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Shakespeare Slingshot Travel Fishing Rod with Rod Tube

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Product Description

New Slingshot Engage Travel Rods

Shakespeare Slingshot travel fishing rods are one of the best value for money travel fishing rods on the market! They are affordable and come complete with a travel rod tube and in addition to this if you break your rod doing something silly such as incorrectly de-snagging or high sticking your rod, supplied is a spare tip section ready to get you back fishing straight away.

Shakespeare sling shot travel rods are manufactured using 30 ton graphite and come complete with ceramic insert guides and EVA shaped fishing rod grips making this travel fishing rod one awesome super sensitive performer that is braid friendly and comfortable to use. Plus with the addition of the included protective travel rod tube not only do you get a fishing rod that will deliver amazing performance, once you’re finished fishing for the day you can store and protect your Shakespeare slingshot travel rod with ease and now with the new engage series all models now feature a fishing reel holder as well so you dont have to take your reel off the rod.

Perfect for anglers travelling around the country on holiday and ideal for anglers that just like to have a fishing rod in the car ready to go, the Shakespeare slingshot travel fishing rod is a multiple piece travel rod in a tube that takes up no room at all so you can easily store the fishing rod in most large suitcases or in the back of your car, whatever the case may be.

There are several models of Shakespeare Slingshot travel fishing rods to choose from and I will give you a bit of a run down on each model:

Model BC563L is a 5 foot 6 inch baitcaster fishing rod rated 2-4kg suitable to marry up with any low profile baitcatser fishing reel It has a light action and will be suitable for but not limited to targeting fish species such as Australian bass, bream, flathead, whiting, perch in rivers, dams, inlets etc.

Model BC563M is basically a replica of the above including all specifications except it has a fishing line rating of 6kg which is more ideal for targeting harder fighting fish such as barramundi, mangrove jack and snapper just to name a couple and suitable for use in places such as rivers, dams, impoundments, shallow reefs. This rod will match up with any low profile baitcaster or barrel style baitcaser fishing reels.

Model SP664M is a 6 foot 6 inch 4pc travel fishing rod suitable for spinning reels with a fishing line rating of 3-6kg and a medium action. This travel fishing rod will perfectly match spinning reels in size models, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 1000, 2000, 2500 3000. A great performer for river fishing, lake fishing, harbour fishing, bay or inlet fishing. You’ll have no trouble targeting species such as Bream, Bass, Flounder, Flathead, Whiting, Perch, Trout and more.

Model 704L is a light action 4 piece 2-4kg 7 foot sized travel fishing rod and other than these few differences all other specs and applications are the same as the above model (SP663M)

Model 704H is a heavy action 4 piece 7 foot sized 10kg rated fishing rod. Perfect for fishing in impoundments, rivers and off the boat on reefs making this slingshot travel fishing rod suitable for targeting common fish species such as barra, cod, mangrove jack, snapper, morwong and more. This slingshot travel fishing rod by Shakespeare will match up to a 40,50, 4000 or 5000 sized fishing reel with ease.

Model 603XL is what you want if you wish to fish ultra light as this Shakespeare slingshot fishing rod is a 6 foot 3 piece fishing rod with a line rating of 1-3kg which makes this a great rod for bream or trout on light line class. An extra light action this rod is suitable for use with a 1000 or 2000 sized spinning reel.



Features and Specifications

1314490 BC563L 1.65m/5'6" 3 2 - 4 KG L Baitcaster
1314491 BC563M 1.65m/5'6" 3 6 KG M Baitcaster
1314492 SP664M 1.98m/6'6" 4 3 - 6 KG M SPIN
1314493 704L 2.13m/7'0" 4 2 - 4 KG L SPIN
1314494 704H 2.13m/7'0" 4 10 KG H SPIN
1314495 603XL 1.83m/6'0" 3 1 - 3 KG XL SPIN
  • 30 Ton graphite rod blank
  • Ceramic guides
  • Shaped EVA rod grips
  • Travel rod tube case included
  • Spare replacement rod tip included

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  • Shakespeare slingshot travel fishing rods are made with 30 Ton graphite which means it is a standard modulus graphite fishing rod that will provide a reasonably crisp action making these rods ok for either bait fishing or lure fishing.
  • Ceramic guides on the Shakespeare slingshot travel rods make these rods not only suitable for mono fishing lines but also braid lines.
  • Shaped EVA rod grips are provided for extra comfort
  • Travel rod tube case is provided to give you protection when travelling or storing your Shakespeare Slingshot travel rod in your suitcase or vehicle.
  • Spare Tip section is included. Let’s face it, at times we can all be a bit silly and high stick our rods, be a bit silly in other ways or incorrectly try and de-snag a lure or a hook causing the graphite rod to break. So the guy’s at Shakespeare thought it would be a great idea to include a spare tip section in case this event takes place, you can be back on the water fishing in no time. Please note: (the rod comes with warranty but if you break your first tip section this is not covered - The spare tip has already been included if you do accidentally break the initial tip section).
  • Handy Fishing reel holder included so you no longer need to take your reel off the rod before you store.

If you’re looking for an awesome affordable travel fishing rod that is suitable for bait or lure fishing, and comes with a travel tube and a spare rod tip then look no further, buy a Shakespeare Slingshot travel rod today!

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