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Bassday Sugapen Fishing Lures For Sale 58mm/70mm/95mm or 120mm

For over a decade now Bassday Sugapen Lures have dominated as one of our top selling surface fishing lures and why wouldn’t they? A multi-action profile designed for targeting the likes of whiting, bream, Australian bass, perch, barra, mangrove jack, trout and a host of other freshwater and saltwater fish targets all depending on what size Bassday Sugapen fishing lure you choose to purchase (we will detail more on sizes below).

The great thing about the Bassday Sugapen Fishing Lure is that its design offers multiple retrieve options making it quite a versatile option. While the Sugapen is designed to incorporate a walk the dog action across the water’s surface, it also has a small cup face which allows you add some splashes into you action just as you would with a standard popper. If the walk the dog method isn’t tempting your quarry enough to strike try pausing and give the lure a few short tugs and watch the cup face spurt water like a popper giving the illusion of a fleeing prawn or small baitfish, then enjoy the explosive surface strikes the Bassday Sugapen is famous for.

The Bassday Sugapen Fishing Lure comes in an assortment of natural looking transparent colours all proven to perform on the target species. With the Bassday Sugapen Lures unique cup face irresistible colours, life like eyes and quality hooks and Split rings you’re in for some serious action!

Features and Specifications

  • Surface Lure - Floating
  • Among our best-selling surface lures for over a decade
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Quality hardware, split rings and trebles
  • Unique to other walk the dog style lures as it has the added cup face for multi-action
  • Life like eye design
  • Available in either 58mm (4.1 grams), 70mm (4.3 grams), 95mm (8.5 grams) or 120mm (19.5 grams)

Note: Price is for 1x lure only multiple images are for illustration only. Choose which lure you wish to buy when ordering. Prices vary depending on the size you choose.

Bassday Sugapen Buyers Guide

From humble beginnings when only the 70mm size existed, Bassday have since expanded the range born out of the massive success initiated from the original 70mm model. We now have small size through to larger size option in which to choose from. Below you will learn a little on each size and a basic guide on what each size is capable of targeting.

Bassday Sugapen 58 Lure

Is the baby size in the range at 58mm specifically designed for the whiting and bream angler. The 58mm lure works ideally when fished over weed beds and sand flats. Suitable also for freshwater fishing around snags and structure for species such as Australian bass.

Bassday Sugapen 70 Lure

The original and best-selling size the 70mm pattern is an absolute whiting slayer. However, so versatile in size at 70mm it works amazingly in estuaries, lakes and other inshore scenarios. Perfect for whiting, bream, bass, trout, perch and even flathead on surface for those who want to target something out of the square when fishing the shallows.

Bassday Sugapen 95 Lure

So, 95mm is where we start getting a bit of size in the lure, though the profile is still slender making it quite versatile in its ability to be fished inshore or offshore. Peg it at big bream, perch, murray cod, bonito, salmon, tailor, mangrove jack, queenfish, saratoga, tarpon, small tuna, fingermark and trevally of certain species.

Bassday Sugapen 120 Lure

This is the granddaddy of all sugapen’s at 120mm your opening yourself to endless possibilities both inshore and off. Ideal for murray cod, barramundi, kingfish, salmon, tailor, bonito, mahi mahi, small tuna, fingermark, queenfish, mangrove jack, saratoga and other med-large class fish both fresh or saltwater at 19.5 grams this lure could be used inshore, offshore on a boat and even from sheltered beaches or off the rocks when conditions are right.


  • The most obvious benefit with the Bassday Sugapen Lure is its ability to function as a walk the dog style surface lure but also a popper style lure with the options to mix it up between the two styles allowing you to find an action to suit the fishes feeding habits on the day in any situation.
  • The Bassday Sugapen Lures attractive finish has proven to be irresistible to an endless list of fresh or salt estuary species and inshore/offshore saltwater fish.
  • Many tournaments have been taken out with the Bassday Sugapen Lure and it continues to outperform other lures in its class. It’s why this lure is among our top sellers.

If explosive surface action sounds like your cup of tea then add the Bassday Sugapen Lure to your cart. For sale now at a very accessible price.


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