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Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures

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Product Description

Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures Packet

The Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures are a brilliant realistic crab design made specifically for targeting crab eating fish in Australian waters. A finesse bait, the Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures will be tossed and worked for species such as Bream, Bass, Estuary Perch, Drummer, Flathead and more. Of course, if you’re hunting Drummer, expect your work cut out for you as these immensely powerful fish will play hard on light gear.

One of the great features of the Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures is the multiple rigging options. Choose your jig head (not included) and rig to suit the area you are fishing. For example a 90 degree jig hook will be perfect for dragging across heavy structure such as oyster racks. Less cluttered waters will suit a standard Cobra style jig head. Whichever way you rig, you can expect superior, genuine crab like actions that crab eating species will find impossible to resist.

Each crab is infused with a secret formula shellfish scent. Few soft plastic anglers today fish scent free and the reasons are clear. A good, well designed scent turns the fish into eating mode and can often spark an aggressive feeding frenzy.

For those that love finesse style fishing and understand the power of the crab as bait, the Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures will prove a potent force in your lure arsenal and are definitely worthy of a position in the top shelf of your tackle box. Available now in convenient packs of 6 crabs.

Features and Specifications

  • 6 crabs per packet
  • Soft plastic construction
  • Multiple jig head rigging options
  • Scent infused
  • 23mm x 20mm
  • Designed for the finesse angler
  • Suitable for multiple retrieve styles
  • Highly detailed crab design
  • Neutral buoyancy

Note: Price is for 1 Packet only - choose colour when ordering


  • Soft plastic construction creates a superb action mimicking the real thing perfectly.
  • Shellfish formula scent infusion encourages the fish into a feeding frenzy.
  • The multiple jig options allows you to rig based on conditions, be it a small inlet on the ocean rocks or working across the tops of oyster racks.
  • Neutral buoyancy allows the enticer crab to sink exactly as a real crab would sink.
  • Colours are realistic, representing sand crabs, blue swimmers, black brown and olive crabs.
  • The fluttering action of the legs will encourage strikes as it sinks.

Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures Packet is a convenient way to stock up and cover your bases. This is the perfect soft plastic crab and is specifically designed for the finesse angler. Made for Australian fish, your Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures will prove deadly on all fish that love a feed of crab for dinner.

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