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NS Black Hole Amped Fishing Rods

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Product Description

NS Black Hole Amped Rods

Get amped on the N.S Black Hole Amped series that brings a crisp, light feel to the full spectrum of fishing applications. The big news turning angler’s heads is the incredible performance and features at a price that seems too good to be true. If you check out the various niche forums and feedback sites you will see that many Aussie anglers are blown away by the accessible price for such a high performance fishing rod series.

The heart of the series is obviously the blank. The thin profile CF 1115 Carbon Construction Blank is so sensitive you can feel the gravitational pull of distant planets. Well, an exaggeration yes, but you get our drift. It’s like you’re on the sea floor swimming with your lure, such is the feedback, hook to hand. This is what the market, particularly the pros, are demanding. They want to feel everything from structure to the most timid of inquiry.

The blanks a dressed with the best of Fuji. Fuji Alconite K series guides and Fuji Heavy Duty reel seats compliment the pedigree of the blank. Styling is contemporary and certainly eye catching. This is a rod you’ll be proud to hold in any company. The ultra-hard, shaped EVA grips enhance the already exceptional feel, transmitting every piece of feedback to the angler.

The list below will see you covered for everything inshore, from trout and Bass to Bream and Whiting on finesse gear, where the heavy and X-heavy models get you offshore tackling the likes of Kingfish, Spaniards GT’s and the like. At this price, we definitely recommend putting a selection of rods in your trolley to cover a host of your applications. Many anglers are doing just that!

Features and Specifications

  • Blank construction: CF 1115 Carbon
  • Rod Guides: Fuji series K guides (suitable for braid)
  • Reel Seat: Fuji brand
  • Smooth shaped Eva Rod Grips

Note Images for illustration only – slight differences may occur between models. Price is for 1 rod only – select your model of choice when ordering.

ModelTypeLengthPiecesLine ClassLure WeightPower
S-602UL Spin 6ft 2 2-6lb 2-8g Ultra-Light
S-701XH Spin 7ft 1 15-30lb 15-50g X-Heavy
S702L Spin 7ft 2 4-8lb 4-15g Light
S-711H Spin 7ft 1 inch 1 10-20lb 10-40g Heavy

Fishing Applications and Fishing Reel Suggestion Guide

For Models 602UL or 702UL you are positioned well to fish in places such as lakes and rivers . As a light class of rod we recommend pairing either of these 2 models with a 1000 to 2500 size fishing reel.

In regards to NS black Hole Amped models 711H and 701XH as these are at the heavier end of the spectrum they make a great choice for those who wish to fisher heavier inshore so think barra, cod, mulloway and the likes but also ideal for light offshore for snapper and other reef fish. We suggest matching either of these rods upto a 4000-5000 size spinning reel.


  • The light feel takes away nothing from the strength. Put all the hurt into the fish and save your own back.
  • The Fuji hardware not only enhances overall performance but also ensures your NS Black Hole Amped Fishing Rod will see countless fishing adventures with you.
  • Even the heavy and X-heavy rods are incredibly light. The blank diameter is super thin all the way to its connection at the butt. Say goodbye to fatigue.
  • Lengths are ideal for the boat angler but excellent casting manners will see them just as valuable from the shoreline.

Incredible performance for an accessible price. That’s what you get when you purchase an NS Black Hole Amped Rod for sale now. Don’t stop at one. Having a few of these in your arsenal is a sure path to true fishing satisfaction.

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