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Shimano Backbone Rods - Overhead Boat Rods and Game Fishing Rods

When ocean beasts bear open their mighty jaws, will your game fishing rod have the backbone to tame them? From hard-charging marlin sailfish and yellowfin tuna to tiger sharks built like freight trains, Australia's offshore gladiators command the utmost brute strength. Even glancing at these underwater menaces makes most rods quiver. But the new 2023 Shimano Backbone game rod stays steady with the power to make sizeable offshore fish species submit.

Major Backbone Rod Upgrades

The offshore arena keeps evolving. Once ruled by monofilament lines stretching anglers to their limits, braided and fused lines now dominate, demanding added tip flexibility. Shimano recognises game rods must advance alongside.

While still suitable for the traditionalist mono angler, the responsive new Backbone tips offer greater ability to absorb headshakes upon hookset before transferring even pressure down the blank - giving anglers enhanced control over temperamental sailfish, marlin and other acrobatic adversaries.

All new 2023 Release Shimano Backbone Rods have been upgraded to TC4 Four-ply graphite. TC4 weave provides the power, strength, and stability required for the new tip action and the power required to land game fish. TC4 is the core of the Backbone and the fighting edge.

Slick Butt and HD EVA Grips

The Slick butt assembly is designed for the extremes of game fishing. The unique design allows you to whip your Backbone fishing rod from the boat rod holder quickly and easily while under serious load. Wrapped in custom EVA grips, you can be assured there’s plenty to hold on to in ergonomic comfort.

Backbone Aesthetics

The design is a classic game. The predominant Black is embellished with silver and other trimmings, giving it a classy and slick look. It will stand out in the rod holders and brag photos, such is its commanding appeal.

Rod Lengths and Sizes

Each Shimano Backbone rod is between 1.62 and 1.72 meters and one piece. Ratings start at 10kg and go to the 37kg monster tamer with roller tip runner. Models come in fully fixed, full roller and tip roller (choose which model option you want when making your order).

Entry Level Game Fishing Rod

Whatever your blue water passion, the Shimano Backbone Rods have you covered on every level. Selection, performance, class and price point make the Shimano Backbone Rods a no-brainer for the serious blue water angler.

Upgrade your offshore game with Shimano Backbone fishing rods, available in a range of weights for Australian game fishing applications. After you have put a Backbone in your basket, click over to the TLD and check out Tyrnos lever drag reels. These awesome lever drags sit perfectly on your Backbone.

Features and Specifications

Model Line Rating Guide Type Length
23BB10RUN 10kg Heavy duty with Roller Tip 1.72 metres
23BB15FR 15KG Fully Rollered 1.68 metres
23BB15RT 15kg Heavy duty with Roller Tip 1.67 metres
23BB15RUN 15kg Runner Tip and all HD runners 1.67 metres
23BB24FR 24kg Fully Rollered 1.62 metres
23BB24RT 24kg Heavy duty with Roller Tip 1.62 metres
23BB24RUN 24kg Runner Tip and all HD runners 1.62 metres
23BB37RT 37kg Heavy duty with Roller Tip 1.62 metres
  • Model: Shimano Backbone Elite Fishing Rod 2023 Release (and current model)
  • Suitable for heavy boat and game fishing (offshore saltwater)
  • TC4 Graphite Composite Blank Materiel
  • EVA GRIPS / Slick Butt
  • Suitable for heavy saltwater boat fishing and game fishing.
  • Ideal for offshore trolling and bottom bashing.
  • Overhead only (will only suit overhead style fishing reels) DOES NOT SUIT SPIN REELS

Important Notice: Illustrations are for reference. Models and grip design may vary from image shown.

Shimano Backbone Rod Buyers Guide

Firstly, runner tip, roller tip or fully rollered? That is the big question! If you are looking for an all-around rod, the standard runner tip model will usually suit you best; you can do some basic trolling with this rod or heavy bottom bashing on the reefs. Runner tip makes a better choice for those who wish to fish with braid.

Roller models provide the added advantage of reducing friction between the line and the guides, making them ideal for trolling, especially for large game fish. Standard rod guides can generate heat, which can weaken mono, so we recommend roller tip or fully rollered model for anglers using mono lines trolling lures or baits, especially for large game and sports fish.


Next you need to pick a kg rating.

A Backbone 10kg rod matches well with reels such as the TLD 20 using a 10kg line. It is ideal for mackerel, small tuna, kingfish and mid-class game fish.

Backbone 15kg matches well to a 30-size game fishing reel with a 15kg line to target tuna, sailfish, mahi mahi and other moderate-class game fish species.

24 kg is perfect for use with a 50-size game reel and 24kg line—a great rod for targeting marlin, large tuna and other larger class game fish.

37kg model is ideal for targeting marlin and other large game fish using 37kg line class mono. We recommend a 50LRS or 80W reel on this rod.


  • The Shimano Backbone Rod is beautifully crafted and has traditional game rod cosmetic features with contemporary lines in mind, making it appealing to Game anglers old and new.
  • TC4 construction is a four-ply graphite weave that provides incredible strength and stability under huge loads of angry game fish.
  • The butts allow easy removal from holders under load, with the custom EVA grips providing ergonomic comfort for the long battle.
  • The backbone game rods are the perfect rod paired with the legendary TLD and Tyrnos lever drag reels (not included). However, that’s a combo with backbone.

Hit the game waters in style with a rod you know will be the backbone of any intense, lengthy battle. The ocean's biggest require Shimano’s best, or else you’re seriously under-prepared. Select your Shimano Backbone Rod in time for your next blue water adventure.


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