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Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures

Fishing Tackle Shop is the home of fishing lures. We have so many lures for either saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing and we can help you fill your tackle box for less!
Below you can browse through our range of fishing lures by either style of lure or to make it easier for you we also have listed many popular fish species towards the bottom of this page where you can view our range of fishing lures suitable for that specific species.

We have it all! Lures for bass, barra, trout, marlin, tuna and so much more. Shop Now
  • Hard Body Lures
    Hard Body Lures

    Hard Body Lures

    Hard Body Lures are a hit with anglers because they can mimic live bait and entice pretty much any fish species including a few names such as barra, bream, and tuna to bite on your line. On this page, there are fishing lures for sale that will let you dive deep or stick close to the water’s surface. So, whether you need cheap lures or more expensive tournament style hard bodies, you will get exactly what you need here. Buying lures online couldn’t be simpler than with the Fishing Tackle Shop.

    Small and large hardbody fishing lures - poppers, stickbaits, divers and more. Shop Now
  • Soft Plastic Lures
    Soft Plastic Lures

    Soft Plastic Lures

    Fishing with soft plastic Lures is highly effective because your lure will mimic types of food that fish like to eat. That appeal will result in a higher rate of fish biting your hook. Then it is up to you to reel in the fish. This is where you can find a diverse selection of soft plastics for sale here at fishing tackle shop available for eye-opening prices.

    Huge range of soft plastic fishing lures & jig heads in all the popular brands. Shop Now
  • Blade Lures & Vibe Fishing Lures
    Blade Lures & Vibe Fishing Lures

    Blade Lures & Vibe Fishing Lures

    Blade fishing lures - Since the release of the Ecogear VX blade fishing lure this style of lure seems to have become the flavour of the season. Bladed Fishing Lures have become one of the biggest selling hard lures in recent times and they are a fantastic lure choice for bream and bass fisherman. However, these Fishing Lures are not just limited to catching Bream and Bass, they will catch many fish species.
    Bibless minnow Vibe Fishing Lires - We carry brands of bibless minnow fishing lures such as Jackall Lures, Cultiva by owner, Ecogear and river 2 sea. These lures are great for estuary fishing or fresh water fishing for a host of fish species some just to name a few such as bream, bass, cod, flathead.

    Blade lures and vibes for freshwater and saltwater fishing in lakes, rivers bays etc. Shop Now
  • Metal Spinning Lures
    Metal Spinning Lures

    Metal Spinning Lures

    Spinning Lures - Spinning lures are a metal body fishing lure designed for catching many fish. You normally cast the metal spinning lures out wait a few seconds and then retrieve the lures at a fast pace. You can use metal spinning lures from the rocks, beach, boat etc. Buy online in our online fishing store brands such as Halco, Spanyid Sniper or Raider lures, Riley's lures, Gillies Lures and more.

    Big range of metal spinning lures for fishing from the rocks, beach or boat. Shop Now
  • Trolling & Game Fishing Lures
    Trolling & Game Fishing Lures

    Trolling & Game Fishing Lures

    Trolling and game fishing can be extremely effective when you want to catch fish quickly. Drawing your fishing line through the water behind a boat can help you catch the likes of kingfish, mackerel, marlin, tuna, dolphin fish and other game fish species. Of course, you still need to buy the right game fishing lures to be a success.

    Trolling lures & game fishing lures - skirted lures, divers and bibless. Shop Now
  • Jigging Lures - Deep and Micro Jigs
    Jigging Lures - Deep And Micro Jigs

    Jigging Lures - Deep And Micro Jigs

    For Sale – Check out our range of Jigging Lures – Micro Jigs & Deep Jigs in various brands, shapes and styles including slow, vertical and micro. If you own a boat and fish off the ocean then this lure range is something you should definitely look into.
    Jigging is undergoing a renaissance thanks to the rise of micro jigging, light, slow and deep jigging. The enticing vertical motion of jigging has now been enhanced for specialised and highly effective performance. Discover the leading makers of fishing jig lures and why you need to know about these fantastic pieces of gear below.

    Deep and micro jigging lures for fishing off a boat - See our deals and range here. Shop Now
  • Squid Jigs
    Squid Jigs

    Squid Jigs

    Squid Jigs – Best Squid Jigs Squid fishing continues to grow in popularity as more and more anglers appreciate the challenge. You might come up empty-handed in your first couple of attempts, but you will be amazed at the satisfaction you will experience when you do succeed. To help you perform, we point you towards the best squid jig for your needs.

    Squid jigs and squid poles in an abundance of brands from cheap through to premium brands. Check them out. Shop Now
  • Cheap Fishing Lures
    Cheap Fishing Lures

    Cheap Fishing Lures

    Lure fishing is an angling technique that you can experience without having to shell out for extremely expensive gear. Bait fisherman often like to learn how to fish with lures because it can save them money on constantly replenishing their live bait. Here is where to find an affordable pack of fishing lures that will not drain your budget.

    After cheap fishing lures? Find our clear out specials or just our basic cheap lures here. Shop Now
  • Spinnerbaits


    Check out our range of spinnerbaits for sale below. Especially suited to freshwater fishing for bass, perch through to murray cod.

    Spinnerbaits are a great freshwater fishing lure. Check out our range for sale. Shop Now
  • Bulk Fishing Lure Value Packs
    Bulk Fishing Lure Value Packs

    Bulk Fishing Lure Value Packs

    Bulk Fishing Lures For Sale – Buy In bulk and Save, Plus take the guess work out of picking the best fishing lures.
    A bulk pack will give you a large stash of extremely effective fishing lures for when you need them most. Losing the last of your best fishing lures in a tense battle is immensely frustrating, but it can easily be avoided when you order multiple lures in a bulk pack. Purchase a bulk pack of fishing lures online, including soft plastics, surface poppers, metal lure value packs, boat lure kits, and more

    Buy fishing lures in bulk here and save see our offers and online only deals here. Shop Now
  • Fly Fishing Flies
    Fly Fishing Flies

    Fly Fishing Flies

    Welcome to the world of Fly fishing Flies for sale at Fishing Tackle Shop. Like the plastics and hard bodies of all shapes and sizes, there is a dazzling array of fishing flies with which to feed the fish and your fly fishing passion. Saltwater and Freshwater Files. This category is dedicated to the fly angler. This section is set to grow as more and more fly anglers visit our online fishing store to restock their kit.

    Check out our range of saltwater and Freshwater Flies for sale here. Shop Now
  • Celta Fishing Lures
    Celta Fishing Lures

    Celta Fishing Lures

    Into trout? Check out our range of celta style lures for sale below. The're also ideal for other freshwater fish species as well such as perch, bass and more.In the salt you can expect to target bream and flathead in the shallows. Below is our range for sale.

    Celta fishing lures are a trout favourite – Also great for a host of other species. Shop Now

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