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Classic Bluewater Popper Fishing Lure - P163 Rocket Popper

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Classic Bluewater Popper Fishing Lure

There is nothing quite as exciting as fishing with a popper. By the fact the popper often skips or walks along the surface, the predator pursuing generally has to break the surface to strike. The result is some fabulous and often memorable hookups with some aerial action right from the get-go.

What’s more, you will know straight away just who your competitor is. All of our famous pelagic species love a well-presented popper. They’ll go ballistic for the Classic Bluewater Popper.

There isn’t anything classic lures don’t know about new lures and modern lure innovation. The Classic Bluewater Popper Fishing is purely classic, destined for the mouths of some hard-fighting sports fish.

Versatility is the key feature of the Rocket Popper lure as there are several different ways you can fish or recover the lure. Straight retrieve, varying speeds, a slow jerking motion getting it to ‘walk the dog’, rod tip up or rod tip down.

The lure is weighted so that the tail sits down in the water. It skips along the surface in a similar way that a Garfish or Saury might. The imitation is fabulous and will no doubt tickle the fancy of any pelagic in the vicinity.

The P163 Rocket Popper will work magic on species such as Mackerel, Blue Fin, yellow Fin and Long Tail Tuna. Queen Fish will love it and so will GT’s and trevally of all kinds for that matter.

Due to the weighting design, Classic Bluewater popper fishing lure is a dream to cast. A well-balanced rig in the hands of your average angler will see the Rocket Popper Launch into the stratosphere. This is a valuable feature as you can combat the wind as well as get your lure well away from the boat.

Features And Specifications

  • Length: 163mm
  • Weight: 68g
  • Depth: Surface
  • Ideal for saltwater fishing from the boat or rocks
  • Some target species include but are not limited to: GT, queenfish, tuna, mackerel, kingfish.
  • Action: Multiple actions, straight high speed retrieve of Jerk to ‘walk the dog.’

Note: All lures rigged with hooks and rings ready to fish. Multiple Images are for illustration purpose only; price is for one lure.


  • The lure can provide multiple retrieve options so you can hone your technique to suit the species that are in the zone.
  • Brilliant and successful colour finish using the latest Live Glow fluorescent technology.
  • Extra heavy duty construction with stainless steel pressed tow points to handle big, aggressive, Australian pelagic species.

Popper casters will love the Classic Bluewater Popper Fishing Lure. It’s a magnet for all of your favourite blue water pelagic species. With only a few colours in the range, it’s not a significant investment to buy them all to make sure you're covered.

The P163 Rocket Popper is built tough to handle our extreme blue water conditions and will no doubt see you create some wonderful blue water pelagic memories.


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