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Penn Regiment Fishing Rods - Black Ops Series

Looking for a quality boat rod or inshore fishing rod? Head straight to the top shelf with the Penn Regiment rod series. All spinning rods in the range are designed with incredible strength, without compromising the light weight feel we have all come to demand in contemporary rod design.

Fuji K guides have been included to complete the package ensuring you have long, accurate, tangle free casts time and again. Ergonomics have been a top consideration with the introduction of comfortable EVA grips . Check the range and specs below. There is definitely one, two, or maybe a handful of the Regiment range you won’t be able to live without.

Features and Specifications

ModelTypeMain UseLine ClassLengthSectionsCast WeightSuggested Reel Type
702L Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 2-4Kg 7ft 2 5-25g 2500 Spin
722ML Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 3-6Kg 7ft 2 inches 2 7-28g 2500-3000 Spin
702M Spin Lake, River, Medium Inshore 4-8Kg 7ft 2 10-50g 2500-4000 Spin
792M Spin Light Offshore, Medium Inshore 5-9Kg 7ft 9 inches 2 (grip Joint) 10-50g 4000 Spin
701MH Spin Heavy Inshore - Med Offshore 6-10Kg 7ft 1 12-58g 4000-5000 Spin
722MH Spin Heavy Inshore - Med Offshore 6-10Kg 7ft 2 inches 2 (grip joint) 10-74g 4000-5000 Spin
762M Spin Snapper / Light Offshore Boat/ Heavy inshore 6-10Kg 7ft 6 inches 2 (grip joint) 10-74g 4000-5000 Spin
701XH Spin Offshore 8-15Kg 7ft 1 18-85g 5000-6000 Spin
792H Spin Offshore / Heavy inshore spin 15-24Kg 7ft 9 inches 2 (grip Joint) 50-110g 6000-8000 Spin
922MH Spin Rock/Beach 6-10Kg 9ft 2 inches 2 10-74g 5000 Spin
OH601H Overhead Offshore 10-15Kg 6ft 1 20-100g Overhead 30/50
JSP631 PE1-3 Jig Spin Offshore PE 1-3 6ft 3 inches 1 Max 150g 4000+
JSP631 PE2-4 Jig Spin Offshore PE 2-4 6ft 3 inches 1 80-200g 5000+
JSP510 PE5-8 Jig Spin Offshore PE 5-8 5ft 10 inches 1 200-400g 5000+
  • Penn Regiment fishing rods are boat and heavy inshore spin rods
  • Series : New Penn Regiment Black OPS
  • SLS graphite blank for incredible strength and lightweight feel
  • Fuji K guides with Alconite inserts reduce wind knots and line from wrapping around the guide frame
  • Fuji reel seat
  • EVA Handles

Note: Price is for 1 fishing rod only – Select your choice from our order menu – Images for illustration only – some slight differences may occur between models

Penn Regiment Rods Buyer’s Guide

After the success of their traditional offshore boat Regiment rod range, Penn has expanded Regiment to include a variety for a wider angle of fisherman. There are now light tackle models and heavy-duty spin rods in addition to what was previously only a boat rod range. Below we have broken it up for you.

Light Spin Models – For Lake River and light inshore applications, the Model 702L will be your perfect choice for anglers chasing bream and trout, while 722ML is an excellent allrounder that can take care of flathead or any other type of light class fish you may come across. The last model in the lake-river Regiment series is the 702M for anglers chasing fish inshore that may dish out a little more punishment than your average pan-sized fish.

Shore Spin Options – if you need a fishing rod with the appropriate length for shore spinning then models to consider are Penn Reginment 792M and 792H. Either of these rods will suit this type of activity well, but we recommend going with model 922MH, which performs better when spinning from beach or rock platforms.

Boat Fishing Rods - For those anglers that hit the local reefs and sand flats for snapper, flathead, morwong and other common reef fish, the 722MH or 701MH will be your ideal choice. What's great about either of these two rods, though, is they could double up as a heavy inshore rod for the lakes and rivers for those that target murray cod or jewfish.

702M or 701MH are ideal for fishing with med-larger soft plastic lures, hardbodies, spinning lures, light jigs, and bait.

The three jig spin models we sell are ideal for anglers who want to do some sporty fishing on their local reefs. They also make fantastic bottom bouncing and trolling rods with spinning reels, so they're just about perfect no matter what type of fish you're after offshore.

601H Overhead is ideal for anglers that leave the spin reels in the closet and prefer to fish in overhead style. This model is suited best for offshore fishing.


  • All graphite blank offering incredible strength and power without sacrificing the lightweight feel plus extra sensitivity and bite detection is achieved.
  • Fuji Alconite K guides for super smooth cast and retrieve reducing tangles and knots.
  • Designed specifically for outstanding casting quality.
  • SLS graphite blank is lightweight and sensitive with superlative strength.

The Penn Regiment rod series is designed for the serious angler to hunt down and catch all sorts of fish. So, if you're looking inshore or offshore action, this might be your ticket! These powerful blanks have been decked out with some exclusive inclusions that only a master like Penn could come up with. Add one to your cart now.


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