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Kokoda Bat Surface Walker Fishing Lures

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Product Description

Kokoda Bat Lure - Surface Fishing Lure

There’s a bunch of fish that release a collective cheer of anticipation as the first signs of summer breach the promise of spring. These fish know that very soon the cicadas, and a host of similar type bugs, will crawl from the ground and become increasingly active as they search for mates. Many a cicada will seek love by the rivers, hell bent on a quick romance to ensure propagation of the next generation. The Hapless Cicada however, delirious in lust, is prone to falling in the water, flapping about like a damsel in distress and inadvertently becoming a living smorgasbord with a inbuilt dinner bell, screaming to all the predatory fish in the general vicinity.

Bass,Yellow Belly, Redfin, Perch, Saratoga, and even the likes of Mangrove Jack and black bream all come to the table with a firm knowledge that herein lies an answer to their insatiable hunger. This is such good news for the angler because Kokoda has The Bat Lure that looks exactly like a cicada floundering in the water. The shape and colours are perfect but it’s those vinyl wings and internal ball bearings that create a phenomenal commotion on the top water that translates simply to, “eat me.” For most anglers, there is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing your lure snatched from the surface by a monster predator.

The Kokoda Bat Lures are a must for your summer lure kits when you’re heading out to hunt the rivers. Listen for the sounds, if the cicadas are singing, it’s time to rig up your Bat.

Features and Specifications

  • Weight/Size: Bat-5gms/5cm
  • Type: top water
  • Hooks: 2 x treble
  • Soft vinyl wings
  • Cicada shape and profile
  • Suitable for Australian Bass, Yellowbelly, Perch, Redfin, Mangrove Jack, big black bream etc.

Note: Images for reference only – 1 lure only for price displayed. Choose colour when ordering.


  • The shape, wings and internal rattles create an incredible ruckus on the top water drawing fish, already attuned and waiting, to the commotion.
  • With the wings out the silhouette from of the Kokoda Bat Fishing Lure is more or less identical to a cicada from the perspective of a predator approaching from beneath it.
  • The Kokoda Bat Lure is incredible robust and durable. The hooks and rings are of excellent quality and ready to take significant punishment.
  • Few fishing lures can match the thrill of using the Kokoda bat. It’s a summer time guarantee.

Make sure you have a least 1 bat in your fishing lure kit for your summer time river fishing. This way when the bugs hit the air you will be fishing with the flavour of the season and all of your predatory targets will have an eye out for the hapless cicada. They’re for sale now and a must have.

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