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Juro Firebait Shrimp Lures

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Product Description

Juro Firebait Shrimp Lures – Prawn Style fishing Lure (Packet)

If we were to take a poll of anglers across Australia asking them to tell us the best all round natural bait for the broadest range of fish, both size and species, the answer would no doubt be the prawn and that’s because it is. Even vegetarians like the Luderick are known to take prawns readily.

It’s no wonder then, that just about every lure manufacturer under the sun has tried, with varying degrees of success, to replicate the prawn in the perfect lure. Check the shelves, they’re full of plastic prawns of all descriptions with pretty astonishing claims. Well, there is another on the market. The Juro Firebait Shrimp Lures not only look a heck of a lot like a prawn, they also behave very much like one as well. That is indeed the differentiator. There are plenty of prawn look plastics on the market but it’s the Juro Firebait Shrimp Lures that actually behave like one.

It’s kind of difficult to list the targets you might seek out with your Firebait Shrimp Lure. With decades of fishing behind us, we can’t really think of a species that would reject the humble prawn. Let’s just say, all of your favourite inshore species from Bream, Whiting and Flathead to your freshies such as Bass and Estuary Perch are going to fall over themselves to have a go at your Firebait Shrimp Lures. Then action is superb and the fish confirm this. We suggest you grab a couple of packs and hit your favourite haunts for a mixed bag. The Juro Firebait Shrimp Lures are for sale now and available in a packet of 8 lures.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 80mm
  • 8 lures per packet
  • Genuine prawn action
  • Will suit several size jig heads
  • Available in natural colours
  • Ideal for lakes, rivers, stream and more to target species like flathead, flounder, perch, bass, bream and so much more.

Note: Image is for illustration only – Price is for 1 packet. Please choose the colour you prefer when ordering here at fishing tackle shop.


  • All the benefits of a live prawn without having to spend the time collecting them.
  • Taking several size jig heads means you can adapt your Firebait Shrimp to suit the conditions or target.
  • An excellent lure for a nonspecific target. Perfect for hunting the mixed bag.
  • The superb action will encourage aggressive strikes ensuring a more solid hook up.

Collecting live prawns can be fun, if you have the time. For those of us that don’t, you need to get the Juro Firebait Shrimp Lures. They look like a prawn and act like a prawn, this fish won’t have a clue meaning far more fish for you.

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