Drop Bear

The 120mm sized wriggler fishing lure like all other previous sizes are excellent for inshore fishing styles like lake and rivers. Ideal for targeting flathead, big bass, yellowbelly, cod and more. The 120mm size also makes an excellent choice for offshore fishing on shallow reefs for snapper and other reef fish. Up north mangrove jack, fingermark, queenfish or barra will smash them.


  • Squidgy Wrigglers with its long wriggling tail imitate many of our marine and freshwater baits like worms, eels, leeches and a range of other baits. The tail is enticing to any fish out there, fresh or saltwater.
  • The Squidgy Wriggler fishing lure comes in colours proven to be successful in any fishing scenario. Pick a colour when placing your order. See our buying guide if you want to see which colours are our best sellers.
  • The Squidgy Wriggler is excellent value considering you receive multiple plastic lures per packet.
  • By using lighter or heavier jig heads, the Squidgy Wriggler fishing lure is versatile enough to fish all water depths.

The Squidgy Wriggler has a Curly tail and grub style body that is simply irresistible to fish and has proven to be one of the most popular soft plastic lures in the country so be sure to add some to your cart and see what the hype is all about.


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