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Predatek Jabberwok Lure

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Product Description

Predatek Jabberwok Lure for murray cod and barra

The Predatek Jabberwok Lure for sale now, looks like science fiction. Either it’s a military space ship, or it’s a miniature attack chopper from the future. Interestingly, its name comes from the famed Lewis Carroll poem, Jabberwocky, now nearly 150 years old.

Whatever the case, attached to your leader and thrown at Murray Cod, you’ll certainly be turning heads. Importantly, you’ll also be turning your fair share of massive Murray Cod toward the bank or your boat or kayak. True to its namesake’s origins, the Predatek Jabberwok Lure is poetry in motion.

Given the propensity for Cod and Barra to hunt in a similar manner, the Predatek Jabberwok Lure is going to work a treat on Barramundi as well. Word from the manufacturer is that interest is growing all over the world as a weapon for all sorts of predatory fish.

The design spent two years in concept and testing, having originated from customer demand for versatile surface fishing lures for massive Murray Cod. It’s a special for dams, rivers and creeks, and at 130mm (bib in place), it is perfect for a broard class of fish size.

The detachable, interchangeable bib is huge, and is responsible for its amazing Aussie crawl action. The Lure comes fully rigged, including two bibs, one black and one clear. You will also receive a blade attached to the underbelly for colour, movement and noise. The internal beads already create quite the racket, along with the burbling noise the action imparts.

The Predatek Jabberwok Lure is lighting fast to peak action and requires only a gentle retrieve at a lazy 3 knots. This allows for a full day of fatigue free casting. Importantly, the extra-large bib has little to no impact on the cast. Fowling is indeed rare. Also, in a bonus move for convenience fishing, no tools are required to change the bib.

Three trebles, with the option of a fourth, makes them perfect for the Murray Cod. You can also add whatever ‘stimulator’ you like to the rear tow point instead of a treble hook such as adding a squidgy soft plastic. Interestingly you may also consider joining several ‘bib removed’ Jaberwoks together to the main head segment to create one mega cod lure (just be mindful to the maximum number of hooks you can legally have attached in your state or territory)

It’s noisy, big, symmetrical and floating. It’s available in a range of colours and designs and the fit-out is top shelf. The Predatek Jabberwok Lure for sale now, is Australian developed and about to become your go-to topwater lure for Australia’s most iconic fish duo. You have to have a Predatek Jabberwok Lure in your kit.


Features and Specifications

  • Body Length: 110mm
  • Weight: 52grams
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Hooks: 2/0 trebles
  • Rings: 5.5H
  • Depth: Surface
  • Speed: Up to 3 knots
  • Action: Splashing paddle
  • Target species: Murray Cod or barramundi in Australia but possibilities are endless overseas.
  • Supplied with 2 bibs (1x black, 1x clear) so you can change as desired


  • Noise is critical. The Predatek Jabberwok Lure makes plenty of noise using several different methods. Internal beads and the action in the water, together with the supplied blade are loud and attractive.
  • The multiple tow points provide the angler with options for adding more hooks for a more secure hook-up or teasers such as soft plastic fishing lures.
  • As the lure is floating, anglers can get close and personal with snags and structure, the loungeroom of Cod and Barra, with less chance of underwater fowl ups.
  • The hooks run symmetrically. This assists with action and at strike time.
  • At 52 grams, you can cast considerable distance, therefore opening up your hunting zone, while keeping you a stealthy distance from your prey

The Predatek Jabberwok Lure is truly an unusual lure to behold. There’s cutting edge, stealthy through-line to the Predatek range of lures that is carried over to the Jabberwok. This is a lure any Barra and Murray Cod angler simply must have.

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