Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel Combo

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Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel Combo - Portable Fishing Rod Kit

Imagine for a second that after a few months of hard slog at work, study or purely home life, holiday time has finally arrived. You’re heading to the coast for a well-deserved break where you intend to kick up you're heels, crack a few cold cans, and perhaps do a spot of fishing. One problem! How on earth are you going to take your fishing rods on the plane, train or even in your crammed to the brim vehicle?

Well, here at the fishing tackle shop, we’re pleased to have a simple solution for this issue. Our solution comes in the form of our Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel Combo for sale.

Shimano Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos have almost everything you need to catch a fish. Just add water – well that, and some hooks, a couple of sinkers or a lure or two; then you're ready to go.

The Shimano telescopic fishing rod and matching Shimano Hyperloop or FX Fishing Reel is an affordable option for travellers. Whether you’re backpacking, riding the highways on a steel horse or flying to some far-flung destination, for the travelling fishaholic, it’s even easier to wet a line — no matter where you go.

There are different options available for sale in the Shimano Telescopic Rod and Reel Combos. From short river rod outfits to long surf and rock sets. One thing though, they all fold down neatly into a compact, portable size.

One salient point to note is that all Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel combos come with a handy rod bag cover.

The Shimano Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is an affordable way to fish while you’re travelling. See more about the options we have for sale below.

Features and Specifications

(Length Extended)
Portable Length
Line Class
Cast Weight
Main Use
6ft /with 2500 FX Reel 46cm 3-4Kg 2-10g Light inshore, lake, river
6ft 6 inch / with 2500 FX Reel 45cm 3-4Kg 2-10g Light inshore, lake, river
7ft / with 2500 FX Reel 52cm 3-5Kg 5-15g Light inshore, lake, river
7ft with 4000 FX Reel 52cm 3-5Kg 5-15g Medium Inshore lake, river
8ft / with 4000 FX reel 63cm 5-8Kg 7-14g light-med inshore, lake, river
8ft with 6000 Hyperloop Reel 63cm 5-8Kg 7-14g General Purpose, med-inshore, light rock-beach
10ft / with 6000 Hyperloop Reel 74cm 5-8Kg 10-40g Beach or Rock
12ft / with 6000 Hyperloop Reel 75cm 6-10Kg 10-40g Beach or Rock
  • Rod Model: Shimano Spectrum Plus Telescopic  - Some models will be eclipse
  • Reel Model: Shimano Hyperloop (or FX on selected models)
  • Loaded with Fishing line ready to go. As spooled directly by the manufacturer, the breaking strain may vary but will not exceed the rods maximum limits.
  • Carry Bag - excluding  the one FX 7ft no bag special model
  • Suitable for saltwater or freshwater fishing

Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel Combo Buying Guide

We sell models for beach, rock, river and other styles of fishing. However, the price is for one single combo only (one rod & one reel). Please read our buying guide then decide on which model to purchase. Prices will vary depending on which option you are buying. Multiple images are for reference only.

River and Lake – Light Fishing Telescopic Combos

The Shimano Eclipse 6ft, 6ft 6 inch or 7-foot Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel Combo models are our best selling sizes for anglers fishing estuaries, rivers, lakes, harbours, creeks and freshwater dams.

Common fish species on which you may encounter, and for which either the 6ft, 6ft 6inch or 7ft rod will typically be capable for include; bream, flathead, trout, perch, whiting and a variety of other light class inshore fish.

7ft model is our most popular size, and you have the choice of purchasing a 7ft with either a 2500 (smaller size) reel or a 4000 (medium size reel)

General Purpose Telescopic Combos

8ft is our benchmark general-purpose combo. At 8ft when extended out makes it a top pick for anglers that fish rivers, lakes and suits a light class of rock or sheltered beach fishing.

Catch, flathead, bream, whiting, dart, salmon, tailor and more. If purchasing the 8ft model we sell it with either a 4000 (medium size reel) for lighter class fishing or a 6000 (large size reel) for a heavier class of angling.

Beach or Rock Fishing Telescopic Combos

Our lengthiest sets for sale in the Eclipse portable combo range are our 10 foot or 12-foot options.

Either is suitable for beach or rock fishing, 12ft would be best if you need to leverage your cast a little further to reach past the breakers. 10ft is a more manageable size for rocks. However, you could use either size for either scenario. The choice is yours on which to purchase.


  • Now you can travel and fish anywhere with a convenient and economical fishing rod and reel package. Efficiently portable and easy to take with you.
  • The fishing rod collapses into a practical stow length that will fit in most luggage or can be stowed easily out of the way in your car.
  • Great for those backpacking or travelling the country on a motorbike
  • An extremely convenient and affordable option to take on your next holiday or with you on a business trip for some timeout between meetings.

Stow a Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel Combo - Portable Fishing Rod Kit in your shopping cart today, for a compact solution to your travel and fishing requirements.


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