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Shimano Terez Rods For Sale

The Shimano Terez fishing rod range has been upgraded to feature a stylish design plus innovative graphite blank that is lighter and more powerful than ever. Tested in Australia and global destinations, these Shimano fishing rods excel in a variety of situations. Check out pretty much any Shimano Terez review, and you'll read the same thing. 

Here at Fishing Tackle Shop, we have been selling the Terez fishing rod ever since it was first released many years ago in 2011. There have been a few evolutions over the years, from white to black and this listing now represents the current latest released range.

The Shimano Terez rods for sale have been designed for the boating enthusiast to get the most out of offshore expeditions. Terez offers the full load of flagship technologies including Shimano's market-leading Hi-Power Spiral X blanks, Shimano EVA butt assemblies, custom EVA grips, with the addition of Fuji Alconite K guides. Most anglers simply cannot want for more. Armed with a Terez fishing rod, a sturdy boat and a box full of enticing fish lures, you are on your way to tackle the oceans most famous predators.

In testing, the Shimano Terez Rod was pointed at Yellowfin tuna, Spaniards, Marlin, Kingfish, Sailfish, Amberjack and more. Its performance tacking these dam busting species in Aussie and international waters was outstanding. The lighter line classes will be ideal for hunting the inshore grounds for Queenfish, Threadfin, Tailor, Salmon, Mulloway and Snapper.

The EVA grips and but assembly performed brilliantly in the longer fight. Anglers felt in control and not overwhelmed by fatigue. Line management was brilliant, and The Fuji K Alconite guides, perfect for braid and big fish. It was the blank; however, that took the crown. Its responsiveness, its power, its sensitivity and its ability to subdue a very wrestles sprit was a lot more than merely notable, and It made headlines.

A Shimano Terez fishing rod commands position on your boat. There is a length or class to suit your application and desired sport, whether fishing slomo jigs, baits, casting stick baits, GT popper, deep jigs or poppers. Enhance your bluewater fishing adventures with top-shelf performance and quality by insisting on Shimano Terez Rods.

Features and Specifications

  • Rod type: Offshore - suitable for boat fishing
  • Blanks: All rod blanks feature Shimano High-Power Spiral X technology
  • Guides: Fuji K Alconite
  • Butt: Shimano EVA
  • Grips: Custom EVA Grips. Unique set up for each model
  • Actions: Fast / Extra Fast
  • Reel Seat: Shimano custom winch mounts

Note: Images for illustration only – some variations may occur - Price is for 1 rod only – choose your preferred model when ordering (price will vary also depending on the model and the price will display for that model when you select it from our order menu)

Terez Spin Model Specific Info

ModelTypeLengthSections/PcsLine Class RatingNotesSuggested Lure WeightSuggested Reel Size/Type
TZS69H Spin Heavy 6ft 9 Inches 1 50-100lb Traditional - 6000 to 10000
TZS69M Spin Medium 6ft 9 Inches 1 20-50lb Traditional - 5000 to 8000
TZS69MH Spin Med-Hvy 6ft 9 Inches 1 40-80lb Traditional - 5000-8000
TZS69XH Spin Extra Heavy 6ft 9 Inches 1 65-200lb Traditional - 8000-14000
TZS70M Spin Medium 7ft 2 Butt Join 10-20Lb New model based on old T-Curve Bluewater 5-10kg (now butt join) 143cm travel length 10-40 grams 5000-6000
TZS70ML Spin Med-Light 7ft 2 Butt Join 10-20Lb New model 164cm Travel Length 20-50 grams 6000-10000
TZS72M Spin Medium 7ft 2 Inches 1 20-50lb Traditional - 5000-8000
TZS72MH Spin Med-Hvy 7ft 2 Inches 1 40-80lb Traditional - 5000-8000
TZS72ML Spin Med-Light 7ft 2 Inches 1 15-40lb Traditional - 4000-6000
TZS76H Spin Heavy 7ft 6 inches 2 Butt Join 30-60Lb New Model based on old T-Curve 24Kg Bluewater 155cm Travel length 40-100 grams 8000-14000
TZS76M Spin Medium 7ft 6 inches 2 Butt Join 20-40Lb New Model based on old T-Curve 15kg Bluewater 155cm Travel length 28-60 grams 6000-10000
TZS79STK Spin-Stickbait 7ft 9 inches 2 Butt Join 30-80lb New Model based on old T-Curve Stickbait 50-150 grams 10000-14000
TZS80GT Spin- GT Popper 8ft 2 Butt Join 50-80Lb New Model based on old T-Curve GT Special Rod 166cm Travel length 100-250 grams 10000 to 25000
TZSJ510M Spin Deep Jig 5ft 10 inches 2 Butt Join 30-50Lb New Model based on old T-Curve Deep Jig 200 Spin 116cm Travel Length 170-225 grams 6000 to 10000
TZSJ58H Spin Deep Jig 5ft 8 inches 2 Butt Join 50-80Lb New Model based on old T-Curve Deep Jig 400 Spin 250-500 grams 10000-25000
TZSJ59MH Spin Deep Jig 5ft 9 inches 2 Butt Join 50-80Lb New Model based on old T-Curve Deep Jig 300 Spin 116cm Travel Length 200-400 grams 8000-14000
TZC66H Overhead Heavy 6ft 6 inches 1 50-150Lb Traditional - Overhead
TZC66XH Overhead 6ft 6 inches 1 65-200Lb Traditional - Overhead
TZC66XXH Overhead 6ft 6 inches 1 80-200lb Traditional - Overhead
TZC70M Overhead 7ft 1 30-65lb Traditional - Overhead
TZC70MH Overhead 7ft 1 40-80lb Traditional - Overhead
TZCJ510M Overhead Deep Jig 5ft 10 inches 2 Butt Join 30-50Lb New Model based on old T-Curve Deep Jig 200 Overhead 116cm Travel Length 170-225 grams Overhead
TZCJ58H Overhead Deep Jig 5ft 8 inches 2 Butt Join 50-80Lb New Model based on old T-Curve Deep Jig 400 Overhead 119cm Travel Length 250-500 grams Overhead

Shimano Terez Rods Buying Guide

As we have mentioned a few times throughout this listing already, the Terez range of fishing rods is primarily a dedicated boat rod series compromising of several spin, popper, deep jig and overhead models. Below we will go into a further brief on each style to assist you in making a purchase decision.

Spin Models (Traditional Terez)

For those new to the Terez or those that perhaps need a little refresher, the traditional spin versions are models 69H, 69MH, 69XH, 72M, 72MH and 72ML. Any of these traditional rods make fantastic offshore rods. The medium-light to medium-heavy rods are impressive for a wide range of sport and table fish including snapper, and other reef fish. They also make great flick sticks for fishing around FADS and traps for mahi-mahi.

Medium-heavy rods and beyond in the traditional models excel for targeting a broader class of fish still from snapper through to big kingfish, mackerel, sailfish, tuna and other upsized level of fish.

Spin Models (T-Curve Bluewater Re-launch)

In 2019 Shimano Australia decided to retire the old T-Curve bluewater fishing rod series. However, they sold so well it was a hard decision to let them go, and they couldn't. So, Shimano cut them into the new re-launch Terez series which offers an upper level of moden fishing rod technology when compared to the old bluewaters.

Model 70M is the old 5-10Kg T-Curve Bluewater and makes the ideal light offshore spin stick. However, being 5-10kg rated, it doubles as a perfect heavy inshore spin stick too for use in lakes or rivers for a larger class of fish.

Model 76M is the old 10-15Kg T-curve bluewater spin and is an offshore fishing general-purpose version that will tackle a broad range of fish with ease. Perfect for many offshore applications from surface fishing for kings through to bottom bashing for snapper.

Model 76H, you guessed it, is the old Bluewater 24KG T-Curve. Now we're talking serious tackle. The 15-24kg rated model makes an excellent spin stick for throwing poppers, stick baits and huge plastics at Kings, tuna and a whole lot more. Ideal for southern brutes or as a great barrier reef special.

If you remember the old T-Curve GT Special Rod, you will be pleased to know it has re-launched in the Terez range too. It is model TZS80GT. Suitable for targeting species such as GT otherwise known as Giant Trevally, Mackerel, Sailfish, Tuna, Kingfish, Golden Trevally, Samson fish and any other fish that will generally take a large popper lure between 100-250 grams from the ocean surface weather from the shore or off a boat.

For those into Jigging, Shimano has not forgotten about dedicated jig rods which were also part of the older T-Curve Deep Jig series. Available in line class ratings from 24Kg to 37Kg.

Overhead Models

The Terez overhead rod is suitable mostly for offshore boat fishing. Whether you fish for snapper, kings or even tuna, Terez overhead rods make an excellent choice.

When it comes to picking the right reel to suit overhead rods, one thing to remember is that you will need to look for an overhead reel. The Suitable size model range in Shimano brand overhead reels, as well as some other brands, would be 700-800 size, 20, 30 or 50 (but not in game reel models – as these will be too big).

We suggest if you are not overly familiar with overhead styles and don't have a great deal of product knowledge to contact us, and we will assist you in finding the most appropriate reel.

Shimano has also included a small range of overhead jig rods for deep-sea jiggers.


  • The High-Power Spiral X blank technology makes the Terez a market leader in strength to weight ratio. The top end of the famous T curve range. They are an ultra-thin blank considering the power they can handle, hence the massive ratings.
  • The taper is designed for maximising performance when using braid. The taper creates cushioning, which is perfect for no stretch lines.
  • Terez is a brilliant fishing rod for all of Australia's bluewater species. The few in the lightest classes may also perfect for really heavy inshore work.
  • Ergonomics are outstanding. This rod will assist in mitigating against fatigue during long and drawn out battles with big fish.
  • Sensitivity is outstanding. The angler will enjoy highly accurate feedback, whatever fishing style they are applying.

The Shimano Terez rods for sale are an affordable offshore rod for the boating enthusiast. They're built for the discerning angler who demands the ultimate in performance at an accessible price.


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