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(LUCKY DIP CLEAR OUT) Spanyid Sniper Vibe Fishing Lures - 6 Grams Size

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    Product Description

    Spanyid Sniper Vibe Fishing Lure (60mm / 6 gram) 


    With every new lure that hits the shelves there’s a chorus of, “wow, what’ll they think of next?” Is it ever possible that lure designers will run out of new ideas? Is there any way we fishing lure junkies can stop buying them? The answer is no. We can never get enough, and if it means having to build a new wing on the shed to house them all, then so be it. If there’s any habit that’s worth having, it’s a lure habit. And just when you thought you had a handle on it Shimano have sprung a new one on us that will no doubt feed our insatiable addiction. The Spanyid Sniper Vibe Fishing Lure (60mm / 6 gram), Is a perfect all-rounder. He’s no bench player though, you want this guy on the field for the kick off.

    This is one versatile, happy hybrid plastic and it’s perfectly suited for fishing all depths. It’s the kind of lure and swimming action that will inspire the most lethargic, diet conscious, wall flower of a fish to run over his mother so he can take a bite before his mates do. The 60mm, 6 gram will have Bass, Bream, Flathead and Redfin breaking ordered ranks to own this bait.You have to love a lure that tempts a strike before you’ve even done anything.

    Slow lift, slow roll or hop and wind. You can vary your action depending on conditions and depending on the moods of your target. This is a fabulous hybrid vibe, it’s available in a selection colours to choose from when you order and is UV-enhanced. He’s rigged and ready to roll replete with super strong hardware for lasting durability. Best be grabbing a few colours if your budget allows!

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Type: Vibe, hybrid plastic

    ♦   Length: 60mm

    ♦   Weight: 6g

    ♦   Hooks: VMC treble

    ♦   Action: Slow lift, slow roll, hop and wind

    ♦   Material: UV-enhanced PVC plastic

    ♦   Mostly suited to light fishing in lakes, estuaries, bays and shallows.

    Note: Images for illustration purpose only - price is for 1 lure only



    ♦   The Spanyid Sniper Vibe gives you the versatility you need when you need to work different depths.

    ♦   The variation in action expands your range of available tactics.

    ♦   These guys are made tough, so they will handle the knock in the most rugged aquatic environments.

    ♦   The perfect all-rounder for when you just can’t make up your mind what to target.

    Make some room in your tackle box because the Spanyid Sniper Vibe is going to demand its own special spot. They look absolutely fantastic and once you’ve stopped staring at it, he’ll do amazing tricks on the end of your line. He’s deadly on all your favourite species from the rivers, lakes, bays, harbours and inlets. The Spanyid Sniper Vibe. Looks so good you’ll want to bite it yourself. Order one or a handful now.

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