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LIVETARGET BAITBALL Series- Glass Minnow Jerkbait 00:53

Live Target Baitball Fishing Lure - Glass Minnow Jerk Bait 120mm

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    Product Description

    Live Target Baitball Jerkbait Minnow Lure - 12cm

    This fantastic new innovation is just one of a new design range of lures from Live Target that represent a revolutionary way of thinking about bait fish and how we represent them artificially.

    Before we look at the 12cm jerk bait model listed here, let’s have a look at the concept and how reflecting on observations of bait fish behaviour has refined and enhanced lure design.

    We know and have observed that bait fish school tightly together for safety and survival. They remain so tightly packed in these ‘bait balls’ that it is often impossible to distinguish individual fish.

    We also know that those bigger fish that prey on them attack these ‘bait balls’ with an aim to divide and conquer. Even when divided by an attacking predator, the bait fish will look to reform in the incredible tight formation. Following the attack by the predator, they pair up then look to form a larger school with others.

    Live Target have taken this naturally occurring survival instinct and turned it into a lure. The live Target Baitball Lure series is are lures that do not display just one fish, but display two or more, as they would appear to predators, and us for that matter, in their natural protective formation. The concept is simple and a naturally occurring reality. Predators attack schools of fish as their chances of getting a feed a greatly increased.

    The results on the water have been incredible. Predatory fish are annihilating these lures. So much so, the Live Target Baitball series is winning awards already. The Live Target Baitball Jerkbait Minnow Lure - 12cm is an amazing glass minnow Jerkbait.

    While they were developed in the States, they will be devoured by Australian species such as Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Tailor, Australian Salmon, Kingfish, Bonito, Mulloway and big Flaties.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Style: Jerk Bait glass minnow

    ♦   Size: 12cm

    ♦   Weight: 5/8oz

    ♦   Depth: 3 to 4ft

    Note: Images for illustration purpose only, price displayed is for 1 lure make your colour choice when ordering.



    ♦   Present your bait as it would naturally occur in its protective school.

    ♦   The Jerkbait erratic retrieve looks so amazingly natural in its representation of a bait fish.

    ♦   This is a new concept in lures is well considered, developed and tested and, is already winning awards for its success on the water.

    ♦   It attracts some of Australia’s most loved and targeted species.

    ♦   The colour range is perfect for a multitude of Australian applications.

    For those of you that demand the absolute cutting edge of new technology, the Live Target Baitball Jerkbait Minnow Lure - 12cm is totally it. Buy and test the latest in design. This lure is the result of the observations and considerations of the pros. It is taking the market by storm for one reason only; it’s is catching a hell of a lot of amazing fish. Jump on the bandwagon and get yourself



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