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River 2 Sea Glassie Vib Fishing Lure

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Product Description

The River 2 Sea Glassie Vib Fishing Lure

The River 2 Sea Glassie vib fishing lure is a clear resin solid vibration bait holographic in design with a hint of colour.

River 2 Sea Glasie Vib fishing lures come rigged (image is just for illustration purposes) with 3x Strong VMC treble fishing hooks and come complete with the internal foil covered weight system which allow this fishing lure to have a buoyancy controlled swimming action. The River2Sea glassie vib fishing lure is a vibration bait that expels vibration similar to that of the fish distress.

The River 2 Sea Glassie vib fishing lure is perfect for use in large impoundments and can be used in rivers, lakes, or even fished over shallow reefs.

Some common fish species that this lure will be suited for include: Bream, Bass, Sooty Grunter, Taylor, Yellowbelly, Trout, Redfin, Small Mackerel, Snapper and more.

A hint to using the River 2 Sea Glassie Vib is to attach the lure to the leader (6lb or greater) with either a loop or a straight knot. From the boat, cast in a forward arc and allow the lure to rest on the sea bed. Gently wind up the slack line and holding your rod at about the ten o’clock position; sharply raise the rod to about the twelve o’clock position then let the lure settle on the bottom again, wind up the slack and repeat the process. More often than not, the fish will grab as it glides the sea bed. This method greatly increases your chance of landing a larger fish.

Features and Specifications

  • Size of lure is 50mm
  • Weight of lure is 9.5 grams
  • Vibration bait
  • Holographic in design with a hint of colour

Note: Images for illustration only. Price is for 1 lure. Select colour option when ordering



  • As the size of this lure is 50 mm in length this means the River2Sea glassie vib fishing lure is a great all-round size of targeting many fish species.
  • With a weight of 9.5 g the River2Sea Glassie Vib fishing lure can be cast a mile when using light line classes.
  • A vibration bait design with a holographic/colour finish means that vibrations will pulse through the water attracting the attention of many predatory fish.

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