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Tiemco Creepy Shrimp Fishing Lures

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Product Description

Tiemco Creepy Shrimp Lures – Packet of 5 Fishing Lures

There’s no end to the shrimp or prawn style soft plastic fishing lures dripping from the shelves of tackles stores. Every now and then something comes along that breaks the mould and begs to be cast. The Tiemco Creepy Shrimp Lures look incredibly realistic when deployed. The long silicon legs and antenna look so much like the real thing, they simply cannot be ignored by any self-respecting predatory fish.

The Tiemco Creepy Shrimp Lures will suit the finesse angler. Light weight 7 ft rods armed with a 1000-2500 size spin reel, spooled with 2 to 6-pound line. Various rigs are appropriate and will determined by target, location and conditions. Hence, the Creepy Shrimp, sold in packs of 5, does not come rigged. Common Targets such as Bream, Flathead and Whiting in the Salt, and Bass, Perch and Trout in the fresh stuff will respond well when the Creepy Shrimp is worked via a drop shot rig or simple Carolina rig. For other methods, an appropriate jig head would be size 4 to 2.

It is difficult to overstate the just how real these guys look. The slightest of tip work can impart tremendous life into the Tiemco Creepy Shrimp Lure. It swims beautifully and can walk along the bottom in a very realistic manner. The sink rate is incredibly slow, you stay in the attack zone longer. As the silicon extremities will move beautifully with no action imparted from you, expect strikes on the drop and on the pause. The Tiemco Creepy Shrimp Fishing Lure is impregnated with shrimp flavour, so the fish is likely to hold the lure in its mouth longer on attack, before he realises he’s been duped.

Great for the saltwater fishing and in the freshwater as well, the Tiemco Creepy Shrimp Lures for sale now is a must have for the finesse angler looking to entice the most cautious of fish. Grab a packet or two now.

Features and Specifications

  • Size:  38mm
  • Buoyancy:  Very slow sinking
  • Construction:     Soft plastic, with silicon
  • Pack Size:  5 lures per pack (sold unrigged)
  • Jighead hook size recommendation:       4 – 2 (sold separately)
  • Best used on Line class: 2 – 6 pound (finesse)
  • Suitable for river and lake fishing in freshwater or saltwater. Ideal for so many species it’s impossible to list but common targets include bream, bass, flathead, trout, whiting, perch.

Notes: Sometimes batches can vary slightly in colour slightly so please refer to images for reference only there may be some slight variations.  Price is for 1 Packet only. Choose colour option when ordering.


  • Ultra-realistic appearance, flavour and action ensures aggressive interest from fish.
  • Performs brilliantly pit against a host of fresh water and salt water species.
  • An outstanding fishing lure for the sports minded finesse angler.
  • Super slow sink rate means you stay in the strike zone longer. Great for when the fish misses the hook on the first strike.
  • The variety of appropriate rigs allows anglers to refine a rig to get the most out of the lure while fishing to conditions

Tiemco Creepy Shrimp Lures offer super realistic shrimp / prawn action. Made with the renowned Tiemco innovation and craftsmanship, your Creepy Shrimp will offer another creative and deadly weapon to your finesse lure arsenal.

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