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LUCKY DIP CLEARANCE - Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank Fishing Lure

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    Product Description

    Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank Fishing Lure - (Lucky Dip Clearance)

    Note: price is for 1 lure...  final clearance. Colour option  and depth has now been disabled.


    Now here’s a precision crank that adds plenty of weight to the old adage that good things come in small packages. The Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank Fishing Lure is a finesse crank that guarantees the fish will be licking their chops and cranked into a frenzy. The bass will go crazy for these little guys and so too will your favourite estuary species like Bream and Flathead.

    Daiwa Presso rolling crank lures only weigh of 3.5 grams for deep and 3.2 grams for the shallow model and have a length of 32mm. Although they are only small their casting qualities are outstanding. Designed for fishing light you will love the accuracy and maximum casting length. Yes. They’re little masters, punching well above their weight when it comes to hitting your target.

    The highly refined Presso Rolling Crank has a tight wobble action. There is a mid-running model and a deep running model to chose from when you order. If you buy yourself a selection of colours from both depth ranges you will have yourself a small Presso arsenal, perfect for adapting to ever changing conditions and feeding patterns of your target species.

    The design and finish of the Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank Fishing Lure is immaculate. It is easy to see that Daiwa have employed the same meticulous attention to detail and precision manufacturing as they employ on all of their market famous products. They are top shelf class all the way to their SaqSas super sharp, high penetration trebles.

    One can’t imagine a Bream anglers tackle box without a selection of Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank Fishing Lures. Don’t be fooled by their appearance, they only look expensive, they are far more affordable than many of their competitors. On the water, selection counts, so make sure you put a least a couple of Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank Fishing Lures in your shopping trolley.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Shallow Model: (MR) Weight 3.2 grams dives to 1.3 metres

    ♦   Deep Model (DR-SF) Weight 3.5 grams dives to 2 metres

    ♦   Length: 32mm

    ♦   Type: Floating

    ♦   Comes ready to cast with SaqSas super sharp, high penetration trebles

    Note: Images are for illustration purposes only, all lures come rigged with hooks and price is based on one lure only -  NOW SOLD BY LUCKY DIP ONLY - depth and colour as it comes at this crazy clearance price (price is for 1 lure only)


    ♦   Brilliant on our favourite species in the salt and a legend Bass magnet for all you freshies.

    ♦   Excellent casting properties so you can get your lure smack bang in the strike zone every cast

    ♦   2 models to choose from when ordering that are depth specific so you can find the target wherever they’re swimming.

    The Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank Lure is a must for all hard bait lure fans. Designed and manufactured with the insight and knowhow of Daiwa, this lure will be a killer on Bream and Bass. This is the perfect addition to your light weight kit. Beautiful to cast, fabulous action in the water and nothing but deadly on your scaly opponent.

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