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Mackerel Lures


Mackerel Lures For Sale – Choosing the best lures for mackerel can be challenging so we have created a category to take this challenge away and have put together a range below for you to browse.

Mackerel can be pretty technical and a hard fish to capture, particularly the Spanish mackerel and one of the main reasons why is they are super toothy and have been known to cut through trace as thick as 600lb, sometimes wire and anglers fingers that get in the way. They can also make good work of your lures but hey, it’s fun! Other types of mackerel that are commonly targeted in Australia are spotted mackerel and the non toothy baitfish slimy mackerel. The lures in this category are mostly suited to the bigger Spanish and Spotted Mackerel however don’t be surprised if a passing slimy will have a swipe at the lures, especially in the smaller spinners.

Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we have a range of the best lures for mackerel including metal spinning lures, deep divers, surface lures including poppers and some trolling lures.