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Westin Hypo Teez Lures | Top Lure for jewfish, barramundi, salmon and more 01:16
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    Westin Hypo Teez Lures | Top Lure for jewfish, barramundi, sal...

Westin Hypo Teez Lures

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Product Description

Westin Hypo Teez Lures (Packet of 5 Lures)

The Nords have a connection to fishing that is truly ancient. The Vikings have relied on fishing the oceans of the North since the first Vikings set sail. Fish have fed their bellies as they have fed their culture. Now, self-confessed modern day Vikings and lure geniuses Westin Lures, have created a fusion of a millennia of Scandinavian fishing tradition with cutting edge technology to create a soft plastic fishing lure that will surely see a rapid clean out and restock of your tackle kit. The Westin Hypo Teez is a plastic fishing lure of incredible class and performance and is set to thrust Westin lures to prominence here in Australia.

We would like to define a target range for our customers. We would like to be specific about what fish you can target with your Westin Hypo Teez fishing lure and where so you can refine your lure browsing and hone in on a purpose based selection. We can say without being trite, flippant, dismissive or obtuse that if it has scales and it swims it will devour your Westin Hypo Teez. Here’s why.

The construction is outstanding. The design comes from a 3D scan of a fish and, all will agree, it really does look like a bait fish right down to the fins. The paddle style tail is the only hint that it is a lure and not the real McCoy. The action is superb thanks mainly to the innovative seam or articulation just in front of the anal fin. The whole tail section has such a life like action that it has to be seen to be believed. It is so easy to use with a simple wind and pause retrieve. Even at snail pace, the action is incredibly enticing. Testing demonstrated that strikes were indeed most likely on the pause. Westin Lures has already seen the Hypo Teez heaped with international praise and a prestigious award winning the best new soft lure at Efttex 2014.

The Hypo Teez will change the constitution of your tackle box. The Westin Hypo Teez really is a must for serious anglers everywhere with some of the top target species being Australian salmon, kingfish, mulloway, snapper barramundi and any other predator that will have a good go at a 5 inch size soft plastic lure.

Features and Specifications

♦   Model: Hypo Teez

♦   Length: 5 inch

♦   Price displayed is for 1 packet (Contains 5 lures)

♦   Optimized flexibility

♦   Realistic Eyes

♦   Lifelike design taken from a 3d scan of a smelt

♦   Body is tapered with a joint in the tail for providing a better tail action

♦   Holographic type belly foil (on selected models)

♦   Paddle tail with impressive action

♦   Hand painted



♦   Jewfish, Big Flathead, Kingfish, Salmon, Jacks, Trevally, Snapper, and Murray cod. Saratoga, Barramundi… There’s no need to go on really the Westin hypoteez lure will be a perfect profile and sized lure to target these species.

♦   The tapered body with tail-joint has as good an action as the best lure you have ever used. Fish will go crazy for it.

♦   The easy action paddle tail provides incredible action even at the slowest speeds. Lift and drop, wind and pause, and you will get hit for sure.

♦   The colours are sensational. There is no doubt there are several that will be perfect for your favourite haunt.

The Westin Hypo Teez may well be the best thing since sliced bread. The hype is true. The results don’t lie. The Hypo Teez fishing lure will catch you more fish, more often. Go ahead add a packet or so to your shopping cart today.


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