Silstar Crystal Power Tip Fishing Rods

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Silstar Crystal Power Tip Fishing Rods

The signature trait of a Crystal Power Tip rod is the innovative blank driven by power and sensitivity. Silstar has blended graphite and fibreglass to deliver precisely those qualities. Independent testing has even gone so far as to prove these blanks to be amongst the strongest in the world.

To get a clear idea of why they are so strong, you need to look to the solid strands of fibreglass running in layers from the butt of the rod to its tip. At the very top of the rod, the clear tip possesses remarkable strength and flexibility.

Silstar then extends the quality of the rod to the elite components from Fuji. These include a cushioned reel seat and aluminium oxide guides. This quality is what makes Silstar Crytal Power Tip fishing rods so effective.

Silstar Crystal Power Tip will leave you astonished by the level of performance you get for such an affordable price. The entire Crystal Power Tip range rests on packing innovative features into every rod.

For sale at fishing tackle shop, we sell models like the 602SPXL, 602SPM and 702GPL for light class inshore fishing within lakes and river systems through to a 1202 model for surf fishing. See more about the models we sell directly below.

Features and Specifications

ModelLengthLine Class RatingActionMain Uses
602SPXL 6ft 2-5kg Extra Light Inshore, lake & River
602SPM 6ft 4-7kg Medium Inshore, lake & River
702NT 7ft 2-5kg Extra Light Inshore, lake & River
702GPL 7ft 4-7kg Light Inshore, lake & River
702GPM 7ft 6-8kg Medium Med-Heavy Inshore & Light-med Offshore
802GP 8ft 6-8kg Medium Rock fishing, general purpose
1202SFM 12ft 8-12kg Medium Beach or rock fishing
  • Model: Silstar Crystal Power Tip
  • Guides: Fuji Aluminium Oxide
  • Reel Seat: Fuji Cushioned
  • Blank: Graphite fibreglass composite blank – extra strong
  • Solid Tip
  • Contoured EVA rod grips
  • Two-piece construction (splits in half for travel)
  • Type: Compatible with spin reels only

Note: Price is for one single Rod only. The price will differ depending on what model you select when ordering. All images are for illustration only; slight variances may occur.

Silstar Crystal Power Tip Fishing Rods Buyers Guide

At Fishing tackle shop, we sell power tip rods that cater to beach, rock, light offshore and general everyday lake and river fishing. Here in our buying guide we will detail a little further on each model we sell and provide some handy tips for reel size suggestions.

Model 602SPXL

A Silstar PC-602SPXL will give you an extremely lightweight spinning rod measuring a length of six feet.

The extra-lightweight action has a line weight of 3-5kg which makes the 602SPXL suitable for light river fishing, lake or stream fishing.

Some widespread species the 602SPXL will be outstanding to fish for include: whiting, bream, flathead, trout etcetera.

Spinning reel sizes that we would recommend for the 602SPXL are 1000, 2000, 2500, 20 or 25 sized spin reels.

Model 602SPM

The 602SPM makes a fantastic medium action fishing rod which can be used well in rivers, dams, and lakes for all the usual light-class fish species found in those situations. With a fishing line rating of 4-7kg, you could also use the 602SPM as an ultra-light boat rod if you wanted to have some sporting fun.

The suggested fishing reels to match up to the 602SPM Silstar Crystal Power Tip fishing rod would be a spinning reel in sizes 25, 30, 40, 2500, 3000 or 4000.

Model 702 NT

The PC-702NT differs considerably from its closest counterparts in the Silstar Crystal Power Tip range. Rather than being an all-rounder, the PC-702NT has been engineered specifically as a nibble-tip rod. This tip will give you the time to let fish mouth the bait without running the risk of scaring them off.

Model 702NT with its 2-5kg line rating is the ultimate extra light fishing rod for fishing supremely light in lakes and rivers.

Our suggestions on reel sizing for the 702NT model are either a 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000, 20, 25 or 30 sized spin reel.

In terms of high-end components, this Silstar rod features Fuji aluminium oxide guides and cushioned reel seat. The rod also consists of contoured EVA grips and winding checks. Not only does it look the part, but also it has the performance.

Model 702GPL

For a great all-rounder style fishing rod for fishing in a river, lake, bay, harbour dam, stream or light boat this Silstar Crystal Power tip rod is one fishing rod you should have in your collection. Ideal for a wide range of light-med classification of fish.

Spin reel size suggestions include: 25,30, 40, 2500, 3000 or 4000.

Model 702GPM

Silstar 702GPM Crystal Power Tip Fishing rods are a medium action 6-8kg 7ft rod ideal for heavy inshore fishing. Fishing the lake and river is where the 702GPM will excel for a larger class of fish like big flathead, barramundi, mangrove jack or mulloway. There is also enough versatility in the 702GPM for use offshore as a medium action offshore boat fishing.

Best spin reel sizes to suit the 702GPM rod are: 5000, 6000, 60, 650, 65, 4500 or 5500.

Model 802GPM

As an 8ft, 6-8kg line rated fishing rod, the 802GPM makes an excellent general purpose spin rod for fishing break walls, rock ledges, jetties or for any other heavy inshore purpose. Spin for salmon, tailor, bonito, kingfish, or whatever else you so desire.

We suggest pairing the 802GPM up to a 6000, 650, 4500 or 5500 sized Spinning reel.

Model 1202SFM

At the very top of the Silstar Crystal Power Tip range is the PC-1202SFM. This particular rod is the longest of any Crystal Power Tip, measuring in at a complete length of 12 feet.

The Silstar Crystal Power Tip 1202SFM fishing rod will make a sturdy beach rod that will enable you to be able to wrangle with fish like bream, dart, whiting, salmon, tailor, mulloway and even small sharks.

Suitable sized spinning type fishing reels that will go well with the are: 8000, 10,000, 65, 70, 75, 80, 90, 95 650, 750, 850, 950, 6500 or 7500 sizes.


  • Underpinning the performance of the graphite and fibreglass blank is a reassuring 12-month warranty. Components are not covered unless the problem is to the blank. However, there is unlikely to be manufacture issues with high-quality components.
  • Have confidence in the firm but sensitive fishing rod blank crafted from composite materials and renowned as one of the strongest in the world.
  • Fuji aluminium oxides guides and a cushioned reel seat are components that significantly boost the already impressive quality and durability of the Silstar Crystal Power Tip Fishing Rods.
  • Taking the two-piece rod travelling will be simple as it can be compacted.
  • Colour scheme looks visually impressive. Matching winding checks and contoured EVA grips further contribute to appearance.

All in all, Silstar Crystal Power tip fishing rods are highly impressive and available for a fantastic online deal here at the Fishing Tackle Shop. Add one to your basket for outstanding quality and advanced features.


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