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Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada Lure

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Product Description

Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada – An awesome lure for targeting Australian Bass and other freshwater native species.

There is something about prey on the surface that sees predatory fish put in that little bit extra effort and attack with serious anger. For the angler, this provides the most thrilling spectacle as even the smallest Australian Bass will lead with heavy weight punches well beyond its featherweight capacity.

The Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada is a master lure for those anglers wanting to hunt the lure thieving matted vegetation that holds any number of predators waiting to strike. Fishing the surface for Bass and even Bream in the salt or brackish water means getting up real close and personal with structure. Be it hardwood or vegetation, this is where the fish live and hunt, so it’s up to the angler to get right inside the comfort zone of the fish which is, often, well outside the anglers comfort zone. Many a lure has been left behind in this territory but the Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada lure is bred for it.

Cast with purpose at the weeds and reeds knowing that your Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada fishing lure will return to you every time, often with a fish attached. The action of the Cicada wings does all the work, creating such a din, fish can’t possibly resist. It’s very easy to work and very forgiving, as the hook is protected from the snags. The hook becomes exposed when the fish strike, as the hollow body compresses exposing the ultra-sharp hook. The aggressive attack often means a strike will become a hook up. The Fish Arrow Cover Cicada lure is tried and tested and very successful with Bream and Bass and all other species that attack bugs on the top water. You owe it to yourself to have a selection of colours available as soon as the summer hits and the air fills with the buzz of Cicadas.

Features and Specifications

♦   Depth: Surface

♦   Length: 35mm

♦   Weight: 3.5gms

♦   Very easy to work

♦   Snag resistant design with weedless hook included

♦   Suitable For Bream, Australian Bass, Perch and any other Australian fish that eats insects as part of their staple diet.Suitable For Bream, Australian Bass, Perch and any other Australian fish that eats insects as part of their staple diet.

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♦   The snag resistant design allows you to throw your Fish Arrow Cover Cicada to where normal lures would never return.

♦   The hollow construction collapses on strike ensuring the razor sharp hook penetrates deeply and securely.

♦   The wings do all the work for you. Simply cast and retrieve and your baby cover will cause a commotion that draws fish from a significant distance to investigate.

♦   At 3.5 grams this lure demands you fish light so have an excellent landing net on hand as despite its diminutive appearance, will attract pretty big fish

Shoot your Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada into the most diabolical tangle of weeds, lily pads and snags and watch it draw out the scaly residence, snag and weed free. Your Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada is a magnet for all of those species that take bugs from the surface.

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