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Fishing Lures


Fishing Tackle Shop is the home of fishing lures. We have so many lures for either saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing and we can help you fill your tackle box for less!

Below you can browse through our range of fishing lures by either style of lure or to make it easier for you we also have listed many popular fish species towards the bottom of this page where you can view our range of fishing lures suitable for that specific species.

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Blade Lures and Vibe Fishing Lures

Blade lures and vibes for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

hard body fishing lures

Small and large hardbody fishing lures - popers, divers and more!

Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

Huge range of soft plastic fishing lures & jig heads in all the popular brands.

Metal Spinning Lures for Fishing

Big range of metal spinning lures for fishing from the rocks, beach or boat.

Squid Jig Fishing Lures

Squid jigs and squid poles in an abundance of brands. Check them out!

Trolling Lures, Skirted Lures, Bibless minnows and more

Trolling lures & game fishing lures - skirted lures, divers and bibless.

Jigging Lures

Deep and micro jigging lures for fishing off a boat - See our range here.

Spinnerbait fishing lures

Spinnerbaits are a great freshwater fishing lure. Check out our range!

Celta Fishing Lures

Celta fishing lures are a trout favourite – Also great for a host of other species.

Bulk Fishing Lure Packs

Buy fishing lures in bulk here and save.

Cheap Fishing Lures

After cheap fishing lures? Find them here.

Fly Fishing Flies

See our range of saltwater and Freshwater Flies for Sale here


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So many lures to choose from -  Fishing Tackle Shop stocks a massive range of fishing lures in a wide variety of brands. I’m only going to list a few in the paragraphs below as otherwise I could just about fill the whole page.

Brands of Fishing Lures we stock - Some of the popular fishing lure brands that we carry are Halco lures which are an iconic Australian fishing lure company, Ecogear lures which are a fishing lure brand known for winning tournaments, Rapala lures known across the globe as one of the best fishing lure manufactures in the world, Berkley lures that have produced a number of awesome saltwater lures and freshwater lures including their famous Berkley Gulp and if you are into trolling we stock Pakula lures, we have lures by Shimano, Yamashita, River2Sea and this is just the tip of the iceberg we stock so many more brands.

Freshwater Lures and Saltwater Lures - If you’re into fishing whether it be in freshwater streams and dams angling for trout, Australian bass, yellowbelly etc...  in impoundments chasing barramundi, or saltwater fishing in lakes chasing a feed of flathead, in the rivers hunting bream or offshore targeting species such as snapper, marlin or tuna, whatever you can think of… Fishing Tackle Shop has you covered with our wide range of fishing lures that will fill your fishing lure box for less!