Ugly Stik Fishing Rods Gold Series

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Ugly Stik Fishing Rods For Sale – For River, Lake, Surf and Boat you name it!

With thousands of fishing rods for sale in the marketplace one is left to wonder which one to buy. Well, if your one of those anglers who perhaps gives your fishing gear a little rough and tough or you are shopping around for a solid rod that doesn’t break as easily as the more modern designed graphite rods then keep reading. It is the Ugly Stik Fishing Rod range that will be of interest to you.

The range we sell online in this listing is the Ugly Stik Gold Series, packed full of innovative features. Some of those stand out features include Fuji Real seats, Aluminium oxide braid friendly fuji guides but the biggest standout is that the blank used in construction is triple built incorporating a fibreglass core and Parallel fibres that are then infused with a special resin. The end result is a rod that is sensitive but ultra-tough. So much so that Shakespeare claim that they are close to virtually indestructible within normal fishing parameters.

The range we sell is vast. We have Ugly Stik fishing rods for boat, beach, rock, river and lake as well as a couple of specialist models. We will detail more on each in our buyers guide further below.

Features and specifications

  • Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gold Series
  • Triple built blank using Howald process
  • Super strong fibreglass inner core
  • Graphite shaft fibre outer layers
  • Fuji Reel Seats
  • Fuji Rod Guides
  • New construction process that offers impressive stiffness, strength and taper
  • We sell models for beach, boat, rock, river, lake and more

Note: Price is for 1 rod only and prices will vary depending on the model selected when ordering. Images of the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gold rods in this listing are for illustration only. Some slight differences may occur between models.

Features and Specifications

ModelSuits Reel TypeLengthLine ClassCast weightPcs (construction)ActionSuggested Reel sizeMain Use
USG-SP702L Spin 7ft 2-4kg 8-24g 2 Light 2000-3000 River/Lake
USG-SP662M Spin 6ft 6inch 3-6kg 8-35g 2 Med 2500-3000 River/Lake
USG-SP602M Spin 6ft 4-8kg 9-48g 2 Med 3000-4000 River/Lake/light boat
USG-SP662BWMH Spin 6ft 6 inch 8-15kg 18-110g 2 Med-Heavy 6000-8000 Offshore Boat
USG-SP702GPM Spin 7ft 6-10kg 12-88g 2 Medium 5000-6000 Heavy inshore or offshore boat
USG-SP702BWH Spin 7ft 10-20kg 25-190g 2 Heavy 6000-14000 Offshore Boat
USG-SP802M Spin 8ft 6-10kg 15-28g 2 Medium 6000 Rock/General Purpose
USG-SP1002GPMH Spin 10ft 6-10kg 20-100g 2 Medium 6000-8000 Rock/Beach
USG-SP1202GPH Spin 12ft 8-12kg 30-150g 2 Med-Heavy 6000-14000 Beach
USG-SP 361UL Spin 3ft 6 inch 1-3kg 7-18 grams 1 Light 1000-2500 Kayak inshore
USG-SP 401M Spin 4ft 3-6kg 9-45 grams 1 Medium 2500-4000 Kayak inshore
USG-SP 601MH Spin 6ft 8-15kg 15-95 grams 1 Heavy 6000-8000 Boat Offshore
USG-OH 561H Overhead 5ft 6 inch 10-15kg 25-130g 1 Heavy Med-Lge Overhead Boat Offshore
USG-OH 661M Overhead 6ft 6-8kg 15-86g 1 Medium Small-Lge Overhead Boat Offshore
USG-OH 601XH Overhead 6ft 10-15kg 20-100g 1 Heavy Med-Lge Overhead Boat Offshore
USG-SP561H Spin 5ft 6 inch 15kg/PE3 25-150g 1 Medium 5000-6000 Jig Spin Offshore Boat
USG-SP561XH Spin 5ft 6 inch 24kg/PE5 150-350g 1 Med/Heavy 6000 Jig Spin Offshore Boat
USG-SP561XXH Spin 5ft 6 inch 37kg/PE8 250-400g 1 Heavy 6000-10000 Jig Spin Offshore Boat
Travel 664TRVM Spin 6ft 6inch(travel length 61cm) 3-6kg 9-45g 4 Light-Med 2500-4000 Travel Inshore
Travel 704TRVM Spin 7ft(travel length 71cm) 5-10kg 12-85 4 Medium 4000-6000 Travel heavy inshore and med offshore

Ugly Stik Fishing Rods Gold Series Buyer’s Guide

You might be a little confused on just what fishing rod you need and there are many in this listing to choose from. Don’t despair, we here at fishing tackle shop love to go above and beyond to assist our customers, that’s why you will note that where possible we try and create buyer guides on our listings to help the angler cut through all the jargon. The end goal is to help you, the buyer, make a more educated decision. The last thing we want is for you to end up with the wrong rod. Our buyers guide will take away much of guess work. However, if you still need further advice simply contact us.

Ugly Stik Lake and River Options

Starting off at the lighter end of the spectrum, Model 702L or 662M are our bestselling models for light freshwater or saltwater inshore fishing applications. Perfect for lake and river fishing as well as suited to harbours or inlets to target commonly found light class of fish such as trout, perch, flathead, whiting of course anything else in the spectrum considered light.

Model 602M is a medium action fishing rod in which to some degree be considered as a semi all-rounder with its line rating of 4-8kg. You’re are positioning yourself to target heavier inshore species such as mangrove jack, large flathead, barra through to being suitable in its ability for certain light offshore applications like bait fishing for snapper and other reef fish. Lastly, we should also mention that model 602M is also a popular choice of rod for kayak fisherman due to its reasonably short length and versatility it provides.

Ugly stik Gold Surf and Rock Rod Options

For those after a durable rod for beach fishing it’s hard to go past model 1202GPH. At 12ft in size it’s a length that provides performance and distance you’ll need to cast that little bit further. The versatility of the 1202GPH makes it a brilliant all-round performer with an ability to target a wide range of surf gutter species from bream, sand whiting and dart through to Australian salmon, tailor, small shark and the silver ghost otherwise known as the illusive mulloway.

Model 1002GPMH at 10 feet in length makes this rod an ideal multipurpose beach and rock fishing pole. If you regularly do a bit of both styles, then this is the model we strongly recommend covering the crossover of scenarios. Target all the saltwater fish species mentioned above plus kingfish, cobia, mackerel and a whole host of other rock fishing favourites.

Model 802M is a general-purpose fishing rod. Perfect for fishing on sheltered beaches where distance isn’t too important. Model 802M is also ideal for general rock fishing, break walls and in some cases could also be considered for heavier estuary fishing styles.

Kayak Rod Options

It’s no secret Ugly Stik make quite an impressive range of rods and this even extends to a small range of kayak rods. For this purpose, we have a couple of models available for sale. Choose either 361L or 401M for inshore river and lake fishing from a kayak. Another suitable kayak fishing option available is the model 602M if you don’t mind a little extra length.

Model 361L will see you in a position to target bream, whiting, Australian bass, perch, flathead and perhaps trout. Model 401M or 602M is for heavier inshore work targeting anything ranging form barra, flathead, snapper and a broad range of other mid class fish species.

Kayak fishing is already huge and continues to be a growing market. Manufacturers are bending over backwards to create and supply both the domestic Australian and international market with all sorts of kayak equipment and the angler is not forgotten. Ugly stik is well known for high performance. They are leaders of innovation to meet the demands of ever evolving sports including kayak fishing.

Ugly Stik kayak rods are the result of creative thinking meeting a practical demand. Kayaks are confined spaces, and standard-length rods, even short ones, can be very awkward to manage. At a touch over 3 and a half foot, the 361L addresses this problem with classy simplicity or there is also the slightly longer 4ft model. Shortening the rod to this extreme doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of Ugly Stik performance, it just makes it a heck of a lot easier to fish from a kayak.

Travel Rod Options

Going on a fishing holiday? Or in search for a portable fishing rod to keep in the back of your car or campervan? Choose Model 664TRVM if lighter inshore applications are your scene, lake and river fishing or super light offshore work included. The Model 664TRVM is a 6ft 6 inch rod when put together however when packed down the size is 61cm in its supplied tube (or 54cm packed size without the tube).

If you are into heavier boat fishing offshore or heavy inshore fishing, then we suggest buying the portable Ugly Stik fishing rod model 704TRVM. Portable size of the 704TRVM model comes in at 71cm when in its supplied tube or 60cm rod only without tube. (Note it is only both the travel rods that come with basic plastic tubes. All other models do not come with a tube).

Offshore Boat Fishing

Jigging Lure enthusiasts are covered with models USG-SP561H, USG-SP561XH or USG-SP561XXH catering medium to heavy jig applications. Either of these three models are not only ideal for jigging but also double up as suitable bottom bashing rods. If you wanted to you could also use them for some basic trolling with spin gear. So, whether you are targeting kingfish or samson fish on metal knife jigs, trolling for smaller species of tuna or mackerel found in the countries north or bait fishing the reefs for snapper, emperor fish and other reef favourites the Jig spin models are absolute brilliant piece of kit for offshore boat fishing.

Offshore boat fisho’s take note, other boat models we sell are 702GPM or 662BWMH which suit general boat fishing or if hard and heavy your scene then model 702BWH makes an great choice, especially on northern Australian reefs such as Swains Reef. Though pay attention to the fact model 702BWH is still a bit tippy in action. So, may not be ideal for all types of fishing on Swains but being tippy makes it perfect for targeting many offshore fish species back down south too.

Lastly, whilst we have plenty of spin rods for sale, overhead anglers are not forgotten. We have a few different line classes to choose from in our overhead rod range. Simply work out how heavy you’re fishing and pick the best match. All overhead fishing rod models sport powerful actions for offshore fishing. You can bait fish the bottom, drift the sand flats, or employ light trolling techniques.


  • All Ugly Stik fishing rods for sale are built ultra-tough through an exclusive Howald process. Its super hard to break and Ugly Stik.
  • All rods in the series are built with quality Fuji brand rod guides ideal for braid or monofilament fishing lines. Epoxy coated guide feet are designed to protect and withstand the elements and provide protection from damaging UV rays. These rods are built to last.
  • Classy in design they match well with all new modern fishing reels.
  • Grips are tapered to offer extra comfort.
  • A much better option for anglers that have a history of breaking straight high modulus graphite rods. You don’t have to worry as much about high sticking an Ugly Stik Fishing Rod.
  • Ugly Stik gold rods previously were double built but now the new series that we sell on our listing here at fishing tackle shop have undergone a refined manufacturing process including the fact that all blanks are now triple built.
  • If you choose to purchase one of our two-piece options or one of our travel rods, portability is convenient.
  • First designed in the 1970’s Ugly Stik have well over 30 years of history under their belt. Their reputation rests on delivering high quality and performance fishing rods at a price point that most anglers can afford and deliver they have.

All things considered, whether you are fishing the beaches, spinning off the rocks, bottom bashing the reef, if you want a brilliant rod that offers sensitivity, strength, durability for an affordable price then your going to be hard pressed to find anything better than an Ugly Stik Fishing Rod.


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