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Shimano Maikuro Rods For Sale

Do you need a new graphite fishing rod with heaps of technology at a fantastic price?
Stop looking as you have come to the right page. Below is an incredible rod range for sale that sport crisp actions, feature quality Shimano components, and offer ultra-sensitivity making this a range of rods especially ideal for those that fish with lures. See our range of Shimano Maikuro fishing rods below, catering from light to heavy fishing styles.

High-Class Graphite Blank – By now most of us have been introduced to graphite rods, and in the last decade, they have come a long way. Graphite is ultra-strong for its class when fished within its limits, but the most significant benefit is its ultra-sensitivity. Lure action transmits right through the blank to the grips, so you feel your lure working and ultimately detect more bites.

Affordable Fishing Rods – There are no bones about it, plain and straightforward Shimano Maikuro rods are highly affordable for any angler from the novice to the intermediate angler to the well advanced this rod range is hard to go past at such an accessible price. Maikuro is a fishing rod range designed with the intent of providing flagship technologies to even the tightest budgets of Anglers across Australia.

Ultimately, the Maikuro is all about top fishing performance for less money. Quality fishing rods are traditionally more expensive but, Shimano has stripped back the cost while providing exceptional technology all anglers can afford. Buy your Maikuro now and hit the rocks and surf, river, lake, or boat for outstanding fishing action.

Features and Specifications

Model Primary Use Length Pieces Line Class Cast WT (g) Rear Grip Type Suggested Reel Size
602SPL River/Lake/Light Spin 1.82m (6ft) 2 (splits in half) 1-3Kg 1-4 Split Grip 1000-2500
6102SP River/Lake/Light Spin 2.08m (6ft 10 inch) 2 (splits in half) 2-5Kg 3-15 Split Grip 1000-2500
662SP River/Lake/Light Spin 1.98m (6ft 6 inch) 2 (splits in half) 3-5Kg 7-14 Split Grip 2500-3000
682SP River/Lake/Light Spin 2.02m (6ft 8 inch) 2 (splits in half) 6-8Kg 10-25 Split Grip 3000-4000
702SP River/Lake/Light Spin 2.13m (7ft) 2 (splits in half) 2-4Kg 3-8 Split Grip 1000-2500
702MSP River/Lake/Med Spin 2.13 (7ft) 2 (splits in half) 3-6Kg 7-21 Split Grip 2500-3000
902SP Rock/Beach/Shore Spin 2.74m (9 foot) 2 (splits in half) 6-8Kg 28-75 Split Grip 4000-5000
1062SU Rock/Beach 3.20m (10ft 6 inch) 2 (splits in half) 4-7Kg 28-75 Full Grip 4000-6000
722SWSP Offshore Boat 2.18m (7ft 2 inch) 2 (70cm butt + 178cm blank) 10-24Kg 30-100 Full Grip 5000-10000
702SNPRM Offshore Boat 2.13m (7ft) 2 (splits in half) 4-8Kg 7-28 Split Grip 4000-5000
701SNPR Offshore Boat 2.13m (7ft) 1 6-8Kg 10-28 Split Grip 4000-5000
572SPM Offshore Boat 1.70m (5ft 7 inch) 2 (69.5cm butt + 110cm blank) 10-15Kg 60-150 Full Length 5000-6000
572HSP Offshore Boat/Jigging 1.70m (5ft 7 inch) 2 (69.5cm butt + 110cm blank) 15-24Kg 100-300 Full Length 5000-10000
601L Boat/Light Jigging 1.83m (6ft) 1 piece rod PE 1.2 - 2.5 (approx 12-25lb) braid 160 max Split Grip 3000-4000
1204BCH Travel Rod Beach 3.78m (12ft) 4pc Travel length approx 96.5cm 5-10kg 28-130g Split Grip 60000-10000
70TELO Telescopic 2.13m (7ft) Telo Travel Length Approx 66cm 3-5Kg 5-14 TBA 2500-3000
80TELO Telescopic 2.43m (8ft) Telo Travel Length Approx 95cm 6-8Kg 28-75 Split Grip 4000-5000
10TELO Telescopic 3.04m (10ft)Telo Telo Travel Length Approx 133cm 8-12Kg 2-4(oz) Full Length 5000-8000
  • Rod Blank Materiel: 30 Ton Toray brand Graphite
  • Guides: Sea Guide. K Frame Ceramic Guide Rings Fine for mono as well as braid fishing lines
  • Shimano Reel Seats
  • Natural Cork and Extra Hard EVA grips for ultra sensitivity
  • All models suit spinning reels only (Not overhead)
  • Series: Maikuro II

Note: Price is for one rod only – images for illustration purposes and slight differences may occur between models. Price varies depending on what model you select in our order menu. Any Maikuro Rod reviews shown prior to 2020 are for previous model.

Split style grips are provided on most models for ease of use especially spinning. only a couple of our heavy boat rods and a hand full of others are full grip which is better for offshore boat rod holders

Shimano Maikuro Rods Buying Guide

Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we cater for all anglers, so we have ranges to suit the angler that wants to fish the lakes, rivers and dams through to the offshore angler fishing with light jigs, bait or lures for reef fish right through to the rock and beach fishing angler. Whatever you fish for be it in freshwater or saltwater chances are we have the ideal rod for you. Learn more available here in our buying guide.

Light Spin Models (Lake/ River etc) - Models 602SPL, 6102SP, 662SP, 702SP or 702SPM are Ideally suited to fish in situations such as lakes, rivers, harbours and other light styles. All will be great for targeting bread and butter species such as Bream, Bass, flathead, sand whiting, trout, yellowbelly, redfin etc. However, the 682 Spin model will be ideal for slightly heavier style fishing so targeting barra, snapper and King George whiting.  For reel size take a quick look at the table above for our suggestions.

All these rods are suited to casting from the banks, but also make great light rods for the boat and Kayak angler wishing to spool up with braid and cast lures of all kinds. 

Rock Beach Models - Models 902SP or 1062SU are ideal for rock and beach-style fishing. The Maikuro 902 Shore Spin is the prime rod of choice, particularly if spinning from the rocks and will match up perfectly with a 5000-6000 sized Shimano spinning reel.  The Maikuro 1062 makes the ideal lightweight fishing rod for chasing rock species such as bream and drummer. 1062 also suits the beach fisho targeting whiting, dart and for a bit of fun salmon and tailor as well. Match the 1062 up to a 4000, 5000 or 6000 sized Shimano rod for the ideal balance.

Additionally, either of these two models is perfect for casting lures such as metal slices into the wave and wash, chasing aggressive surface hunters like Aussie Salmon and Tailor. As most Rock and surf anglers know, long rods will always induce serious fatigue. The Maikuro rock and beach fishing rod range does away with the traditional weighty feel of old-school surf rods, taking much of the fatigue out of casting the surf and ocean rocks.  This is achieved without any loss in strength and pulling power.

As you might expect, casting manners are exceptional. The medium/fast actions are well supported by the Sea Guides, ensuring the line will peel off your spool evenly, without huge amounts of cast-killing friction. The butt assembly provides an outstanding feel, translating every movement and inquiry directly to the angler. This feedback provides great feedback for timing strikes and adjusting retrieves.

The Maikuro range for rock and surf fishing is strong and robust. These features are critical for the harsh surf and rock environments that are traditionally very hard on all fishing equipment.

Offshore Boat & Heavy Spin - Models 722SWSP, 732SP or 572HSP. The models in this category cover inshore heavier fishing for casting lures at big Mulloway, Barra and inshore Snapper, as well as everything you can imagine from the blue water, such as big Kingfish and bottom dwellers like Pearl Perch. For reel type, these rods suit spinning type reels.

In our offshore ranging we also now stock a couple of dedicated light Snapper models. See our size guide in the above table for recommendations on reel sizes to suit the applicable rod model.

The emphasis on the Maikuro heavy fishing rod range is strength and sensitivity in a lightweight package. This is achieved via the combination of blank and butt assembly. The Nano 30 Ton Toray Graphite provides the foundation, offering power, strength and responsiveness while maintaining the lightweight feel that ultimately mitigates fatigue. The EVA butt assembly is constructed of natural cork and extra hard EVA. A Shimano concept reel seat locks your favourite fishing reel in place, completing an assembly that is not only incredibly strong but transfers every bump and bite from the business end to the hands of the angler.

Light/Micro Jigging Rods - Hitting the blue water to jig for hard fighters is one of the most exciting forms of our sport. It is also one of the more rigorous. Depending on the jig you are using or the techniques you employ, on a day out jigging requires some pretty significant effort. Another factor often associated with jigging is the cost associated with kitting up with high-performance quality.

The new Shimano Maikuro Light Jigging Rods are super lightweight, taking out a significant amount of the effort required, therefore mitigating against fatigue. The light jigging rods featured on this listing are designed for light to medium jigging styles. Perfect for Jigging on the reefs from a boat or inshore deep lakes targeting snapper and other average-sized table fish.

Travel Rod Options - We all like to travel but one of the biggest challenges is where to fit the fishing rods among all our clothing and other travel essentials. Well, Shimano has solved this problem with a range of Maikuro travel rods for sale.

First, we have the 7ft Telescopic model which is the ideal companion for the angler about to embark on a holiday where rivers and lakes are local. The 7ft Telescopic is a light spin travel rod rated 3-5kg for targeting the likes of trout, bass, bream, perch, flathead and all your other usual estuarine species.

Stepping it up a notch, we have the 8ft Telescopic rod which makes a better choice for those anglers looking for something general purpose. 

Shimano did not forget about the Beach and rock anglers with the inclusion of a 12ft travel rod into the available purchase options. Rated 5-10kg the Maikuro 1204 BCH Model is ideal for targeting anything from bream, whiting, and dart to drummer, salmon, tailor, or bonito. There is also a 10ft Telescopic option available for beach fishing. However, it should be noted that the 10ft Telo is not as compact as one may expect a telescopic rod to be, its travel length is approximately 133cm.


  • The incredibly low price on the Maikuro range allows anglers to splurge out on a quality rod under the Shimano brand banner and not break the bank. Excellent performance and quality at an affordable price.
  • The Shimano reel seats lock your reel on tight. No movement or flex is ensuring that no feeling is lost.
  • Brilliant sensitivity from the tip through to the grip provides excellent feedback from lure to the angler.
  • The natural cork and extra hard EVA are brilliant for transferring the feel of every bump and enquiry from under the water to the hands of the angler.
  • With guides by Sea Guide, anglers are assured of excellent line management characteristics regardless of line type, so these rods are excellent for either braid lines or monofilament fishing lines.

The Shimano Maikuro rods for sale are affordable and will prove to be an excellent purchase decision for anglers of all levels. At this price, they can be a genuine utility. Buy your new rod today here at Fishing Tackle Shop.


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