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Halco Slidog Lure Stickbait

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$16.50 - $21.95
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Halco Slidog Lure Stickbait Fishing Lures

Grip it and rip it is a term associated with golf. When you set your eyes on the Halco Slidog Lure for sale now, you’ll want to grab your rod, rig up your Slidog then grip it and rip it. The Slidog begs to be torn through the water at rapid pace. Expect plenty of interest from anything from Kingfish, Mackerel, Cobia, Wahoo, and even extra large green back Tailor.

GT hunters will find the Slidog a legend lure, and it’s plenty strong enough to handle the torture that GT’s dish out on lures. The list of surface feeders that are sure to attack your Slidog is a very long one. Yellowfin Tuna anybody?

From the boat or you favourite position on an oceanfront rocky ledge, the Slidog is very simple to use. Cast the life out of it, then rip it back. It doesn’t get any easier, and it doesn’t get any more exciting. Expect hook-ups to be accompanied by some serious aerial antics, as your target realizes his lunch is anything but what he anticipated.

Stickbait fishing lures are becoming ever popular and should you choose to purchase the 150mm model, it that will cast a mile, even on heavier braids into a decent wind. There are 2, 7/0 in-line Mustard singles on the 150mm model providing a very secure hook-up, and the rings provide super strong support. With heavily reinforced side walls, even the teeth of Spaniards and Wahoo are less challenging on your Slidog.

There are some outstanding colours from which to choose, and the detailing is superb. The action is realistic and true. You can vary your retrieve speed to match the mood of the fish, but flat out is a good rule of thumb. The Halco Slidog Stickbait fishing lure will sink fast, so if the target is hanging a little lower, you’ll get it into the strike zone in a jiffy.

The Halco Slidog Lure is for sale now and priced to sell fast. Grab one or a selection for your casting kit now.

As of November 2022 we have also added the new 105mm Heavy model for long casting and the 85mm for inshore fishing applications (barra, tailor and a whole lot more).

Features and Specifications

  • Type: sinking sliding stickbait fishing lure
  • Brand: Halco Tackle
  • Hooks : fitted with Mustad inline singles on 150mm (trebles on 105 and 85mm)
  • Buoyancy: sinks rapidly
  • Heavily reinforced side walls
  • Ultra-tough rings
  • Suits saltwater fishing styles.

Model Specific Info

  • 150mm - Approx 85 grams. Ideal for Tuna, GT, Mackerel, kingfish and other large species
  • 105mm Heavy - Approx 40 grams. Ideal for long casting from beaches or rock platforms. Ideal for salmon, tailor, kingfish, tuna, bonito
  • 85mm -  Approx 15 grams. Inshore special for snapper, barra, tailor, salmon, flathead and other mid-class fish species.


  • The size of the Slidog ensures interest from a much larger class of predatory pelagic fish species.
  • The Slidog is an ultra tough sinking stickbait and is very easy lure to use. Even the most inexperienced novice can extract magic from the Slidog.
  • The Slidog casts well, even into a significant head wind.
  • There’s plenty of strength in the hooks. Your hook-ups are better positioned to turn into catches.
  • The rapid sinking feature allows you to get down to the strike zone super-fast.
  • The heavily reinforced walls helps better protect your lure from the vicious mouths of Spaniards, Wahoo and Dogtooth.

The Halco Slidog Lure for sale now is a stick bait jam packed with excitement. You’ll cast the Slidog the proverbial mile ensuring your get plenty of time in the water while retrieving at speed. The Halco Slidog Lure is a must have for the stick bat casting lure angler looking for a huge predatory pelagic catch to brag about.


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