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Nomad Ridgeback Lure LC

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Nomad Ridgeback Lure LC: Casting Metal Mayhem Down Under

Aussies love their sport fishing, and you could say that casting metal lures for hard-hitting saltwater species is a national pastime. Who remembers the old trusty half-by-quarter lures or the crystal eyes by Fred Poole?

While these old-school metal spinner lures have long since been retired from tackle shop shelves, a wave of newcomer options has taken place, gracing a modern design approach.

However, among the countless latest offerings of metal spinning lures for sale, the Nomad Ridgeback LC stands out like a sunburnt bloke at a Barbie – in the best way possible.

The Nomad Ridgeback Lure isn't your average slab of metal; it is an aerodynamic marvel designed to snag you side-splitting strikes from fish in the immediate vicinity the moment it hits the drink.

What makes the Nomad Ridgeback Lure LC different from other metal spinning lures?

Here's the lowdown:

Erratic Like a Bush Turkey on a Sugar High: The unique angled head design of the Nomad Ridgeback lure LC dances and darts with every reel crank, mimicking a wounded baitfish fleeing for life. Kingfish, mackerel, and mahi-mahi won't resist the chaotic shimmer.

Casting a Mile Marker Further: Forget chucking a brick – the weighted belly on the Ridgeback lets you launch it like a rocket from the rocks, beach, or even your trusty tinny. No more getting left out of the action because your lure couldn't reach the feeding frenzy.

Built Tough Like a Galah After a Stubby: Nomad doesn't mess around. The Ridgeback LC fishing lure is crafted with top-notch materials and hardware to handle the toothy tantrums of any Aussie bruiser, from tailor to bonito.

Ready to Rumble Straight out of the Packet: Forget fiddling and updating the hooks. The Nomad Ridgeback LC Lure comes armed with BKK Viper Treble Hooks, razor-sharp and ready to pierce jaws and flesh like a hot knife through butter. Just tie it on and get amongst it.

You might think, "Sounds good, but why the Ridgeback over any other metal lures?"

That's a fair dinkum question, and here's the answers:

It's an assassin, Not a Toy: This isn't your average metal slug. The Ridgeback's unique design and erratic action trigger instinctive strikes that other lures can't match. It's like throwing a disco ball into a school of hungry fish – they can't help but chase the hypnotic flash.

Distance Matters: No more feeling like you're casting into a bathtub. The Nomad Ridgeback Lure LC model offers a better ability to reach the fish-holding structure and busting baits further out, where the real monsters lurk. It's like having an extension cord for your rod.

Built to Bash: These lures are Aussie tough. They are built well to take most bumps, bites, and occasional encounters with snaggy structures without falling to pieces.

Features and Specifications:

  • Lure Type: Metal Spinning Fishing Lure
  • Buoyancy: Fast Sinking
  • For Saltwater Fishing
  • Long Casting Lure
  • Where to fish: Rocks, beach or offshore
  • Rigged with BKK Viper Treble Hooks

Nomad Ridgeback LC Sizes we sell:

We offer Nomad Ridgeback LC lures in sizes 20g, 40g, and 60g, suitable for different fish and coastal fishing applications. Please note that each Ridgeback LC fishing lure is sold separately, and the price will vary depending on your chosen size.

So, who's the Ridgeback for?

Any true blue fisho who wants to:

Catch More Fish: It's that simple. The Ridgeback's design and action are like fish magnets. You'll be hauling in slabs while your mates still await a bite.

Fish more ground: Forget casting into the same old spots. The Ridgeback lets you explore new territory where the untouched trophies await.

Have More Fun: Let's face it, catching fish is fun, but catching them with a lure that throws like a rocket and dances like a drunken sailor is next-level entertainment.

Do you still have questions? We've got you covered with a few ripper FAQs:

Why choose the Ridgeback over other metal lures?

The Ridgeback's unique design, erratic action, and long casting ability make it a standout performer. It's like having a secret magic trick in your tackle box.

What species can I catch with the Ridgeback?

Kingfish, mackerel, mahi-mahi, tailor, bonito, amberjack, and more – basically, any saltwater predator that likes to chase shiny things.

Where can I fish the Ridgeback?

Rocks, beaches, offshore – the Ridgeback is home anywhere there are hungry fish and saltwater.

How do I fish the Ridgeback?

Cast it out, crank it back, and watch the fireworks. The erratic action does most of the work, but you can experiment with different retrieves to find what the fish love that day.

Want to compare the nomad ridgeback to other lures?

Nomad Ridgeback LC is a unique metal lure. As experts in selling metal fishing lures online since 2005, we highly recommend the Ridgeback for its unique qualities. However, please browse our selection of metal spinning lures for sale to compare with other metal lures on the market.

Buy A Nomad Ridgeback LC Lure Online

The Ridgeback LC isn't just a spinning lure; it's an invitation to a unique Aussie fishing experience. So, buy a Nomad Ridgeback Lure LC model online at the fishing tackle shop today, and be prepared to unleash the casting metal mayhem!


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