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Shimano Revolution Rods For Sale

Exceptional quality needn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Shimano Revolution Rods series for sale now epitomises high-performance, affordable fishing rods. The following list of Revolution models covers a vast range of inshore, coastal, rock, saltwater boat and beach fishing applications.

All Revolution rods sport graphite blanks and come complete with quality fittings, including Fuji K guides (on most models) for exceptional line management and blank integrity, then are completed off with custom EVA rod grips.

New Revolution Rod Design

The latest series of Shimano Revolution Rods has undergone a cosmetic makeover, resulting in a spectacular look. The thin diameter blanks in black and gold colour scheme are sure to catch the eye. The combination of reel seats, grips and Fuji components gives the new Shimano Revolution fishing rod series a high-tech appearance.

High Sensitivity and Responsiveness

Whatever your chosen Shimano Revolution Rod model is, the strength equates the brilliant feel, sensitivity and responsiveness. The blanks have thin diameters for fatigue-free fishing yet sacrifice nothing in brute power. Ergonomic Shimano butts with custom EVA grips deliver a connected feel, ensuring you remain in touch with every movement your lure, bait or hook-up makes.

The Shimano Revolution Rod 2023 Model

There’s a Shimano Revolution Rod in this 2023 release list designed especially for you. Do yourself a favour and purchase a selection to feel the Revolution consistency across your fishing applications. The Shimano Revolution Rods for sale now tick all the performance boxes at a price that won’t hurt the bank. Buy yours now.

Features and Specifications

Model No. Main Use Full Lenth Travel Length (approx) Line Rating Cast Weight (g) Sections Grip Type Suggested Reel Model
23REV541DEEP Offshore boat (suits electric reels) 5ft 4 inches 106cm PE8 N/A 2 Bent Butt Electric Overhead Reels
23REV7102SWSP Offshore boat 7ft 10 inches 124cm 8-15Kg 30-90g 2 B / Split (Long Rear Grip) 6000-8000
23REV742SWSP Offshore boat / Heavy Inshore 7ft 4 inches 116cm 6-12Kg 10-45g 2 B / Split (Long Rear Grip) 5000-8000
23REV742LSP Light Inshore / Lake / River 7ft 4 inches 116cm 1-4Kg 1-7g 2 A / Split (short rear grip) 1000-2500
23REV722SP Med Inshore / Lake / River 7ft 2 inches 113cm 3-7Kg 7-25g 2 B / Split (Long Rear Grip) 2500-4000
23REV661SP Med Inshore / Lake / River 6ft 6 inches 198cm 4-8Kg 4-8g 1 B / Split (Long Rear Grip) 3000-5000
23REV702SP Light Inshore / Lake / River 7ft 111cm 2-4Kg 1-7g 2 A / Split (short rear grip) 1000-2500
23REV6102SP Light Inshore / Lake / River 6ft 10 inches 108cm 2-5Kg 3-10g 2 A / Split (short rear grip) 1000-3000
23REVT643SP Travel / Heavy Inshore / Lake / River 6ft 4 inches 72cm 6-10Kg 10-25g 3 B / Split (Long Rear Grip) 4000-5000
23REVT703SPML Travel / Light Inshore / Lake / River 7ft 79cm 3-5Kg 7-21g 3 A / Split (short rear grip) 2500-3000
23REVT723SPM Travel / Heavy Inshore / offshore boat 7ft 2 inches 81cm 5-10Kg 10-40g 3 B / Split (Long Rear Grip) 4000-5000
23REVT743SPH Travel / Heavy Inshore / offshore boat 7ft 4 inches 82cm 10-15Kg 20-80g 3 B / Split (Long Rear Grip) 6000-8000
23REVT764EGI Travel / Squid fishing 7ft 6 inches 66cm 3-6Kg 1.5-3.5 Sjig 4 A / Split (short rear grip) 2500-3000
23REVT764SPL Travel / Light Inshore / Lake / River 7ft 6 inches 66cm 2-4Kg 2-8g 4 A / Split (short rear grip) 1000-2500
23REVT904SP Travel / Surf / Rock 9ft 78cm 6-10Kg 20-80g 4 Image N/A 6000-8000
  • 24-30 Ton Graphite construction rod blanks (Toray brand graphite)
  • Comfortable EVA Shimano Custom grips
  • Fuji K Series rod guides on most models with Alconite inserts
  • We sell models in travel rods, beach and rock rods, light spin models and heavy offshore models

Shimano Revolution Rods Buying Guide

There are several main categories in the Shimano Revolution Rods line. We offer a variety of travel rods and rods designed for offshore boat fishing, coastal lake angling, and river fishing. Please see below for more information on the Shimano Revolution Rods that are available for purchase.

Shimano Revolution Travel Rods

Check out the Shimano Revolution Travel Rod range if you enjoy fishing while travelling. These lightweight and portable fishing rods are incredibly responsive for their class and are available now at the Fishing Tackle Shop.

There are a few rods in this field, and all you need to do is pick the one that best suits your application, add it to your shopping cart, and make a purchase.

If you plan to go light inshore river and lake fishing, you must check out the 703SPML or 764SPL Revolution travel rods. These rods are rated light and are perfect for fishing in lakes and rivers to target bream, bass, flathead, and other common estuary fish species.

For a heavier inshore approach, Take a look at the 634SP. This model is ideal for northern Australia; however, it also makes great inshore rods for lakes and rivers chasing mulloway or works well as an offshore rod for light fishing for snapper and other reef fish.

If you plan offshore or serious inshore fishing, you should consider purchasing the 732SPM or the 743SPH. The 743SPH is especially suitable for catching larger fish like kingfish, queenfish, trevally, coral trout or mulloway.

Travel Model 904 Spin is an excellent rod for rock fishing and other shore-based applications.

Shimano Revolution Inshore Rods

Not forgotten are the inshore anglers of Australia. We have both finesse and mid-class models for sale.

Inshore Model 6102 is the new Bream Spin of the older series – Yes, undoubtedly, the rod is for the bream angler, but if you’re not into bream, don’t let the name of this rod put you off. It’s an estuary rod that will cater to many angling choices where lakes and rivers are local. Think not just bream but whiting, trout, bass, flathead and perch.

For those looking for a little extra length, a 702SP model (7ft) is also available for sale. This option is also excellent for fishing in Australian lakes and rivers for light sport fish.

Are you into ultra-light fishing? The 742LSP rated for 1-4Kg is perfect for whiting anglers who use small pencil lures or bream anglers who toss small curltail soft plastics.

Anglers targeting larger inshore fish can choose from 661SP and 722SP, providing extra power for chasing species like tailor and flathead.

Heavy Inshore / Light Offshore Rods

We’re big fans of the Shimano Revolution Heavy Tackle Rods. For that matter, we love the whole Revolution series. However, seeing a boat rod of this pedigree, half the price of comparable models in some cases, reminds us that Shimano is looking after their fans.

Heavy Spin Model 7102SP is an excellent choice for fishing local offshore reefs with big soft plastics and large vibes. Rated 8-10 kg, It’s an excellent rod for a wide range of offshore fishing styles as well as heavy inshore. 7102SP is a teriffic rod for inshore river mulloway.

Heavy Spin Model 742SWSP – The perfect all-around rod. Excellent for casting lures and floating baits. It covers many applications at a 6-12kg rating, from targeting snapper and reef fish to mackerel, mahi-mahi, australian salmon, tailor, bonito and other mid-weight class fish subsurface whether from the bank or the boat.

Offshore Model Deep Drop

There are serious rewards for fishing deep offshore. Fishing the canyons, steep drop-offs, the edge of the shelf, in fact, most blue water 90 meters and beyond, can deliver a fascinating range of fish, many of which are profoundly good on the table, Pearl Perch, Gemfish, Hapuku, Blue Eye Cod, being just a couple of prime fish examples.

You will also find aquatic species, including those that traverse the many depths of the water column on the hunt for lunch. Tuna of all sorts frequent the depths to whet your appetite further.

Fishing deep is notoriously hard work. Jigging or bottom bashing the dark depths is a physical strain in anybody’s language. A couple of long drops and some violent jigging are followed, hopefully, by subsequent catches, which can feel like a couple of hours at the gym. You can do yourself a big favour and remove tremendous effort using the right kit.

The Shimano Revolution Deep Drop 541DEEP is one such rod for electric fishing reels that sets you on the path to strain-free bottom bashing.

Shimano Revolution Rod Benefits

  • Shimano Revolution Rods feature Toray Graphite Blanks, which offer exceptional sensitivity and strength with a lightweight, thin diameter for outstanding performance across the board.
  • Fuji K guides deliver excellent line management, offering greater protection with friction-killing inserts.
  • Custom EVA grips provide comfort and confidence as the ergonomic design turns the Revolution into an extension of your arm.
  • The Shimano Revolution Rods series looks spectacular. From tip runner to butt to the black and gold colour design, your revolution will stand out in a grown and perform every bit as good as it looks.

Buy A Shimano Revolution Rod Online

The Shimano Revolution Rods are currently available for sale and are considered the best option for affordable performance. Whether you enjoy beach or rock fishing or prefer casting from your boat, you will find a Revolution in this list that suits your needs. Additionally, when you purchase these rods from the fishing tackle shop, you will receive competitive pricing and delivery from a company that has been shipping fishing rods for over 19 years.


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