Penn Prevail Surf Rod II

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$175.00 - $259.95
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Penn Prevail Surf Rod II

The new Penn Prevail 2 fishing rod is now for sale here at the fishing tackle shop. And it’s just raised the bar for rock and surf rods. Stop your search here. You’ve found the rod you need.

If you want the power to chase sharks, mulloway as big as they grow, or yellowtail kingfish to 15-kilo or more, the Penn Prevail surf fishing rod is your rod.

The Prevail II delivers strength, power and response in the lightweight SLS3 blank. Equipped with Fuji guides that include Alconite inserts and heat shrink rubber grips, you’ll be unstoppable casting any beach, break wall or rock ledge.

Check out the 1202SPH monster. Rated to 37 kilo’s, you can chase tuna, sailfish and mulloway from the rocks. Bait up with whole baits and hunt sharks from the beach – with Prevail 2 fishing rod you have the power.

The 1062SPM will be you surf-side go-to workhorse for everything on the beach, including tailor, Aussie salmon, big surf bream, flathead, dart and more.

The 1463SPMH is super long, allowing you to cast to the backline of breakers where big mulloway exist. The same rod will double as an excellent casting option for mackerel from the rocks. No mackerel? Bait up with some crab or cunje, and chase mighty drummer and groper.

With several models available, there’s a Penn Prevail II that has your rock and surf applications wholly covered. From sweep and bream to salmon and sharks; From tailor to trag, to mackerel and jewfish; the Penn Prevail II range has it all nailed. All that is left is your decision on which model to purchase.

Whether you cast big live baits or the biggest of metal spinning lures, a Penn Prevail surf rod II in your fishing rod collection is a sure path to bigger fish more often.

Select your Penn Prevail Surf Rod II now. With a couple of mouse clicks, it’ll be at your place, ready for your next rock or surf session. Order now, and avoid the rush.

Features and Specifications

  • Series: Penn Prevail Surf Rod II (2nd generation)
  • SLS Carbon rod blank
  • Additional blank protection via Carbon Shield technology
  • Guides: Fuji Alconite
  • Designed for saltwater rock and beach fishing
  • Type: Suits Spinning Reels Only

Note: Price is for one single Penn Prevail Surf Rod only. Pricing will differ depending on the model you choose to purchase. Multiple images are for reference. Some slight differences may occur between models.

Features and Specifications

ModelLengthLine Class RatingCast WeightPieces
1463SPMH 14ft 6 inches 10-25kg 50-220g 3
1303SPMH 13ft 8-20kg 40-200g 3
1202SPH 12ft 15-37kg 40-350g 2
1202SPM 12ft 6-12kg 20-85g 2
1062SPM 10ft 6 inches 5-9kg 15-60g 2
1002SPMH 10ft 8-15kg 30-100g 2
962SPMH 9ft 6 inches 10-15kg 50-150g 2
842SPM 8ft 4 inches 6-10kg 15-65g 2
902SPH 9'0" PE 3-5 Max 250g 2

Penn Prevail Buying Guide

With many rods in the Prevail 2 series, it can get a little daunting on which model to purchase. Fear not, here at the fishing tackle shop we have fashioned this quick, yet excellent, essential buying guide to steer you in the right purchase path. If you still require assistance, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Model: 1463 SPSH (14ft)

Distance is no problem when you purchase a 14 foot 6 inch Penn prevail fishing rod for surf fishing. With the length of this rod, you can cast further from the beach into the water than ever before.

Matching it up with a long cast style surf reel will also increase your chances of an impressive cast or otherwise a standard spin reel in a model size 750, 850, 950, 7500, 8500, 9500, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 will be ideal.

Model 1303SPMH (13ft)

The Penn Prevail 13ft surf rod is equally at home on the rocks, break walls, and harbour piers that require a long-distance cast as it is in the surf. You’ll feel the light touches of an indecisive bream but have all the firepower you need to guide a hard fighting Mulloway all the way to the gaff.

When a little extra distance is required, and you don’t want fish either too heavy or too light this particular Penn prevail surf rod is the ideal mid-weight choice. Rated at 8 to 20 kg you can target anything from relatively light to medium-sized surf dwelling fish species from any beach around the globe.

Picking a fishing reel to go with this particular fishing rod you will generally require fairly largish sized reel so our recommendations are to choose a model (spinning type) of any of the following size types: 6000,7000, 8000, 10000, 4500, 6500, 65, 70, 80, 90, 650, 750, 850.

Model 1202SPH (12ft – Ultra heavy)

With this 12ft ultra heavy rated model, we are now getting very serious at targeting large fish that lurk within the surf. Sharks, mulloway, and sizeable salmon or tailor will be no match for the 1202SPH.

Match the 1202SPH up with a large fishing reel (spinning type) such as model sizing: 10000, 7500, 8500. 9500, 70, 80, 90, 750, 850 or 950 and you will be on your way to having one impressive beast of a setup.

Model 1202SPM (12ft Med-Heavy)

The 1202SPM is a mid-weight casting rod. It is suitable for anglers who are looking to catch either jewfish and small sharks or species like salmon, tailor, whiting, bream, dart, etcetera.

The Penn Prevail Fishing Rod Surf 12 is perfect for pairing with a med-larger sized spin type fishing reel in the following models and sizes:

6000, 7000, 8000, 10000, 4500, 6500, 65, 70, 80, 90, 650, 750, 850

Buy this beauty today and feed your casting desires.

Model 1062SPM (10ft 6 inch)

While most of the fishing rods in the Penn prevail 2 series scream heavy to ultra-heavy, it is the 10ft 6-inch spin medium prevail 2 rod that is a little different to the rest.

The 1062SPM is rated at just 5-9kg, making the 1062SPM the best choice if whiting, dart, bream and flathead are more your calling, and where you wish to fish appropriately for them with lighter classes of line (unlike the overkill of other models in this series).

Whiting and dart aside, there is enough power in the 1062SPM to handle a salmon, tailor or even drummer.

In terms of reel size choice, try and stick with a light-medium approach and look for a Penn 3500 or 4500 or 5500 sized reel for optimal balance and performance.

Model 1002SPMH (10ft)

Perfect for either surf fishing or rock fishing this model of Penn Prevail Surf Rod rated at 8 to 15 kg is your ideal heavyweight for targeting hard fighting and larger species such as jewfish, sharks, small tuna, kingfish, tailor, salmon, samson fish, rock ledge snapper and other powerful fish.

Selecting a reel to pair up with this model of Penn prevail surf rod we suggest using a spin type fishing reel in any of these sizes 6000,7000, 8000, 10000, 5500, 6500, 65, 70, 80, 650, 750, 850.

Model 962SPMH (9ft 6 inches)

In our opinion, it is the 962SPMH Penn Prevail 2 Rod that makes the best choice for spinning lures. It’s of size that isn’t too huge that it is cumbersome to hold and cast and it isn’t too small where distance will be restrictive. The 962SPMH is an excellent allrounder.

Rated at 10-15kg, Salmon, tailor, bonito, kingfish, cobia and a whole range of other mid-class fish stand a breeze to target.

Pair the 962SPMH to a spin reel size 5500, 6500, 550, 650, 6000.

Model 842SPM (8ft 4 inches)

Rated 6-10kg the 842SPM presents a few options. Spin lures off the rocks, fish with bait, cast off sheltered beaches where cast distance is not of importance or for something a little different, the 842SPM model makes a hot jew rod for lakes and rivers.

Spin reel size recommendations include 4500, 5500, 450, 550, 5000, 6000.

Model 902SPH (9ft)

Perfect for lobbing our lures or baits from the rocks or surf. You can come to expect superior strength and quality for targeting mid-to heavyweight species with this model of the Penn prevail Rod.

Rated PE 3-5 (approx. 30-50lb) the 902SPH is ideal for those fishing with heavy braids and spinning for salmon and tailor though to huge mackerel, kingfish, tuna and other larger classes of fish.

Match it up with a spinning reel anywhere between model sizes 650, 750, 6500, 6000, 8000.


  • The Fuji guides include Alconite inserts reduce friction ensuring better opportunity for tangle-free casts of fair distance with heavier loads.
  • The SLS3 blank is constructed using High Modulus graphite. SLS3 is spiral-wrapped carbon ontop of eglass, so there is an inner and outer core. The result is a reliable and robust blank, that will turn the oceans most active fish while reducing angler fatigue. What’s more, it’ll cast big baits a country mile.
  • Weight is reduced even further with the use of heat shrink rubber grips. This minimalist approach delivers an outstanding connected feel. The blank works hand in glove with the grip transferring all the feel of the slightest bite to the angler.
  • Penn’s patented Carbon Shield delivers excellent protection for your rod. The ocean rocks are very unforgiving, and impact is nearly a guarantee. With Carbon Shield, you Prevail II will help to keep the rod in better shape for longer.
  • The 2 or 3 piece configuration (depending on the model you purchase) makes transport a breeze — a must with surf and rock rods of this length.

The New Penn Prevail Surf Rod II is purpose-built for the most oppressive rock and beach action. Forget searching and price comparisons. If you chase the biggest of fish from the rocks and the surf; if you need to cast big baits massive distances, the Penn Prevail Surf Rod II is a must-have. No exception.


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