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Shimano Raider Rods For Sale

Any angler that hasn't been asleep for that last decade will know the Ian Miller designed Shimano Raider rods series. The 2021 release promises a few improvements and style changes, but with the continuation of all the same quality build and actions, you have expected. Historically, many have considered the Raider series an entry-level rod. Miller himself (Although the Shimano-Miller partnership has now ended) suggests that with the progression of the series, the Raider is beyond entry-level status and what he would term "your first 'serious' rod."

Reading through the specs, it's easy to see where he is coming from. At the price level, this is some serious, quality kit yet very affordable.

Each rod is constructed and refined to suit a particular application, whether casting at the racks for Bream or casting light, soft plastics for Flathead. Each Raider fishing rod is durable yet very lightweight.

2015 saw the return of Fuji guides and a style makeover that retains the brilliant bronze colour yet presents a rod that looks like a custom job in the top-tier pricing bracket. While the travel series is still under 2015 design, the Raider 21 replaces all else and now sports Fuji Fazlite guides and an enhanced 30T Toray graphite blank.

Shimano cork grips have a phenomenally sensitive feel and transmit action at the hook end better than any other material. The 21 series sees the retention of cork grips on the majority of models.

The Shimano Raider Fishing Rod Models are priced to get you out on the water and experience fishing with advanced technology. Raider rods have always been about making better technologies accessible to all anglers.

It's time to up your game when it comes to fishing. Shimano Raider rods are the way forward for anglers of all levels, with tens of thousands of Aussie anglers already using them. For an excellent price, you can grab some quality equipment to ensure any fish on the hook feels like they're being caught by a pro (even if we say so ourselves).

Features and Specifications

Model Type Main Use Line Class Length Sections Cast Weight Grip Type Suggested Reel Type
6102 Flathead Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 3-5Kg 6ft 10 inches 1 7-15g Cork Split Rear Grip 2500-3000 Spin
762 Bream Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 2-4Kg 7ft 6 inches 2 3-12g Cork Split Rear Grip 2000-2500 Spin
722 Bream Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 1-4Kg 7ft 2 inches 2 1-10g Cork Split Rear Grip 1000-2500 Spin
721 Bream Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 1-4Kg 7ft 2 inches 1 1-10g Cork Split Rear Grip 1000-2500 Spin
662 Ultra Light Spin Lake, River, Ultra Light Inshore 1-3Kg 6ft 6 inches 2 1-7g Cork Split Rear Grip 1000 Spin
681 Rack Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 2-5Kg 6ft 8 inches 1 3-12g Cork Split Rear Grip 2500-3000 Spin
682 Rack Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 2-5Kg 6ft 8 inches 2 3-12g Cork Split Rear Grip 2500-3000 Spin
701M Medium Snapper Spin Snapper / Light Offshore Boat/ Heavy inshore 4-7Kg 7ft 1 10-45g Cork Full Rear Grip 4000 Spin
701H Heavy Snapper Spin Snapper / Med Offshore Boat/ Heavy inshore 5-10Kg 7ft 1 10-45g Cork Full Rear Grip  5000-6000 Spin
762 Snapper Spin Snapper / Med Offshore Boat/ Heavy inshore 5-8Kg 7ft 6 inches 2 15-45g Cork Full Rear Grip 4000-5000 Spin
602 Barra Spin Barramundi / Heavy Inshore / Light Offshore 5-8Kg 6ft 2 10-30g Cork Full Rear Grip 4000-5000 Spin
661 Barra Spin Barramundi / Heavy Inshore / Light Offshore 5-10Kg 6ft 6 inches 1 10-35g Cork Full Rear Grip 4000-5000 Spin
1202 Surf Light Spin Beach Fishing 4-8Kg 12ft 2 20-100g Cork Full Rear Grip 4000-6000 Spin
1202 Surf Med Spin Beach Fishing 5-10Kg 12ft 2 40-130g Cork Full Rear Grip 5000-8000 Spin
942 Shore Spin Spin Rock/Beach 3-6Kg 9ft 4 15-40g Cork Full Rear Grip 4000-5000 spin
802 EGI Squid Spin Squid Fishing Boat rock or shore 3-6Kg 8ft 2 1.8-4.0 Squid Jigs Cork Split Rear Grip 2500-3000 Spin
5102 Reef Raider Spin Boat Fishing 15-24Kg 5ft 10 inches 2 Grip Join not supplied Full Length EVA 6000-10,000 spin
582 Barra Mauler Baitcaster Heavy Inshore / Barra, Cod, etc 5-8Kg 5ft 8 inches 2 10-28g Trigger Cork grip Baitcaster Reel
591 Barra Magnum Baitcaster Heavy Inshore / Barra, Cod, etc 6-10Kg 5ft 9 inches 1 10-28g Trigger Cork grip Baitcaster Reel
5102 Bass Baitcaster Light Inshore / Bass / Bream etc 3-6Kg 5ft 10 inches 1 4-12g Trigger Cork grip Baitcaster Reel
641 Cod Baitcaster Heavy Inshore / Barra, Cod, etc 6-12Kg 6ft 4 inches 1 15-40g Trigger Cork grip Baitcaster Reel
642 Cod Baitcaster Heavy Inshore / Barra, Cod, etc 6-12Kg 6ft 4 inches 2 15-40g Trigger Cork grip Baitcaster Reel
Travel 593 BC Travel Baitcaster Heavy Inshore / Barra, Cod, etc 5-8Kg 5ft 9 Inches (app. 67cm travel length) 3 12-30g Trigger EVA grip Baitcaster Reel
Travel 633 Native BC Travel Baitcaster Medium Inshore / Lakes / Rivers 4-8Kg 6ft 3 Inches (app. 73cm travel length) 3 10-30g Trigger EVA grip Baitcaster Reel
Travel 633  Barra Spin Travel Spin Med-Heavy Inshore / Lakes / Rivers 5-8Kg 6ft 3 Inches (app. 73cm travel length) 3 10-30g EVA Split Rear Grip 4000-5000 Spin
Travel 703 Bream Spin Travel Spin Light Inshore / Lakes / Rivers 2-4Kg 7ft (app. 79cm travel length) 3 3-10g EVA Split Rear Grip 1000-2500 Spin
Travel 703 Snapper Travel Spin Light Offshore Boat / Heavy Inshore 5-8Kg 7ft (app. 79cm travel length) 3 10-30g EVA Split Rear Grip 3000-5000 Spin
Travel 703SW Saltwater Spin Travel Spin Heavy Inshore / Med Offshore 6-10Kg 7ft (app. 79cm travel length) 3 10-35g EVA Split Rear Grip 4000-5000 Spin
Travel 904 Shore Spin Travel Spin Rock or Shore Spin 4-7Kg 9ft (app. 78cm travel length) 4 10-30g EVA Split Rear Grip 4000-5000 Spin
  • Quality yet affordable graphite fishing rod – 30 ton Torquay construction (24T on raider travel)
  • Cork Grips (most models - Egi Squid Rod and travel rods have EVA grips)
  • Fuji Fazlite Guides (Aluminium Oxide Guides on travel)
  • Shimano brand reel seat.
  • Responsive action – you can feel bites easier
  • We sell models for Inshore lake and river, offshore, barra, cod and even travel models

Note: Images are for illustration only – some differences may occur between models such as the rod grip and amount of guides. – Price is for 1 rod only and can vary depending on model chosen. Choose the rod you desire when ordering. Tubes are being phased out for the Travel models and may not be supplied. Any Reviews shown with a date prior to 2021 are for the previous series.

Shimano Raider Rods Buying Guide

Shimano Raider Fishing Rods is a wide-spanning series of graphite rods that encompasses several ranges. You can find a rod for catching the likes of bream, flathead, trout, whiting and bass and more, while the heavier Shimano rods will be great for bringing in cod, barra etcetera.

Below we will Expand more in depth into the models we have for sale to help you choose the best option to purchase.

Light Inshore Spin Models

Starting with the 6101 Flathead spin, you guessed it; it’s ideal for flathead fishing. Don’t just limit yourself to flathead though; you’ll be well positioned to tackle a myriad of species in the lakes and rivers such as bream and whiting. The flathead spin name aside is a rod that places you well to target a range of freshwater species too like Australian bass, trout, yellowbelly or redfin.

The Bream Spin models have meed made to tailor to the demands of bream anglers of all levels. They also make ideal rods for targeting trout, whiting and other light class of fish in lakes and rivers.

Rack Raider models are among our best sellers out of the light range of Shimano Raider rods for sale. There versatile in length and capability. Ideal all-round estuary and lake rod for both freshwater and saltwater fishing styles targeting various species including bream, whiting, Australian bass, trout, yellowbelly perch.  Rack Raiders come in one or two piece options.

Light Offshore / Heavy inshore Models

Our range of Raider rods for heavy inshore and light to medium offshore fishing styles begin with our snapper series in either 701M, 701H or 762. Either model is ideal for targeting snapper and other light to mid class reef dwellers.  Shimano Raider Snapper rods also double up as great inshore rods to target queenfish, barra, fingermark, murray cod and other mid-class heavier inshore species.

Next, in the heavier class line up, we discuss Barra spin models. As the name suggests, Shimano has designed these models for barra anglers. They work wonders for a range of other fish where barra reside like mangrove jack, queenies, threadfin and more but also make an ideal pick for different mid-heavy river fishing styles like targeting murray cod or jew.

We also sell a range of baitcasters for the same style of applications but for those anglers who have an appreciation for baitcaster style reels over spin.

Offshore Models

While Raider has traditionally been an inshore model for something a little different, Shimano has tested the waters with the 2021 release by including an offshore model, the 5102 Reef Raider Rod. With its rating of 10-24Kg, this rod is quite a versatile option for spinning lures offshore through to the bottom bashing the reefs below.

Surf Models

We have 2 models for sale in the Raider surf range, a light and a medium rod.

The light surf rod will be your ideal choice for anglers that as the model name suggests, fishes light. We’re talking the angler that targets the beach gutters with baits such as worms, cockles and small strip baits for the likes of bream, whiting, dart and flathead.  On this particular rod, we suggest purchasing a Shimano 4000, 5000 or 6000 size spinning reel for the ideal match.

The Raider Medium Surf Rod is ideal for all the earlier mentioned fish species that we discussed in the light range with the addition of slightly more heavyweight species such as salmon, tailor, kingfish and even school mulloway. For ideal performance, we suggest matching to a Shimano spin reel between a 5000 and 8000 size model.

Whilst these rods are marketed as a surf rod they will be equally as good for light to medium rock fishing applications such as for the angler who targets rock blackfish otherwise known as drummer as well as a wide range of other light-medium rock species.

Raider Egi Rod Squid Fishing Model

Most of us love squid, whether it is in the form of calamari rings, in a mixed seafood Asian style dish or my personal favourite, salt and pepper calamari. However, nothing beats the combination of the cuisine you love with the freshest ingredients and there is no better way to know you are getting fresh than catching it yourself. That’s where the new Shimano Raider EGI Rod 802 model comes in to play.

Shimano Raider Egi rod is for squid fishing. However, if you are out and about don’t be put off using it as a rod for some soft plastic or blade fishing as well should there a few bream or flathead are around, and you don’t have another dedicated rod for this application.

Back to squid though this rod makes an ideal choice for any angler fishing shore or boat. Usually, you will encounter squid off rock platforms and around structure where there is a lot of seaweed, they like to reside in harbours under vessels, and you can also encounter them in lake and river systems as well, especially in the channels where the river meets the ocean and where there is a bit of structure around.

Shimano Raider Travel Rods

As the name suggests, the Shimano Raider Travel Rod series is a design concept with the fishing traveller in mind. Store it with ease in your caravan or camper, or even stash it in the boot of your car when you’re out and about perhaps even sneak in a quick fish during your work lunch break.

For sale here at Fishing Tackle Shop, we have a range or raider travel rods to choose from as we stock the 593 Baitcaster, the 633 Barra Spin, the 703 bream spin, the 703 snapper, the 703 saltwater heavy spin and the 904 Shore spin model. 

Model 593 Baitcast is a 3pc baitcaster designed for targeting barra, cod and other heavier style fish. Overall length when setup is 5ft 9 inches and collapsed length is around 67cm in the tube.

Model 633 Native Baitcast is a 3pc baitcaster style baitcast rod designed for targeting Australian natives such as yellowbelly, barramundi etc.

Model 633 Barra Spin is a 3pc spin stick designed as the name suggests for targeting barramundi and any other relatively hard fighting fish.

Model 703 Bream Spin is a 7ft 3pc construction Raider Travel Rod. Ideal for targeting the lighter end of the spectrum from bream, to bass, trout, whiting, perch and any other light class of fish.

Model 703 Snapper Raider Travel Rods is a model for those who head out offshore to target snapper and other reef fish. However, this portable raider rod will also be suitable for heavier inshore fishing for the likes of barra, mulloway and other slightly more impressive fish species.

Model 703SW Saltwater Spin Heavy – Is a heavy saltwater spin rod be it used for inshore or offshore.  Rated to 6-10kg, you have a range of heavier style fishing applications covered.

Model 904 Shore Spin is a 4 piece Shimano Raider travel rod designed for the angler that likes to fish inshore from breakwalls, rock platforms, off the surf (when there isn’t too much swell to contend with) and any other form of allround spinning.


  • Incredible cosmetics and styling that defies it’s price bracket.
  • Responsive graphite blanks provide extra sensitivity and easy bite detection.
  • Fishing light to heavy with classy kit has never been so affordable.
  • Top shelf features such as custom Shimano reel seats and Fuji guides add to the overall feel and performance of the Shimano Raider Rods.
  • The Natural cork Grips featured on most models or light weight EVA on remainder of models are perfect for transmitting information from hook to angler with nothing getting lost in translation.

The Shimano Raider Rods For Sale are the epitome of value for money. This is quality and innovation for the considered budget. When you purchase Raider rod you’re getting serious about your fishing, and you can rest assured, Shimano will continue to nurture you all the way.


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