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Shimano Taipan Rod - Fishing Rods For Sale

The Shimano Taipan Rod series has been a massive hit in the market again after a cosmetic makeover, and it is looking sizzling hot. Performance is equally impressive.

The Taipan fishing rod retains the classic action it was born with, which is ideally suited to the bait angler. The integrated fibreglass tip combines perfectly with the graphite blank.

While perfect for fishing flesh baits, this blank configuration makes the fishing rod an ideal selection for the novice and intermediate angler not utterly comfortable with the behaviour of full graphite. For the rough fisherman, tough on gear the Shimano Taipan rod is nigh on essential.

Sporting all quality components we have a Shimano Taipain rod for fishing in the rivers and lakes be it fresh or saltwater and we also stock a range of offshore boat and surf rods in the range line up too.

If you love Shimano quality but don’t have a massive budget, then check out our range of Shimano Taipan Rods for sale below. They’re highly affordable.

Features and Specifications

Model Main Use Line Ratings Length Sections Travel Length Suggested Reel Size
762 Snapper Offshore Boat 6-10Kg 7ft 6 inch 2 Approx 3.8ft 4000-6000 Spin
602SP Lake, River, Light Inshore 2-4Kg 6ft 2 Approx 3ft 1000-2500 Spin
602MSP Lake, River, Med Inshore 3-6Kg 6ft 2 Approx 3ft 3000-4000 Spin
682SP Lake, River, Light-Med Inshore 3-5Kg 6ft 8 inch 2 Approx 3.4ft 2500-3000 Spin
802GP Rock General Purpose 6-10Kg 8ft 2 Approx 4ft 6000-8000 Spin
1203 SURF Beach Fishing 6-10Kg 12ft 3 Approx 4ft 6000-14000 Spin
  • Designed primarily for bait fishing
  • G.I.F.T – Graphite with integrated fibreglass tip
  • Full Shimano Custom EVA Grips
  • Fuji O Guides
  • Model 2021 and current release. (please note any reviews on our wesbite prior to 2021 are for the older model)

Note: Multiple Images for illustration only. Slight differences may occur between models. Price is for one Shimano Taipan rod only. Price varies depending on which model you choose to order.

Shimano Taipan Rods Buyer Guide

Let’s go through the Shimano Taipan Rod models for sale now and discuss in brief about each model we sell to help you make the correct purchase decision.
We have a few different styles in our line up from light river and lake to offshore boat and fishing off with general purpose rock and Taipan surf fishing rods.

Taipan Boat Rods

The Shimano Taipan boat fishing rod is back and looking sharper than ever with its brand new look. The Taipan has always been a rod designed for anglers that prefers to cast flesh baits. The action is perfectly suited for fishing baits and therefore ideal for those anglers who steer away from lures in favour of anglers looking for a bait specific rod to keep in the boat when nothing will do but a big chunk of Squid.

Speaking of Squid, the 762 rods is the ideal Snapper model and no Snapper worth his salt will turn down a well presented Squid. Either whole or in chunks.

The Taipan boat fishing rod is more versatile than simply a stick for poking at Snapper however. Strung up with 10kg line, your 762 can take on a whole world of aggressive beasts, from the bottom to the sub surface fish species.

Taipan Lake River and Light Fishing Rods

The 602SP will be a perfect selection for the lakes and rivers, hunting everything from Flathead, Whiting, and Bream in the saltwater, to trout and Bass in the fresh.

The 602MSP and the 682SP are ideal for larger species in the inshore saltwater.

The Shimano Taipan Light-Med Spin models are in every way a performance rod designed for the average weekend angler looking to fish in class and style. From your boat, kayak or on the land Shimano Taipan Light-Med Spin Models 602SP, 602MSP or 682SP are tough to beat in its class.

Taipan General Purpose and Surf Rods

The 8ft general-purpose model will perform brilliantly on the rocks and in the surf. It’s an exclusive for rock walls and break walls and excellent when chasing a larger class of fish from jetties and wharves.

The beauty of the GP rod is that when you are chasing the likes of Bream and whiting from estuary banks and the like, the fishing rod is by no means overkill. Weight down for as much sport as you can handle.

The length of the 12ft surf model provides all the leverage you need to get out beyond the last line of breakers or away from the rock ledge into the front of the wash, where tailor Salmon and Mackerel are feeding.

The same 12ft fishing rod will have all the sensitivity you need for hunting the gutters for Whiting without sacrificing the power you demand for Mulloway from the same gutter.


  • The Integrated fibreglass blank is ideal for the novice and intermediate angler still not confident with full graphite. They are harder wearing and the solid tip is less likely to meet with an unfortunate accident.
  • The Taipan action is all about fishing flesh baits making it perfect for the traditionalist or weekend angler that is less inclined toward lure fishing.
  • The Fuji hardware defines the class of the Taipan. Comfort, performance and durability make it the go-to workhorse for the average angler.
  • The new styling is superb. The taipan cuts a figure that puts it in a cosmetic pedigree well beyond its price tag.

If you love Shimano quality but don’t have a massive budget, then buy a Shimano Taipan Rod. They’re an extremely affordable fishing rod.


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