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Daiwa Saltist Nero Reels

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Product Description

Daiwa Saltist Nero Reels For Sale – Choose between 4000, 4500 and 6500 Size models

Looking something like a cross between a stealth bomber and the bat mobile, the all-black Saltist Nero reel, by Daiwa, is one very slick and stylish looking spin reel. Black will always be the new black, the styling is classic and these good looks will never date. The chrome bail arm, with the touch of gold, set off appearances, and no doubt will turn heads. The looks are however, not much use unless the spinning reel performs, and performs brilliantly in tough Aussie conditions and, of course it does.

There is too much competition out there for a fishing reel to rely on styling alone. It must function well, with all technology working seamlessly together, to provide the ultimate in your fishing experience. It’s Daiwa, so you can rest assured, when you purchase a Daiwa Saltist Nero Reel, any of the sizes l in the range, you will be investing in proven, robust technology that will no doubt enrich your fishing experience, and provide you the confidence to push your fishing reel to the limits.

The Saltist Nero Reel packs a punch well above its considerable low weight. With upto 15kg of fish stopping max drag depending on the model you choose, you’ll be confident in any setting.

Designed primarily for fishing, land based such as off the rocks, beach and breakwalls or out in the ocean off a boat, you will find the versatility of the Nero ideal, perfect for your go to, every cast utility.

There is a size and gearing to suit your application. Casting qualities are impeccable and the Digigear drive system feels amazingly smooth, whether casting, or under load. The Saltist Nero is an affordable reel, designed by Daiwa with the notion, that the best spin reel technology should always be available to the budget conscious. Have a look at the inclusions, you will be stunned at the technology you get, for this low price.

Features and Specifications

♦   ABS Metal Spool (Aluminium)

♦   Full Metal Body

♦   Handle: Machined aluminium

♦   Daiwas standard featres: Twistbuster II, Digigear drive system and rotor brake

♦   Twistbuster II

♦   Line Roller: Titanium nitride

♦   Anti reverse function: infinite anti reverse

♦   Ball Bearings: 4+1

Note: Prices vary Depending on which Model is chosen – To view price for a particular model choose that size from our order menu and its price will then display. Price is for 1 reel only and images are for display purpose only - some variations may occur.

Daiwa Saltist Nero 4000 (standard speed) or 4000H (High Speed)

♦   Gear ratio: 4000 = 4.7:1 or 4000H = 6.2:1

♦   Approx weight: 545 Grams

♦   Max Drag: 10kg

♦   Braid Line Capacity approx: PE3 (approx 30lb) / 300 metres or PE4 (approx 40lb) / 200 metres

♦   Physical Size of reel: Medium

♦   Fishing Application and Fishing Rod Selection guide: A medium sized reel suitable for use with an offshore boat rod to target reef fish. Could Also be used on an 8-9ft spinning rod for off the rocks or banks or as a light surf reel on a 10-12ft rod where a large capacity fishing reel is not required.

Daiwa Saltist Nero 4500 (standard speed) or 4500H (High Speed)

♦   Gear ratio: 4500 = 4.7:1 or 4500H = 6.2:1

♦   Approx weight: 560 grams

♦   Max Drag: 10kg

♦   Braid Line Capacity approx: PE3 (approx 30lb) / 400 metres or PE4 (approx 40lb) / 300 metres

♦   Physical Size of reel: Medium/Large

♦   Fishing Application and Fishing Rod Selection guide: Perfect size for spinning off the rocks on a 9-10ft spinning rod or for use on a beach rod. You could also use the Nero 4500 Fishing Reel as a good option for offshore boat fishing on a boat rod upto around 7ft in length for fishing heavy.

Daiwa Saltist Nero 6500 (standard speed) or 6500H (High Speed)

♦   Gear ratio: 6500 = 4.7:1 or 6500H = 6.2:1

♦   Approx weight: 740 grams

♦   Max Drag: 15kg

♦   Braid Line Capacity approx: PE6 (approx 60lb) / 400 metres or PE8 (approx 80lb) / 300 metres

♦   Physical Size of reel: Large

♦   Fishing Application and Fishing Rod Selection guide: Ideal for use with heavy Popper fishing and stickbaiting rods, heavy boat rods and for surf fishing rods.



♦   Your strike will nearly always turn into hook ups, with the full time dual stopper infinite anti-revers system.

♦   You will fall in love with the smooth feel of the Digigear drive system.

♦   The spool is ideal for braid and great for the mono traditionalists.

♦   Casting manners and line management is fantastic. The reel is easy to use for the beginner but also offers a level of sophistication the experienced angler will appreciate.

♦   With 10 to 15kg of drag depending on which model reel you choose, you have more than enough pulling power to beat down the most stubborn, uncooperative fish.

The Daiwa Saltist Nero fishing reel is available in a well-considered size and gear range. There is one for the beach angler, cruising the gutters for elbow slapping aussie salmon, and one for the bay angler, who hunts the drop offs for huge Lizards on baits. You might look like a spy, with your all black reel, but the fish will never see you coming in the dark. The Daiwa Saltist Nero reel is an affordable all-rounder for sale built with style, class and the performance to handle tough Aussie fish. Choose the size you require and add one to your shopping cart today here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

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